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Film narratives in thrillers


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Film narratives in thrillers

  1. 1. Introduction In this task I will be focussing on the narrative of the film: The dark knight rises and seeing if it follows some famous theorists.  Toderov’s stages  Propp’s characters  Levi strauss’s binary oppositions
  2. 2.  The dark knight follows this theory very closely as at the start of the film the main character is living peacefully undisturbed until someone decides to break into his house, which is the start of him re-entering the world as his true self. He then tries to get back the stolen items in attempt to repair the damage done, but these stages continue for more than just one cycle.
  3. 3.  Propp’s character theory is followed fairly closely as there is a clear hero, villain, donor, helper. But the helper and the princess seem to be the same character and there is no father and no dispatcher. The false hero is presented as a friend rather than another hero.
  4. 4.  His theory of binary opposites is quite clear and there is a theme of good vs evil, concerning the main hero and the villain.  Batman is the justice and righteousness, whereas the Joker is the pure chaos and evil