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iMovie on iPod touch (WGES)


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Published in: Education
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iMovie on iPod touch (WGES)

  1. 1. iMovie on iPod touchWatergrass Elementary School
  2. 2. Open the Open the Click the +Video folder iMovie app to start a new project
  3. 3. RED: Click here to use photos orvideo from the Camera app Retake: Record the video again Play: Watch the videoYELLOW: Click here to record new Use: Add the video to your iMovie projectvideo
  4. 4. YELLOW: New video will appear in thetimeline at the bottom of the screen.RED: Click the gear button to add a themeto your project.
  5. 5. Scroll through at the top to select a theme.Additional options include theme music, looping the music, andfading in or out.Click the Done button when you are finished.
  6. 6. YELLOW: The audio for the theme will appear underneath your video.Tap twice on the green audio track tobring up the setting screen. On thisscreen you can adjust the volume ofthe theme music.Click the Done button when you arefinished.
  7. 7. RED: Tap twice on the small box to bring up the Clip Settings screen.On the Clip Settings screen you can:•Add titles•Remove the location information•Adjust the volume of your recordedvideo
  8. 8. Choose a title style andthen press the Donebutton.Type in the text for yourtitle.
  9. 9. Click on the “WaltDisney” information anddelete it.Click the Done buttonwhen you are finished.
  10. 10. Clips can be split by swiping down withone finger. Once a clip is split you can adda transition.
  11. 11. Select the kind of transition that you’d liketo add to your project. Click the Donebutton when you are finished.
  12. 12. YELLOW: When your project is finishedclick the Home button to return to the mainiMovie screen.
  13. 13. Change the name of yourproject. Click the Donebutton when you arefinished.
  14. 14. YELLOW: Click the share buttonto send your project to theCamera Roll.
  15. 15. Select Camera Rolland then the Medium size.
  16. 16. Click the OK button ifthis message appears.Click the OK buttonwhen this messageappears.
  17. 17. It’s time to transfer yourproject from the iPod’sCamera Roll to a computer!Projects can be downloadedto a student or teacherlaptop.Click the iPod’s home buttonto exit iMovie.
  18. 18. Open the WiFi photo Keep the app open andapp. switch over to a laptop. Launch Safari on the laptop.
  19. 19. Type the IP address from the WiFiPhoto app into Safari’s address bar.Press the Return key when you aredone.
  20. 20. Click on the Camera Rolllink. This will take you to a webpage that will display all of thephotos and videos stored onthe iPod touch.Videos have a small cameraicon in the lower right corner.Click on your video to bring upthe download page.
  21. 21. VIDEOS from iPod to computer1.Hold down the Control key on your keyboard.2.Click on the download video file link.3.Select the Save Link As option.4.Change the name to match the name of your iMovie project.5.Click the Save button.
  22. 22. PICTURES from iPod to computerSelect a picture from the Camera Rollscreen.Drag the larger picture to your Desktop.Pictures can be inserted into a GoogleDocs Document file or a Presentation file.
  23. 23. DOWNLOAD & SHARE OPTIONS Teacher laptop: Download the iMovie project to your teacher’s laptop. She can email the project to Mr. Maldonado. Student laptop: Upload the iMovie project to your Google Docs account. You can share it with Mr. Maldonado from your account.
  24. 24. 1. Sign in to our Pasco Google Docs site.2. Select the Drive and Docs option.3. Click the Upload button (arrow).4. Select the FIles option.5. Select your video on the Desktop.6. Click the Open button.
  25. 25. •When the file hasuploaded click theShare option.•Add Mr.Maldonado’s nameto the Add Peoplebox.•Click the Share &Save button.•Click the Donebutton.