IVR Webinar: Using IVR Effectively


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IVR Webinar: Using IVR Effectively

  1. 1. Ge#ng  It  Right*  in  Mobile Kane  Russell,  Director  of  Marke4ng Waterfall *What  is  IVR  and  how  to  use  it  effec4vely
  2. 2. Waterfall  and  the  Waterfall  Pla-orm Waterfall  Mobile ๏ Founded  August  2005 ๏ Offices  in  SFO  (HQ),  NYC  &  Aus4n ๏ Backed  by  Vista  Equity  Partners   ๏ Cross-­‐channel  mobile  &  social  CRM  via   SMS,  MMS,  QR  Codes,  IVR,  Facebook  &   TwiVer ๏ Free  trial:  www.waterfall.com ๏ API  suite:  apidocs.waterfall.com ๏ Custom  applica4on  development ๏ Short  code  provisioning,  cer4fica4on  &   audit  management
  3. 3. Reference  Clients  &  Brand  Campaigns  
  4. 4. ๏ What  is  IVR?   ๏ Why  is  voice  messaging  important?   ๏ How  does  IVR  work  in  a  marke4ng  context? ๏ Can  you  explain  some  example  IVR  use  cases?   ๏ Are  there  IVR  best  prac4ces?   Objec<ves
  5. 5. Interac4ve  Voice  Response ๏ Goal:  providing  customers  self-­‐service   op4ons  for  their  phone  inquiries ๏ Companies:  huge  cost  savings  by   automa4ng  phone  communica4on ๏ Users:  the  “press  1  to  do  this,  press  2  to   do  this,  press  3...”  adventure Technology ๏ Computer  telephony  integra4on  (CTI)   ๏ Computer/human  interac4on  enabled   through  dual  tone  mul4-­‐frequency   signaling  (DTMF) IVR  Defined Diagram of Dual Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF)
  6. 6. The  Importance  of  Voice  Messaging Source:  Nielsen,  CTIA 0 2,000 4,000 6,000 8,000 1995 2000 2005 2010 Mobile Voice Minutes Used Per Subscriber Per Year MobileMinsUsed/Subscriber Year 1995 2000 2005 2010 Mobile  Subscribers Minutes  Consumed Minutes/Subscriber 33.8M 109.5M 207.9M 302.9M 37.8B 258B 1.5T 2.2T 1.1K 2.4K 7.2K 7.3K
  7. 7. Voice  Messaging  &  The  Celebrity  Effect ๏ Average  person  makes  250   mobile  calls/month =  900  billion  calls  made  per  year                   =  2.2  trillion  minutes  used  in  2010 ๏ 81%  of  the  top  TwiVer  200  are   individuals,  not  brands Source:  Deadzone,  CTIA,  Twitaholic
  8. 8. IVR  In  A  Marke<ng  Context Everyday  Use  Cases IVR  Benefit Off-­‐hours  service   24/7/365  aUen<on “Automated  aVendants” Call  rou<ng Yes/no  Q&A Data  collec<on Real-­‐4me  account  balances Data  dicta<on 800  or  888  IVR  lines Free  to  end  user Lookup  of  movie  showing  4mes Database  connec<vity Customized  IVR  flows Recorded  voice IVR  success  factors Repor<ng  &  analy<cs Simultaneous  caller  support Scalability  &  flexibility Hosted  IVR  solu4ons Cost  effec<ve  &  speed  to  market AVend  to  customer  instantly Meaningful  connec<on  to  customers IVR Benefit Marketing Benefit
  9. 9. IVR  In  A  Marke<ng  Context Marke<ng  Benefit 24/7/365  aUen<on Call  rou<ng Data  collec<on Data  dicta<on Free  to  end  user Database  connec<vity Recorded  voice Repor<ng  &  analy<cs Scalability  &  flexibility Cost  effec<ve  &  speed  to  market Meaningful  connec<on  to   customers IVR = database marketing via voice messaging
  10. 10. Example  IVR  Use  Case  #1 Objec<ve ๏ Acquire  21+  entries  into  Suda  la  Verde   sweepstakes  &  engage  entrants  with  game   day  voice  reminders  from  "Las  Senadoras" Solu<on ๏ SMS  sweepstakes  entry ๏ IVR  voice  message  to  user  phone ๏ English  and  Spanish  op4ons  used
  11. 11. Example  IVR  Use  Case  #2 Objec<ve ๏ To  provide  alterna4ve  credit  card  payment  services,  PayNearMe  allows   people  to  purchase  online  and  pay  in  cash  later  at  convenient  store  like  7-­‐11   Solu<on ๏ IVR  and  Text   ๏ Validates  PayNearMe  account  using  mobile  and  account  info ✓ Retrieve  order  number  and  balance  in  real  4me ✓ Transac4on  balances  checked   ✓ Payments  authorized  and  confirmed
  12. 12. Call-­‐to-­‐ac<on   ๏ Regular  number  vs.  FTEU   ๏ Mobile  only  vs.  Landline  +  Mobile ๏ Incen4ve  +  Clarity  +  Compliance  +   Strategy* *See  the  full  blog  post:  “How  to   Create  a  Great  Call-­‐to-­‐Ac4on:  4   Ingredients  &  A  Secret  Sauce”  hVp:// bit.ly/jBRI67 IVR  Best  Prac<ces
  13. 13. Session  management   ๏ Mobile  vs.  landlines ๏ First  4me  vs.  returning  caller ๏ Single  vs.  double  opt-­‐in ๏ Interac4ve  menu IVR  Best  Prac<ces Demo: 1-800-816-5007
  14. 14. ๏ Subscrip4ons ๏ Landline  overrides ๏ VIP/exclusive  lists ๏ Metadata ๏ Language  support ๏ Custom  campaigns IVR  Best  Prac<ces Subscriber  management  /  CRM
  15. 15. Cross-­‐channel  IVR IVR IVR ๏ Voice  messaging  through  opt-­‐in   communica4on ๏ Can  seamlessly  interact  with  other   mobile  channels Examples ๏ Call-­‐to-­‐SMS  sweepstakes  entry ๏ QR  code-­‐to-­‐call  IVR ๏ Call-­‐to-­‐Like  on  Facebook ๏ Call-­‐to-­‐Download  an  app
  16. 16. Key  Takeaways Connect IVR  is  interac<ve  voice  messaging  between  a  brand  and  customer Celebrity IVR  used  with  a  brand  spokesperson  increases  engagement CRM IVR’s  effec4veness  enhanced  using  a  data-­‐based  approach Cross-­‐channel   IVR  as  an  addi<onal  channel  –  not  in  an  individual  silo
  17. 17. Any  Ques<ons? For  more  informa4on  visit  www.waterfall.com Or  contact  us  directly:  marke4ng@waterfall.com More  industry  informa4on   available  on  our  blog  @   waterfall.com/blog/