Getting it Right in Mobile: How to Build Relationships


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Move beyond one-off projects and into targeted, interactive conversations with your customers.

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Getting it Right in Mobile: How to Build Relationships

  1. 1. Ge#ng  it  Right*  in  Mobile Kane  Russell,  VP  of  Marke2ng Waterfall *  Move  beyond  one-­‐off  projects  and  into   targeted,  interac7ve  conversa7ons
  2. 2. Waterfall  and  the  Waterfall  Pla-orm Waterfall  Mobile ๏ Founded  August  2005 ๏ Offices  in  SFO  (HQ),  NYC  &  Aus7n ๏ Backed  by  Vista  Equity  Partners   ๏ Cross-­‐channel  mobile  &  social  CRM  via   SMS,  MMS,  IVR,  Facebook  &  TwiXer ๏ Free  trial: ๏ API  suite: ๏ Custom  applica7on  development ๏ Short  code  provisioning,  cer7fica7on  &   audit  management
  3. 3. Select  Clients  &  Brand  Campaigns   Agencies Technology  Providers   Autos   Food  &  Beverages   Media  &  Entertainment Mobile Other
  4. 4. ๏ Understanding  mobile  CRM ๏ Implemen7ng  mobile  CRM ๏ Achieving  success  with  mobile  CRM ๏ Review  key  takeaways;  Q&A Objec<ves
  5. 5. Evolu<on  of  Tradi<onal  CRM
  6. 6. ๏  From CRM  is  a  process  or  methodology  used  to  bring  together  lots  of  pieces   of  informa2on  about  about  customers'  needs  and  behaviors  in  order   to  develop  stronger  rela7onships  with  them.   ๏ From  Wikipedia:   Customer  rela7onship  management  (CRM)  is  a  widely-­‐implemented   strategy  for  managing  a  company’s  interac2ons  with  customers,   clients  and  sales  prospects.     ๏ From CRM,  or  Customer  Rela7onship  Management,  is  a  company-­‐wide   business  strategy  designed  to  reduce  costs  and  increase  profitability   by  solidifying  customer  sa7sfac7on,  loyalty,  and  advocacy. Tradi<onal  CRM  Keys  to  Success  
  7. 7. Goals  of  Tradi<onal  CRM Rela2onship  Building  segmented  /  synthesized   customer  informa7on Communica2on managed  /  targeted   interac7on ROI   reduced  costs  /  increased   profitability Source:  April  2010;  “MarkeFng  ROI”,  Ipsos/Mori 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% Telephone Marketing Sponsorship Sales Promotion Public Relations Online Advertising Offline Advertising Field Marketing Email Direct Mail CRM Branding Which of these activities deliver the best ROI according to a group of business leaders? Best ROI Worst ROI + =
  8. 8. The  Mobile  Explosion
  9. 9. 2010:  50%  of  Ad  Responses  from  Mobile
  10. 10. From  Tradi<onal  CRM  -­‐>  Mobile  CRM Same  Strategy:   ๏ Rela7onship  Building ๏ Communica7on Same  Goals:   ๏ Increased  Profits ๏ Reduced  Costs Applied  to  Mobile:   ๏ Mobile  Subscriber  Database ๏ Using  Mobile  Communica2on   Channels ๏ Cross  Channel  ROI
  11. 11. Roadblocks ๏  The  campaign  /  one-­‐off  mindset ๏  Incen7ves  mismatch ๏  Mobile  viewed  as  a  digital  medium  rather  than  a  social   communica7on  channel So  how  can  companies  overcome  these  challenges?  
  12. 12. 3  Companies  “GeTng  it  Right” Strategy:  Ongoing  customer  acquisi2on  and   communica2on  for  increased  life2me  value Strategy:  Increased  customer  segmenta2on  and   mobile  ac2va2on  for  reduced  costs Strategy:  Cross-­‐channel  promo2on  and  con2nued   customer  segmenta2on  to  increase  ROI
  13. 13. Winner  of  the  Academy  Award  for  Best   Documentary  Feature,  and  winner  of  the  2009   Sundance  Film  Fes7val’s  Audience  Award,  “The   Cove”  follows  a  team  of  ac7vists  and  filmmakers  as   they  infiltrate  a  heavily-­‐guarded  cove  in  Taiji,  Japan   where  over  20,000  dolphins  and  porpoises  are   slaughtered  each  year. Par7cipant  Media  and  TakePart  were  seeking  a   way  to  keep  the  gripping  experience  of  the  film   fresh  and  relevant  in  the  minds  of  viewers.  “The   Cove”  needed  a  campaign  that  would  reach   poten7al  ci7zen  ac7vists  directly  and  keep  them   informed  and  ac7vated  agents  of  environmental   change. The  Cove:  The  Cause
  14. 14. The  Cove:  Theatre  &  DVD  Release US  limited  theatrical  release  –  July  2009 ๏ 9%  opt-­‐in  rate  for  opening  weekend   ๏ Started  with  4  theaters,  scaled  to  57   theaters   ๏ US  expanded  release  –  December  2009 ๏ ~25,000  subscribers  captured   ๏ 29%  of  subscribers  signed  the  pe77on DVD  Release  –  December  2009   ๏ Subscriber  list  grew  to  ~38,000  subscribers   ๏ S7ll  25%  of  subscribers  were  signing the  pe77on
  15. 15. The  Cove:  Oscar  Night On  March  7,  2010,  “The  Cove”  won  the   Oscar  for  Best  Documentary  at  the  82nd   Annual  Academy  Awards.   When  Ric  O’Barry  held  up  a  banner,  the   Academy  panned  away  only  7  seconds  into   the  acceptance  speech.
  16. 16. The  visibility  surrounding  “The  Cove”  has  put  con7nued  pressure  on   Japan,  and  the  Oscar  win  has  brought  interna7onal  scru7ny  to  the  issue.   e.   ๏ “The  Cove”  aired  3X  on  Animal  planet  in  August/September ๏ New  mini-­‐series  “Blood  Dolphins”  launched  on  Animal  Planet  in   September  to  con7nue  to  drive  support  for  the  campaign ๏ Subscriber  list  con7nues  to  grow  past  200K ๏ Over  1.4M  have  have  signed  the  pe77on  on  Facebook ๏ Theatrical  release  launched  in  Japan  on  October  21,  2009 ๏ Won  an  AdWeek  Buzz  Award ๏ Ac7vism  list  leveraged  for  other  marine  causes  and  ini7a7ves The  Cove:  Results  &  Takeaways
  17. 17. Anheuser-­‐Busch  was  one  of  the  biggest  and   earliest  mobile  marketers  in  the  US.  They  ran   campaigns  through  their  agency  since  2004  and   even  placed  a  call-­‐to-­‐ac7on  on  a  Superbowl  ad. But  A-­‐B  wanted  to  empower  their  brands  and   digital  agencies  to  create,  manage  and  launch   their  own  campaigns.  They  even  wanted  to   create  a  profit  center  from  their  mobile  strategy   to  empower  all  of  their  distributors  to  run   campaigns. An  so  the  story  began  in  2008  ... A-­‐B:  The  Evolu<on
  18. 18. A-­‐B:  Age  Ga<ng Issue • A-­‐B  legal  required  the  marketers  to  throw  away   lists  at  end  of  every  campaign • No  centralized  technology  soluFon • No  ongoing  CRM  strategy  for  leveraging  these   interacFons • Stored  age-­‐verified  flag  in  database   for  six  months  at  a  shortcode  level • Developed  plugin  architecture  so   client  could  add/subtract  age  and   locaFon  verificaFon  modules  on  a   campaign  basis • Client  specifies  content  for  "not-­‐of-­‐ age"  or  "non-­‐qualifying"  states   • Plugins  used  individually  or  in  tandem Solu7on
  19. 19. A-­‐B:  Speed  to  Market  For  Sweeps Winner  Selec7on  ToolCampaign  Setup Enter our mobile sweepstakes by Message and Data Rates May Apply. No more than 30 messages a month will be sent to subscribers. To unsubscribe, text STOP or UNSUB to 67463 (MSGME). For support, text HELP to 67463 (MSGME) or email Supported carriers include Alltel, Boost, AT&T, Nextel, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, Cincinnati Bell, US Cellular & Virgin Mobile. Not all pre-paid phones are supported. Campaign / service is compatible with most handsets. Participation must be made by the account holder. Mobile #: Email: The mobile number has entered in the sweeps! HTML  Web  Signup  Form
  20. 20. A-­‐B:  Large  Company/Varying  Needs • A-­‐B  is  divided  into  product  groups  with  different  P&Ls  and  different  digital  agencies • Twelve  different  clients  have  12  different  different  needs,  ideas  and  requirements
  21. 21. A-­‐B:  Results  &  Takeaways Transi7on  from  campaign  focus  to  CRM  is  underway...e.   ๏ Well  over  150  campaigns  launched  in  2010  alone ๏ Great  variety  of  campaign  types  launched-­‐-­‐Sweeps,  Subscrip7ons,   Wallpapers  &  Ringtones,  Dynamic  Coupon,  IVR,  etc. ๏ Increased  messaging  level  almost  100%  from  2009  already ๏ Increased  subscriber  base  by  over  25%  from  2009  already ๏ Discussing  wholesaler/distributor  marke7ng  programs  for  2011   ini7a7ve:   -­‐Turn  messaging  into  profit  center   -­‐Increase  overall  subscriber  list  exponen7ally
  22. 22. Working  with  their  aggregator,  People  for  the   Ethical  Treatment  of  Animals  (PETA)  had  a   func7onal  messaging  platorm  that  allowed   them  to  blast  messages  to  their  social  ac7vism   list.  Their  CRM  data,  however,  was  stored  in   another  vendor’s  platorm  and  they  were  forced   to  do  manual  list  pulls  and  then  submit   messaging  request  to  their  technology  team. Mobile  giving  also  become  a  top  execu7ve   mandate  given  the  success  of  the  mobile  giving   campaign  for  the  Hai7  disaster  relief.     So  PETA  began  talking  to  messaging  vendors  in   April  2010  ... PETA:  Know  Thy  Customer
  23. 23. PETA:  CRM  Integra<on   ๏ Opt-­‐in  Via  Exis7ng  User  Touchpoints:  Upon  sign  up  via  any  online  channel   (widget,  web  form,  etc),  user  informa7on  is  synched  to  Msgme. ๏ Opt-­‐in  Via  Msgme:  Upon  sign  up  via  SMS  campaign,  user  informa7on  is   synched  to  PETA’s  CRM  system. ๏ New  and  Updated  Data  Synch:  Msgme  synchs  with  PETA’s  CRM  system  in   near  real-­‐7me.  When  user  informa7on  is  changed  or  updated,  it   automa7cally  synchs  with  user  profile  in  Msgme.   ๏ Email  Capture  via  SMS:  PETA  can  deploy  campaigns  directly  reques7ng  user   emails,  which  are  then  synched  to  CRM  system. ๏ Filtering  Outbound  SMS  Messaging:  PETA  may  now  target  subscribers  via   any  data  available  in  their  CRM  system.
  24. 24. PETA:  Ini<a<ng  Ac<on Passionate  subscribers  +  clever  technical   solu2on  =  Ac2on  Alerts  via  SMS
  25. 25. PETA:  Results  &  Takeaways ๏ Integrate  mobile  as  part  of  an  overall  communica7on  strategy ๏ Use  mobile’s  advantages  (interac7vity,  immediacy)  to  your  advantage ๏ Add  data  to  your  subscribers’  profile  at  every  opportunity
  26. 26. Achieving  Success  with  Mobile  CRM  e.   Implement   Mobile  is  where  your  customers  are  -­‐  start  building  a  mobile  database  now Integrate   Place  mobile  calls  to  ac7ons  across  all  of  your  marke7ng  messaging Interact Mobile  presents  an  opportunity  to  send  and  receive  -­‐  take  advantage   Iterate Constantly  update  your  subscriber  base  with  new  data  and  informa7on   and  track  each  campaign’s  success  for  maximum  results  -­‐  the  key  is  that   mobile  is  a  long  term  play  
  27. 27. Any  Ques<ons?   For  more  informa7on  visit Contact  Waterfall  Mobile  @