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This PowerPoint needs to be accompanied by an audio of similar name. However, whether too large or an unacceptable file, that is left unavailable to us here.
The project is for a doctoral marketing class.
The website is an actual site.

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Bcrs coming to market power point

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  2. 2. Coming to Market<br />Davis, F; King, V; Nierenberg, K<br />Argosy University<br />B7320<br />Marketing & Innovation<br />Dr. Mario Zaino<br />Wednesday, June 30, 2010<br />http://www.mote.org/<br />http://coolgate.mote.org/beachconditions/<br />drfrankdavis@gmail.com; vking1@nash.stu.argosy.edu; knierenberg@mote.org<br />
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