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Water sports in BULGARIA


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Water sports in BULGARIA

  1. 1. Second semester
  3. 3. SWIMMINGIt was born in 1931 when in Sofia were held Balkan SwimmingGames with only 2 participants – Bulgaria and Greece.Since then itremains a very popular sport.The most famous bulgarian swimmersare Tania Bogomilova and Petar Stoichev – tenfold World Cupwimmer of swimming marathon.
  4. 4. WATERPOLOThe girls of “Botev”, Vratsawon the state championshiptitle for 2012 .
  5. 5. SYNCHRONIZED SWIMMINGSynchronized swimming inBulgaria developed, only fourteams in Sofia and fourteams in Varna.The national competitorKalinaIordanova became forth inthe Finals in Germany.
  6. 6. DIVINGThe first competition in Diving in Bulgaria is in1931 during the Balkan Swimming Games.Tillnow our competitors won lots of medals.
  7. 7. ROWINGGeorgi Bojilov won thesilver medal at WorldCup in Amsterdam
  8. 8. Rumiana Neikova – 2 gold medals from World Cups in 2002 and2003, silver medals in 2005 and 2007. On her fifth Olympics,Summer Olympic Games in Beijing,she became an Olympicchampion in the discipline Skiff
  9. 9. RAFTINGIt is an extreme sportthat is carried dive boaton the lush (eg swollen bysnowmelt) rivers..There are many rvers inBulgaria which provide goodrafting.
  10. 10. SCUBA DIVINGThere are Dive centers in all major cities and resorts.
  11. 11. SAILINGBulgarian athletesgathered the completeset of medals - gold,silver and bronze from 43Balkan Games sailing.
  12. 12. WATERSKIINGA very attractivebut not verypopular sport inBulgaria.
  14. 14. WATER GAMES IN THEPOOLWho runs faster?The game is played in apool. After the signal ofthe teacher the playersgo to the opposite sideof the pool in distance of12-15 m. During the racethe players helpthemselves with theirhands.
  15. 15. “Who jumps faster?”and“Who swims faster ?”have the samerules.
  16. 16. Water attackThe game’s played ina swimming pool.The depth of water isup to the chest. Theplayers are divided intwo groups andlining up in two rowsfacing each otherwith 10-15 mbetween them. Rows’lines are marked onthe pool walls.
  17. 17. After the signal of theteacher the two rowsholding hands movetowards each other.After the secondsignal the players lettheir hands off andthe players of one ofthe teams swim backto their baseline as theplayers from the otherrow try to catch upand touch them with ahand.
  18. 18. The player who istouched gets a penaltypoint. After that theplayers get back ontheir baselines.Before the gamethe teams shouldchoose differentsignals for both teamsso they know whenthey chase and whenthey swim back to thebaseline.
  19. 19. Water relayThe participants arelined out of theswimming pool andafter the teacher’ssignal they jump inthe water and swimcertaindistance.Everybodytries not to be thelast one becauseotherwise he dropsout.
  20. 20. The game is repeated many times tillthere is only one swimmer who becomesthe winner. Water relay develop endurancein those who are involved.
  21. 21. Who can fill the plastic cupfirst?There are two teams. After the signal of theteacher the players from both teams try tofill the plastic cup faster using only onelittle spoon.
  22. 22. When there are games there are alwayswinners too but the fun was great and weenjoyed a lot playing in and out of water!