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Wp mp-update-col riverconvey-april_25_2013

  1. 1. Dave Chamberlain, P.E.
  2. 2.  October 2003, Colorado RiverQuantification Settlement Agreement(QSA) executed• 45- to 75-year water conservation andtransfer agreement w/ IID• 110-year canal lining agreement (AllAmerican and Coachella Canals)• 280,200 AFY of Colorado River Supplies• Currently wheeled through MWD System• MWD Exchange Agreement for up to 45 yrs Previous studies identified two preferredalignments• Jointly studied w/ Mexico• Not pursued after 2003 Master Plan April 2012 Board direction• Amend Master Plan to include a “Supplyfrom the East” Alternative2
  3. 3. Reexamine preferred alignments from previousevaluations• New facility owned and operated by Water AuthoritySize project for QSAdeliveries onlyEvaluation approach• Facility requirements• Energy management• Operational impacts• Compare risks• Project cost refinement• Implementation schedulePortal3
  4. 4. Land Use• New development along proposed alignments• Change in land ownership or access rights• Changes to permit processImplementation of New Facilities• San Vicente Dam Raise, Pump Station, and Pipeline not consideredpreviously. More treatment plants may now be servedSunrise Powerlink• Provides closer proximity to power and opportunity to reduce costsUpdated Construction Costs• Use current indices to estimate cost of construction4
  5. 5. Characteristic Tunnel Corridor Pipeline CorridorCanal, Miles 12 0Pipeline, Miles 30 81Tunnel, Miles 41 11Total Length, Miles 83 92Pump Stations (800 ft. lift) 2 5Power Generating Facilities 0 3AnnualConveyance(acre-feet/year)DesignFlow Rate(cfs)PipelineDiameter(inches)Fully LinedTunnel Diameter(inches)280,200 490 961 1201. Pipelines are sized to avoid on-peak energy pricing.5
  6. 6. 6
  7. 7. 7
  8. 8.  Normal operations allow QSA supply to bedelivered to SVR or directly to untreatedaqueduct pipelines QSA deliveries are monthly as one twelfth(1/12) of total annual supply• Approximately 24,000 acre feet/month in2021• Analyze wet weather untreated demand Address potential impact on winter monthoperations• Consider portion of the QSA supply in wintermonths delivered through the MWD system• Identify required operational changes• Drawdown San Vicente and place water instorage Salinity Management8
  9. 9. TunnelAlignmentPipelineAlignmentMWDWheelingTotal Capital Cost $1.98 billion $2.30 billionAnnual operating cost $71 million $132 millionUnit cost – capitalrecovery2$450/AF $530/AFUnit cost – annualoperating2 $250/AF $470/AF1TOTAL Unit Cost(2013 Dollars)2 $700/AF $1,000/AF $453/AF1 – Includes credit for hydroelectric power generation2 – Amounts are rounded9
  10. 10.  Did not assess feasibility or cost of permittingor environmental mitigation• Cost assumptions and schedule impactsincluded in estimates Time to complete remaining phases• 3 to 4 years for preliminary design, agencycoordination, and environmental compliance• 2 to 3 years for detailed design• 5 to 10 years for construction Estimate of 10 to 17 years from current projectstatus to bring project online Final conclusions and recommendation to beincluded in Master Plan issued later this year• Benefits include avoiding Pipeline 6/expandedcapacity from MWD• Improved conveyance reliability?10