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Water Talks : Regional Seawater Desalination


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Overview of Regional Seawater Desalination in San Diego County by Bob Yamada, Water Resources Manager for the Water Authority. Presented at Water Talks: New Challenges, New Supplies on September 13, 2011.

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Water Talks : Regional Seawater Desalination

  1. 1. Regional Seawater DesalinationBob Yamada, Water Resources Manager September 13, 2011 1
  2. 2. Seawater Desalination Process 2
  3. 3.  Key high-reliability / high volume local component of the region’s supply diversification strategy Reduces reliance on increasingly constrained and uncertain imported water supplies o Bay Delta o Colorado River Cost-competitive with other new local water supplies
  4. 4. Cost of the Next Increment of Local Supply Actual Proposed San Diego Region Project Unit Costs - $/AF (Before incentives, grants, or netting out avoided costs) Carlsbad (Poseidon) ~ $1,800 (2011$)Mission Basin Narrows $1,700 Otay River $2,100 North City IPR * $2,190 (2005$) 0 500 1,000 1,500 2,000 2,500 $/AF Brackish Groundwater Indirect Potable Reuse Seawater Desalination * Cost of re-treatment not included 5
  5. 5.  50 mgd desalination project being developed by Poseidon Project EIR certified; fully permitted Term Sheet executed between Water Authority and Poseidon Water purchase agreement negotiations to be completed o Awaiting Carlsbad Council action tonight on an agreement with the Water Authority o Public Board workshop process planned Project to connect to Water Authority Aqueduct Poseidon finalizing EPC contract with Kiewit - J.F. Shea Proposed Carlsbad Desalination Plant - IDE Team Online – 2015/2016 6 6
  6. 6.  Unique coastal site in Northern San Diego County Feasibility Study recently completed o 2 Viable Sites on MCBCP o 50 to 150 mgd ultimate capacity o Both subsurface and open intake options being evaluated Planning MOU with MCBCP executed Further Studies Underway o Intake Evaluation o Additional Site Planning o Conveyance Alternatives 7 7
  7. 7.  Colorado River water supply augmentation Completed Feasibility Study (Phase 1) o Co-funded by: • Water Authority • MWD • Southern Nevada WA • Central Arizona WC District o No Fatal Flaw Found ROSARITO POWER PLANT Next Phase (Phase 2) o Detailed site analysis, conveyance alternatives, refined cost estimates and review product water exchange w/ MX o February 2011 – Water Authority Board authorized proceeding to Phase 2 o Currently negotiating a funding agreement with funding partners 8 8
  8. 8.  Visit our website: 9