San Diego County Water Supply 2009-10 Outlook


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Effective July 1, the Water Authority is reducing water supply deliveries to its 24 member agencies by 8 percent. The Water Authority is taking this action as a response to reduced water supplies caused by regulatory restrictions on water deliveries from Northern California, lingering drought, and a 13 percent cutback from the Water Authority's largest water supplier, the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California.

In April 2009, to prepare for these cutbacks, the Water Authority declared a Level 2 "Drought Alert," enabling member agencies to implement local mandatory water restrictions. Restrictions will vary by member agency. To find out the restrictions in your area, please visit

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San Diego County Water Supply 2009-10 Outlook

  1. 1. San Diego County Water Supply 2009-10 Outlook San Diego County Water Authority July 2009 1
  2. 2. Water Authority Background Wholesale water agency created by State Legislature in 1944 24 member agencies 35-member board of directors Serves 3 million people and region’s $171 billion economy Service area 920,000 acres 97% of county’s population 2
  3. 3. Who Provides Your Water? Individual customers Local Water Agencies served by local retail Camp Lakeside WD City of Santa Fe water agency Pendleton Carlsbad National City* Poway Rainbow ID South Bay Local agencies supplied MWD MWD Irrigation District* by wholesaler (Water City of Del City of Ramona Vallecitos Authority) Mar Oceanside MWD WD Water Authority secures City of Olivenhain Rincon Del Valley supplies from outside Escondido MWD Diablo MWD Center MWD the region for 24 local Fallbrook Otay Water City of San Vista ID agencies PUD District Diego 6 cities Helix WD Padre Dam MWD San Dieguito Yuima MWD 14 water/utility districts WD 3 irrigation districts * Member of the Sweetwater Authority 1 military base 3
  4. 4. San Diego County’s Water Sources (2008) LAKE SHASTA San Diego County imports LAKE more than 80% of its OROVILLE water supply State Water Project (Bay-Delta) Colorado River 28% 54% Local Water Supply Projects 18% 4
  5. 5. Three Challenges to Our Water Supply 1. Regulatory Pumping restrictions are sharply limiting imported water from Northern California 2. Drought Last three years in California 8 of last 10 on the Colorado River 3. Low storage Major reservoirs have been drawn down to low levels 5
  6. 6. Water Reliability in 2009 Reliable ow W ater ge Regulatory restrictions have /Sn ra Sto severely cut water supplies in Ra ter from Northern California Wa al nu An ty Ca paci g Pu mpin 6
  7. 7. Fish Protections Restrict Pumping Delta smelt Central Valley steelhead Longfin smelt Banks Pumping Plant State Water Project Chinook salmon Green sturgeon Additional regulatory restrictions announced 6/4/09 7
  8. 8. Impacts of Regulatory Restrictions on Southern California’s Supplies Bars show normal water deliveries from the State 1,851,000 AF Water Project under 1,709,000 AF varying conditions. 980,000 AF 415,000 AF Drier Years Wetter Years AF = Acre-feet. One acre-foot = 325,900 gallons. 8
  9. 9. Impacts of Regulatory Restrictions on Southern California’s Supplies Reductions in water supplies from the State 1,851,000 AF Water Project due to 1,709,000 AF Delta smelt restrictions 43% lost 44% lost 980,000 AF 40% lost 24% lost 415,000 AF 315,000 AF 585,000 AF 960,000 AF 1,060,000 AF Drier Years Wetter Years AF = Acre-feet. One acre-foot = 325,900 gallons. 9
  10. 10. Impacts to San Diego County Metropolitan Water District (MWD) will allocate supplies 13% cut from MWD starting July 1 Water Authority allocating supplies to its 24 member retail agencies Regional shortage: 8% Cutbacks to agriculture: 13% to 30% Financial penalties in place “Drought Alert” condition Mandatory water use restrictions 10
  11. 11. 11
  12. 12. Diversifying San Diego County’s Water Supply Portfolio 1991 2010 2020 Local Supplies Dry-Year 40% QSA Transfers 95% Supplies 2% Local Supplies 20% 16% MWD Supplies QSA 29% Supplies 31% MWD Supplies 62% Metropolitan Water District Seawater Desalination Imperial Irrigation District Transfer Local Surface Water All American & Coachella Canal Lining Recycled Water Conservation Groundwater Dry-Year Water Transfers 12
  13. 13. Diversification Strategy is Working Colorado River Quantification Settlement Agreement (QSA) 155,000 AF in FY 2010 Ramping up to 280,000 AF/YR by 2021 Expanding development of local supplies Recycled water Groundwater Seawater desalination Conservation $3.7 billion Capital Improvement Program Historic regional infrastructure investments 13
  14. 14. The Impact on Rates $ $$ $$$ $$$$ Colorado River State Water Spot Water Loss of Sales Water Project Transfers (Shortage) <2003 2003-2007 2008> 2009-10? Supply challenges make securing water more expensive Shift to more-expensive supplies is driving up the cost of water from MWD, the Water Authority’s largest supplier Water Authority passes increased costs to member agencies 18.1 % rate increase to take effect Sept. 1, 2009 Member (retail) agencies pass costs to ratepayers 14
  15. 15. We need to work together Businesses/residents must save more water now, and in future Visit to view local agency restrictions Support local water supply reliability efforts Push state leaders to fix Bay-Delta 15
  16. 16. Questions? San Diego County Water Authority Speakers Bureau Requests and Information (858) 522-6708 16