Dual Plumbed Buildings (Irvine Water Ranch District)


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Presentation from the San Diego County Water Authority’s workshop on Recycled Water and Dual Plumbing.

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Dual Plumbed Buildings (Irvine Water Ranch District)

  1. 1. DUAL-PLUMBED BUILDINGS Presentation November 9, 2010
  2. 2. TopicsAbout IRWDDefinition of Dual-PlumbedIRWD’s Program Administration Rules & Regulations Requirement to UseThe Process Pre-Design Plan Check Engineering Report Construction Inspection Temporary Domestic Water by-Pass required for Cross-Connection Test to activate Recycled WaterCity of Irvine’s Role Plan Check and Permits Temporary Certificate of Occupancy and Final Certificate of Occupancy Where are we now
  3. 3. About IRWD Public Agency / “Special District” Five Elected Board Members Serve City of Irvine, portions of Costa Mesa, Lake Forest, Newport Beach, Orange, Tustin, unincorporated County of Orange Area: 181 square miles (19% of Orange County) Population: 331,500 Service Connections: 100,584+
  4. 4. IRWD Service Area
  5. 5. IRWD Services Provided Potable Water – Groundwater – “Imported” Water Wastewater – 25 million gallons per day treated at two treatment plants Recycled Water – Irrigation of parks, golf courses, street/common area landscaping; commercial building flushing; industrial uses Urban Runoff Treatment – Treats water in San Diego Creek watershed before it enters Newport Bay/Pacific Ocean
  6. 6. IRWD Wastewater Treatment Michelson and Los Alisos Water RecyclingPlants provide recycled water at IRWD  Michelson Water Recycling Plant currently treats a maximum of 18 MGD and is under construction to expand to 28 MGD by summer 2012  Los Alisos Water Recycling Plant treats a maximum of 7.5 MGD
  7. 7. Definition of Dual-PlumbedTitle 22 60301.250. Dual plumbed system."Dual plumbed system" or "dual plumbed" means a system thatutilizes separate piping systems for recycled water and potablewater within a facility and where the recycled water is used foreither of the following purposes:(a) To serve plumbing outlets (excluding fire suppression systems) within a building or(b) Outdoor landscape irrigation at individual residences.
  8. 8. Definition of Dual-PlumbedTitle 22 60307 states that recycled water used for flushing toilets, urinals, priming drain traps and industrial process water that may come into contact with workers shall be disinfected tertiary recycled water; and Section 60301.230 Defines disinfected tertiary recycled water.
  9. 9. IRWD’s AdministrationRequirement to use recycled watersince 1991 have changed from:• 5-story building or taller;• More than 300 people;• 80,000 square feet; and now• “Reasonable cost”
  10. 10. IRWD’s AdministrationRequirements to UseIRWD’s Rules and RegulationsSection 4.12.2: • “If recycled water service is determined by the District to be feasible, applicants for new water service shall be required to install onsite facilities to accommodate both potable water and recycled water service in accordance with these Rules and Regulations.” • “The District may also require existing customers to retrofit existing onsite water service facilities to accommodate recycled water service.”
  11. 11. IRWD’s Administration“Will Serve Letter” states: “Recycled Water, if available, is to be used for all State approved applications, including, but not limited to: irrigation, toilet and urinal flushing, and cooling tower make up, as long as it is at a reasonable cost to the customer. If the customer believes the cost is unreasonable, it must provide documentation to that effect to IRWD for review and approval.”
  12. 12. The Process - Pre-Design In the pre-design phase the developer finds out if recycled water is available at their site and for what uses.
  13. 13. The Process - Design The recycled water pipe is wrapped with purple mylar identification tape; and Proximity of recycled water to potable water.
  14. 14. The Process – DesignRecycled water valves contain locking ball valvesand seals.
  15. 15. The Process - DesignRecycled water signs are required to be placedon the restroom wall.
  16. 16. The ProcessPlan CheckPlan review schematic to assist in the plan checkprocess.
  17. 17. The ProcessEngineering ReportTitle 22- 60314. Report submittal.The engineering report containsinformation such as:•Type of facility;•Average number of persons estimatedto be served on a daily basis;•Boundaries of the project site; and•Persons responsible for operation ofbuilding.
  18. 18. The ProcessConstruction
  19. 19. The ProcessConstruction Inspection 60316 under Operation requirements. All dual-plumbed inspections prior to and after recycled water activation are carried out by an AWWA Cross-Connection Control Program Specialist.
  20. 20. The ProcessTemporary Domestic Water By-Pass ConnectionTitle 22 - 60316. Operation requirements. (a) Prior to the initial operation of the dual-plumbed recycled water system and annually thereafter, the Recycled Water Agency shall ensure that the dual-plumbed system within each facility and use area is inspected for possible cross connections with the potable water system.
  21. 21. The ProcessCross-Connection Testing The On-Site Recycled Water Group & Cross- Connection Control Group conduct cross- connection test.
  22. 22. The Process• The temporary by-pass is removed after the cross-connection test is performed and an electrical conductivity test is performed on the potable and recycled water meters.
  23. 23. The ProcessMeter Release • IRWD will release domestic and recycled water meters to property when all IRWD punch list items are complete, i.e. cross- connection tests, “Correction Notices” and all fees have been paid for the water meters.
  24. 24. City of Irvine’s RolePlumbing Permit and ConstructionProcess:1. Plan checks and reviews plumbing plans of dual-plumbed buildings;2. Approves dual-plumbed building plumbing plans only after IRWD approves the plans; and3. Issues plumbing permit for the dual-plumbed buildings which is necessary for the developer to begin construction on the building.
  25. 25. City of Irvine’s RoleTemporary and Final Certificate ofOccupancy:1. City requires that IRWD fax over to their office an official IRWD release of water meters;2. Prior to owner or tenant moving into dual- plumbed building a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy must be acquired from the City; and3. When all punch list items from the City of Irvine are completed a Final Certificate of Occupancy is issued.
  26. 26. The Process - SubsequentTestingTitle 22 - Section 60316:The recycled water system shall also be testedfor possible cross connections at least onceevery four years.IRWD:Works on a Pressure Differential Test.
  27. 27. First dual-plumbed buildingsserved with recycled water in1991
  28. 28. Where are we now? IRWD currently serves 48 dual-plumbed buildings, with 3 more in the process.
  29. 29. Dual-Plumbed Buildings Site
  30. 30. Dual-Plumbed Building SiteRecycled water serves cooling towers of dual-plumbed buildings located on rooftop
  31. 31. Dual-Plumbed Building SiteIrrigation on top of Dual-Plumbed building
  32. 32. Dual-Plumbed Building SiteThis building has a balcony with irrigation on the20th floor and its cooling tower is located outside
  33. 33. Dual-Plumbed Building Site2-story dual-plumbed building
  34. 34. Dual-Plumbed Family Lots
  35. 35. Acre Feet 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 3500 4000 4500 0 1969 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978LANDSCAPE IRRIG-RECL WATER 1979 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 Years 1991 1992 1993COMMERCIAL/RECL WATER-TOILETS 1994 1995 1996 1997 Customers 1969-2010 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 Recycled Water 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008RESID/LNDSCPE-NEWPORT CST-RECL 2009 2010 48 546 3897
  36. 36. New Dual-Plumbed School(Modular Construction -1st day)
  37. 37. Day #2 of Construction
  38. 38. Final stages of modularconstruction at a new high school
  39. 39. Last stage of completion for thenew high school, scheduled to openby December 1, 2010.
  40. 40. Questions?