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Pros and Cons of Air Purifiers


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Every appliance comes with its own limitations and has a set of usage guidelines. So is the case with major air purifiers. However, Kent’s HEPA air purifier stands out by defying all the disadvantages an air purifier might have.

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Pros and Cons of Air Purifiers

  1. 1. Brief on Air Purifiers • An appliance that helps eliminate contaminants from the air. • Has got residential as well as commercial use in many industries and medical institutes. • An effective device for people who suffer from asthma and allergies. • Eliminates particles, impurities and second hand smoke for the air.
  2. 2. Advantages • Can render air dust free with a precision of up to 99.9%. • Helps get rid of all kind of particles that causes allergies and other impurities for patients to breathe pure air. • Air purifiers come with a set standard known as the Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) that evaluates the efficiency of the appliance. • Protecting furnishings, reducing maintenance and housekeeping and even hazards of fire from heating equipment are also some functions of air purifiers.
  3. 3. Disadvantages • Air purifiers that are good at eliminating dust are not that precise in getting rid of bad odour, and vice versa. • Some air purifiers release excess amount of ions in the air and even ozone gas which can be harmful. • It is complicated for such appliances to free the air from gases and odours. • Have high maintenance.
  4. 4. Exception • Kent, a leading brand in purification sector, has a well repute in making best-in-class Air purifiers. • With an array of HEPA purifiers and portable air purifiers, Kent has defied all general disadvantages of air purifiers. • Kent’s HEPA air purifier has its supreme precision in eliminating dust as well as odour. • Does not pollute air with excess ions and does not release ozone in the air.
  5. 5. • Effective in eliminating bad odour and also harmful gases from the air. • It has a sleek user friendly design with a filter change indicator that helps maintenance easier. • It has a 4 level intelligent Air Quality monitoring.
  6. 6. Insights of Kent HEPA Air Purifier • It is based on triple filtering technology; first one eliminating large particles, second one gets rid of harmful gases & foul odour and the final one being the HEPA filter. • HEPA filter is coated with an anti-bacterial layer that benefits the consumer with a bacteria free air. • Also, it has an efficiency of 99.9% in removing pollutants like PM 2.5 and SPM. • With such efficiency and strong technological back up, Kent HEPA air purifier is certainly on the best air purifier for home.
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