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Question 2

  1. 1. Question 2. How does your media product represent particular social groups?
  2. 2. My magazine is aimed at a student audience, and therefore my magazine generally represents that group of people. It portrays stereotypical images of “indie” people, who are typically aspirers, radicals or under achievers. As a result of being in these social groups, they will most likely be interested in drinking, smoking, clubbing, gigging, etc. Question 2. Typical Representation.
  3. 3. Differing from the typical “teenage” stereotype, my magazine features quite a few accomplished musicians. They would be of a similar age group to the readers, however their life style would differ profusely as they would spend the majority of their time touring, recording and writing music. These are ideal role models for readers of my magazine, particularly aspirers. Question 2. Alternative Representation.
  4. 4. My magazine does not challenge dominant ideology, as it presents an image of teenagers partying, smoking and drinking as being “cool”. In modern society this is relatively normal, and is therefore classed as dominant ideology. This is also being expressed on the front cover, where the star is swearing. This is dominant ideology because she is behaving in an “obscene” manner, which is often seen as usual for teenagers. Question 2. Dominant Ideology.
  5. 5. Question 2. Conveying this social group. <ul><li>Clothing: The model on my front cover is wearing “grunge” clothing, which will appeal to the demographic of the reader. The people featured in other photographs are also wearing “indie” clothing, to keep the magazine stylised and interesting for my target audience. </li></ul><ul><li>Font: The main font featured for the logo is bold and quirky, so it stands out on the page whilst fitting in with the overall impression of the magazine. </li></ul><ul><li>Props: On my double page spread, my model is holding a guitar in a rebellious manner, to convey both nonconformity and the fact that it is a music magazine. To show their love for music, several of my models are wearing headphones, which would appeal to my target audience as they would aspire to look like them. </li></ul>