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  1. 1. Q1
  2. 2. Album digi-pack In my digipack I have researched and looked at conventions onthese albums for this genre. I have included the typicalconventions found in most albums for this genre. One thingcommon for albums of this genre is that they all try to create theirown style, their own image as this is a genre that’s about breakingthe mould a ‘home-grown’ genre where each band has their ownidentity and style . So with this I decided to link the video into thealbum featuring the main characters with the lipstick betweenthem as a indicator for desire and lust. I have also included thecurtains in the album as they are important to the song in its lyricsand to the story. The background of the front back and spine ofthe album are images of the curtains that I have edited into stylisedfashion by changing the colour bleeds and adding my own tothem and then twisting the imaged heavily and take a part of itthat I liked. I felt that it gave a appealing artistic look to the albumwhich I was after. I included conventional information such as thetrack list, website information, barcodes and the record label logowhich I had created.
  3. 3. Album advertising poster For my poster I looked at typical features heldin a album advertising poster such release asthe date, ordering information with details ofwho you can purchase the products from,and typically includes information about a ‘hittrack’ which I am using the one I used in myvideo for the poster. As it was common for theposter to contain features from the albumwhich are most likely the album cover which Iimplemented into the poster. As poster acrossall genres usually had their text on black Icreated a fade from the album to the blackon the bottom so the text could be displayedclearly and easy to read. I have also includedmy self created record label ‘King records’.
  4. 4. Film still 1 One thing that is popular withinthis genre is the use of a darkhaired girl in dark clothing withinthe darker side of this genre. Asthis song was heavy in many partsI felt it was appropriate to use thisin the video. In this part of thevideo the female character iswalking out of the openingcurtains which are important tothe story. As it’s a theatre youhave the artistic backgroundwhich is vital for the mise en scenefor this setting.
  5. 5. Film still 2 In this video I wanted the lead femaleto give a uncaring look at the camera,trying to make the character seemcold to the male in the video as if hesjust another member of the audienceand nobody special. This is also used inthe album as a connection to thevideo as the premise of the stares areimportant to the lyrics and video.
  6. 6. Film still 3 This is the lead male character in myvideos narrative. I have made himstand out by making the rest of theaudience members wear suits whilehaving the character in casualclothing to make him more relatable tothe audience. In this scene he iswatching the female lead on stagelooking a little dumbstruck in this shot.
  7. 7. Film still 4 As videos of these genre are usuallystylised in some way or form. In this Iam using brush effect which I thinkmake the colours look more vibrantand makes the video more excitingwhich is something a band wouldwant to show themselves at and makepeople wish they could hang out withthem, this is making a star persona forthe band.
  8. 8. Film still 5 In this shot we have the camerafocused in on the main characterseyes. In this he is starting at the femalecharacter with a wanting look ofdesire. Its at this point that I make thecharacter the audience is more drawnto a little more creepy. This is to makethe audience feel uncomfortablearound him yet somehow sympathetictowards him. I am once again using thefocus of eyes for this scene. This is alsoin the digipack as another connectorto the video as it is as I see a importantpart of the video.
  9. 9. Film still 6 This show shows the curtains and worksas a divider between the characters.Showing a separation between theirworlds and that any connectionbetween them should be only given bythe curtains opening between them. Italso serves are the panel shown whenthe front cover is lifted as if its unveilingthe curtains to the album. The curtainsare important both lyrically and withinthe video and the connection betweenthe album and video. Another way I amconnecting them together.
  10. 10. Film still 7 This lipstick on the mirror is important to thenarrative as it shows different characterdevelopment using the stereotypes I havecreated as this shows how self loving themain female is adding to her coldness andyet symbolises the desire of the lead malecharacter I also have this image on themiddle panel of the album so the cd wouldbe on top. I placed it between them as away to connect the characters on thealbum . A common part of this genre is afailed love story and this is my way ofpresenting it, I like this shot the most as I feelit sums the story the best.
  11. 11. Film still 8 In this I am displaying one of my shotsfocused on the vocalist as for thewhole video I had shots of the vocalistalone as this is a common feature inmany music videos to focus on thevocalist in the video. I felt that as this isa post-hard core song I would havehim hold the camera and film himselfis its more erratic and more exciting tothe viewer.