Social media update, bogota, 2011


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Social media update, bogota, 2011

  1. 1. Stanton Chase InternationalSocial Media Update, Bogota, 2011
  2. 2. Content• General BE Structure• Review of Strategy, Objectives, Deliverables & Content Platform• Case Study, Financial Services in the Middle East• The Social Media Face-Lift• Our Social Media Presence & Usage• SCI Social Media Guidelines & Best Practices
  3. 3. BE Content & Structure• Branding & Marketing Strategy North America • Marketing Collateral • Public Relations & Brand Development • Social Media , Stimulate Growth for PGs and Regions • Diversity, Create a Team / Practice ASPAC• Best Practices EMEA • One Face to the Client • Brand Compliance • Schema • Training & Development• Market Analysis & Product Development • Competitive Analysis • Gap Analysis • Current Service Portfolios Analysis • Product Development Structure Latin America• AESC • Enhance benefits & Explore new services
  4. 4. Review of Strategy, Objectives,Deliverables & Content Platformsince LisbonSOCIAL MEDIA REVIEW
  5. 5. SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY Social Media Hire a Write on Your Incoming Links Optimize Ghostwriter Own Write Expertise Build a Blog / Newsletter / Brand Video Add Value Podcast Target Micro-Blog It / Twitter Presentations Facebook LinkedIn Newsvine Etc… Friends Business Relations
  6. 6. SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY Become a Firm of Endearment amongst global C-Suite Executives, by building aThe Message strong Integrated Content Platform and strategy that engages them, and deliver first“No class Added Value Content that invigorates & engages with our audiences on aContent = structured variety of topics, engage Intellectually with Leaders, drive Online TrafficNo Social to and around our websites, personal profiles, and content, and position ourselves asMedia” experts on key issues of concern to our client executives, with the purpose of capturing leads that translate into business.
  7. 7. Key Objectives Social Media 2011PLANNEDStanton Chase become a firm of Endearment amongst global C-Suite executives. In order to achieve that goal we need to: • Build a strong Content Platform and Strategy that engages them through our Social Media activity • Deliver first class, added value content that invigorates and engages with C-Suite Executives
  8. 8. Key Objectives Social Media 2011 “Delivered theDELIVERED ExecutiveNewsw platform which has tremendous usage across Stanton Chase and viewership across regions.”
  9. 9. Key Issues Social Media 2011 DELIVERED • 165 Articles • 7 Pages • 50 Categories • 5,403 Unique Visitors • 15,900 Page Views
  10. 10. Readers from 107 Countries Top 20 Countries 1. United Arab Emirates 11. Germany 2. United States 12. Czech Republic 3. Greece 13. Switzerland 4. India 14. Qatar 5. United Kingdom 15. Australia 6. Turkey 16. Belgium 7. Romania 17. Netherlands 8. Canada 18. France 9. Bulgaria 19. Lebanon 10. Saudi Arabia 20. Egypt
  11. 11. Traffic Source Overview Top 15 Traffic Sources 1. Direct 11. AOL 2. Google Organic 12. Baidu 3. LinkedIn 13. Twitter 4. Facebook 14. Mail 5. SurveyMonkey 15. Live 6. Yahoo 7. Bing 8. Google + 9. Facebook Mobile 10. Ask
  12. 12. Offices Generating Content Top Content Contributors 1. Athens 11. China 2. Turkey 12. Mumbai 3. Budapest 13. Dubai 4. Istanbul 14. Baltimore 5. Lisbon 6. Sofia 7. Vienna 8. Zurich 9. Chicago 10. Dallas
  13. 13. Key Objectives Social Media, 2012NEXT STEPS• Build a Content / Publishing Calendar for 2012 that involves different consultants & partners from a number of offices, across regions, which represents and addresses Executive and Leadership Capital concerns that our clients are facing, and drive it.• A more agressive call for readership, subscriptions and membership.• Enhance our online presence by face-lifting our online presenation of people, offices and corporate brand, by interconnecting our Intranet, Internet, and other Social Media, allowing us to be more connected, reachable and networked.• Present Key Guidelines & Best Practices for using Social Media within Stanton Chase International
  14. 14. How Shane Phillips penetrated intoa heavily guarded FinancialServices Sector, and achieved aBlue Ocean Offering using SocialMedia.CASE STUDY:FINANCIAL SERVICES
  15. 15. Case Study: Financial Services MEPROBLEM• Financial Services in the Middle East is characterized by strong boutiques presence that offers highly specialized expertise, with strong presence in key global markets.• Extremely difficult to penetrate by a global firm which is NOT strong in Financial Services, and little to no stable presence in key global FS Hubs• Clients are hardly willing to entertain even a casual meeting with our consultants• We needed a strategy that will help us penetrate into clients
  16. 16. SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY Social Media Hire a Write on Your Incoming Links Optimize Ghostwriter Own Write Expertise Build a Blog / Newsletter / Brand Video Add Value Podcast Target Micro-Blog It / Twitter Presentations Facebook LinkedIn Newsvine Etc… Friends Business Relations
  17. 17. Case Study: Financial Services MESHANE’S ACTION PLANBRAND STRATEGY• Decided on a Brand Strategy that will penetrate past all the barriers• RISK as a Vehicle into a Strong Financial Services Presence• Establish Shane Philips as THE reference on RISK mattersCREATE CONTENT• Established Boardroom Strategies Business Breakfast Series• BSBB #1: The Changing Role of the COO, Panel Discussion, highlighting RISK as a major trending Issue for last 20 years.• BSBB#2: RISK Management, 2 Hour Training breakfast with Jan Bladen• Setup a LinkedIn Group: Risk Middle East• Setup a Blog for Himself:• Wrote a series of Articles in and around Risk & Posted them on LinkedIn Group, Executive Newswire, Blog.• Setup a deal wit CEO Middle East Magazine to Interview the top 3 CEO’s in the Middle East in Financial Services.
  18. 18. Case Study: Financial Services MERESULTS• He was contacted and approached by James Lam, the first person in the world to take on a CRO role, who found his discussion on RISK through LinkedIn. Now setting up a Global Webinar with him and a local Paid Seminar.• He Secured Interviews with the Three CEO’s he was targeting because he surrounded them with his Content, so that when he approached, they were open to the conversation.• He created a strong turnaround, from no assignments from Nov 10 to April 11, to billings of 450,000 USD from May 11 to October 11.• He is now being invited to meet with some of the strongest local and international banks based in the UAE and Saudi Arabia.• He has submitted additional Proposals to the tune of 300,000 USD in addition to the already existing billings.• He transformed his unsuccessful Push Strategy into a Pull Strategy, where clients are calling him for meetings.
  19. 19. Enhancing our Personal & Corporate Brand andNetworkability through Social MediaWEBSITE / SOCIAL MEDIA FACE-LIFT
  20. 20. Suggested Face-Lift Elements• A Socialized Home Page• An Enhanced office page • V-Card, Follow “Office”, Share• A more concise, light Team page • V-Card,• Click through to an enhanced Individual Page• Seamless Self-Customization of Individual Internet page thru Intranet Access
  21. 21. The Home Page
  22. 22. How we appear on LinkedIn, Twitter,YouTube, Facebook, etc…OUR SOCIAL MEDIAPRESENCE
  23. 23. Our Presence on Social MediaLinkedIn ConsiderationsCompany Page = 5 • Do we consolidate under one company Page or open it up to Offices to createGroups = 11 different company pages.Team = 486 Profiles • Should we offer Jobs / Promotions in groups?Job Postings = 1 + 6 • Should we offer job posts in careers or groups? • Is it OK to Post a Job for an internal position of Researcher or consultant? • Should we show “Follow Us on LinkedIn” on our Website homepage?
  24. 24. Our Presence on Social MediaTwitter ConsiderationsTweets = 59 • Is it time to start tweeting all Articles and Posts from ExecutiveNewswire toFollowers = 102 our twitter account?Following = 0 • Should we show “Follow Us on Twitter” on our Website homepage? IMPORTANT: • We need an active action plan to grow our follower base! • TARGET: 4,000 followers by Dec 12
  25. 25. Our Presence on Social MediaFacebook ConsiderationsPages = 3 • Shouldn’t we be regulating SCI Activity on Facebook rather than just saying no to it? If weGroups = 3 ignore it, does it not effect our branding to be presented in a poor image? • Should we continue with Pages and Groups, and get offices to manage their own within guidelines? IMPORTANT: • Consolidate under one Company, Stanton Chase International. • Develop a Branded Company Page consistent with our branding.
  26. 26. Our Presence on Social MediaYouTube ConsiderationsVideos = Around 15 • Should we consider a consolidated Stanton Chase International ChannelSC Channels = 4 with more than 15 videos.Ind Channels = 10 IMPORTANT: • Consolidate in a Single Channel • Promote Channel to get subscribers • Brand the Channel to comply with SCI Image / Colors / Branding.
  27. 27. What to do & what to avoid while using social media toolsSCI SOCIAL MEDIA GUIDELINES &BEST PRACTICES
  28. 28. Hot Issues• To Post or Not to Post?• Consolidation of Social Media Activities• How-To & Best Practice Guides for Social Media in General• Specific Guidelines on how to use LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube to have one face to world.
  29. 29. Execution PlanDeliver All by November 2012First Stage – Chicago, April 2012Second Stage – Zurich, November 2012