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BSP Brochure


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Train Harder And Smarter

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BSP Brochure

  2. 2. Impacting the communities of Central Oregon and beyond by helping athletes of ALL ages and ability level reach their fullest athletic potential in a SAFE, POSITIVE, and ENCOURAGING atmosphere. our mission
  3. 3. 10,000 sq feet of training space 5,000 sq feet turf Suspension training area Keiser air training equipment Jugs machine Force plate technology TrainHeroic Strength and Conditioning Software NormaTech Recovery System Game Ready Cryo-Compression Therapy a brand new state of the art facility
  4. 4. Through our partnership with Rebound Physical Therapy we have the rare opportunity to put each BSP athlete through an extensive assessment and evaluation that allows us to quickly identify dysfunctions and deficiencies. This process allows us to individualize programs to the athlete's specific needs which will help decrease their risk for injury and improve performance faster! assess Now that we have taken the car into the shop and assessed your specific physical limitations it is now time to fix your alignment. Through a series of corrective exercises we will get you back on track and moving well. Once the alignment is fixed and proper positioning has been established, now the fun begins as we start adding the horsepower and building you a bigger engine! train Once it is time to compete and perform our athletes are able to step onto the field of play with supreme confidence knowing that they are undboutledly better prepared than their opponent. perform
  5. 5. Kevin moved to Bend in the spring of 2012 after a successful 6 year NFL career highlighted by a Super Bowl XLII victory with the New York Giants. He founded Boss Sports Performance in 2014 with a desire to help athletes of all ages & sports reach their fullest athletic potential through comprehensive training programs. kevin boss owner / strength coach will smith strength coach / nutrition coach Will is a recent Portland transplant with a pas- sion for training and nutrition. He met Kevin in 2016 and shares his outlook on fitness and help- ing others. Along with coaching, works with athletes to develop a nutrition program specific to their needs in conjunction with their strength and conditioning demands. paul collins strength coach Paul Collins has been a strength and condition- ing coach for over 11 years. His fascination in Sports Performance began while playing soccer and running track for Linfield College, where he received his degree in Exercise Science.
  6. 6. Nick Hagan PT, DPT, CFMT, SCS, CSCS Nick is a uniquely skilled physical therapist combining the skills of highly specific manual therapy and sport physical therapy. He has learned from the best in sports medicine including Dr. Steadman of the Steadman clinic, Dr. Andrews of the Andrews sports medicine center, and from renowned sports performance centers of P3 Sports Performance and EXOS sports performance. He has been a rehab consultant of the Denver Nuggets, Golden State Warriors, Orlando Magic, and Portland Trailblazers. He has been published in several journals, spoken at national conferences, and taught rehab and strength and conditioning courses to all varieties of health professionals. Nick has the unique ability to localized the cause of your movement dysfunction, restore efficient movement with manual and exercise treatment, and re-integrate the movement back into there sport function. Nick and Rebound will help you reach your athletic potential. Skills/Credentials Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) Sports Clinical Specialist (SCS) Certified Functional Manual Therapist (CFMT) FMS Certified Skilled in Active Release Treatment (ART), Graston, and massage therapy Board Director of Oregon State Chapter of National Strength and Conditioning Association Boss Sports Performance is where sports medicine meets athletic performance. Physical therapy focuses on a comprehensive approach to ensure athletes are in peak condition. Treatments encompass evaluation of the athlete and all contributing factors addressing deficiencies and weakness factoring into sport specific performance. Boss Sports Performance is a state of the art facility based on an integrated model of wellness, athlete biomechanics lab, strength and conditioning and injury prevention.
  7. 7. high risk low risk where sport meets science
  8. 8. • 10,000 sq ft of training space • 5,000 sq ft turf • 6 years of NFL experience • Keiser air training equipment • Jugs machine • Force plate technology • 50yr outdoor sprinting track • Rebound Physical Therapy on site • Highly dedicated & experienced team • Postitive & encouraging environment • Passionate training staff • Progressive training philosophies • Comprehensive training programs • Nutrition support • Massage therapist • Acupuncturist Take the guesswork out of what you should be doing in the weight room with your team and let us help design your team’s off-season and in-season strength and conditioning program. With our partnership with Rebound Physical Therapy, we will come in and assess the entire team through a movement screen and performance evaluation. The results from the assessment will help drive the design of the program based on your team’s needs, weaknesses, dysfunctions, and deficiencies as a whole. what is the bsp advantage? BUILDINGCONFIDENCE & CHARACTER WITH STRENGTH & CONDITIONING!
  9. 9. Both of my kids go to Kevin at Boss sports performance, and we couldn’t be more pleased with their progress and results. The oldest plays college Footbal and Kevin prepared him for the next level of competition. My son said after a couple of days of camp” I’m the most prepared and in the best condition Of any of the other 100 players”. The youngest plays basketball and is in the best physical shape of his life. He 5’8″ tall and is able to grab and hang on the rim. Both are stronger, quicker, faster and better prepared to get the most out of their physical abilities. He Teach- es the kids about nutrition, rest, taking care of their bodies and the mental side of sports. And that life isn’t all about sports!! As great of a trainer as Kevin Boss is, he is even a better person!!! I TRUST him with my kids and the results speak for themselves. rick adamo testimonials Our son had trained with Boss Sports Performance in group sessions to prepare for basketball and lacrosse and always enjoyed it. In the spring he fractured his femur, he was devastated that he would not being ready for football season. During his recovery period he requested to do pri- vate sessions with Boss Sports Performance. We were initially concerned about Boss Sports Performance being primarily for older athletes, our son is only 11. Would they have a program appropriate for his age and would he remain engaged in the program. After the first sessions our concerns were resolved, Kevin and Chris spent a lot of time educating him to proper technique and developed his performance in a progres- sive program. After the 10 weeks when the doctors released him for play he had gained 10 pounds of muscle and was faster than he was before he was injured. steve emery Kevin Boss and Boss Sports Performance are a unique resource that I en- courage all of my athletes to use. Kevin’s combination of knowledge, experience, availability and care are beyond what I thought possible. He treats everyone he trains with the respect and detail you’d think are reserved for pro athletes. His holistic knowledge of health and perfor- mance are unmatched. Josh’s Summit boy’s tennis team has six Oregon State championships in the past eight seasons and he was a finalist for national coach of the year 2014. In his 15 years as a head coach his team has won nine District championships. josh cordell
  10. 10. “Dating all the way back to High School it’s been a dream of mine to open up my own gym. That is when I caught what I call “the iron bug” and fell in love with what the weight room can do for me both physically and mentally not only as an athlete but also as a young man. I decided then that someday I would create that same opportunity for as many young athletes as I possibly could and that is my vision with Boss Sports Performance. Since retiring from the NFL, I have completely immersed myself in the Strength & Conditioning field and continue to do so in order to provide our athletes with the latest and greatest, cutting edge, science based training approach. My mission is to pour into and serve the youth of our community by not only creating strong and resilient athletes but more importantly molding confident and hard working young men and women as well.” Kevin Boss Owner at Boss Sports Performance 1305 Southeast Armour Road, Bend, OR 97702 541-389-2677 • HELPING ATHLETES BRIDGE THE GAP BETWEEN GOOD & GREAT!