How To Get Free Web Design For your Website


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Guide to how you can get free professional web design for your websiteallfor free. People spend thousands of dollars to get services offered by professionals online, but if you know where to find these offers for free, then you can save tones of money. Here is one service that offers free webdesign of upto five pages for any startup company or individual. If you are a chruch, small business, or you are just looking at havig your own small personal website then this the offer to grab. Read this guide and follow the step by step guidelines to getting your free website.

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How To Get Free Web Design For your Website

  1. 1. Hello!You are so much closer to getting your very own website designed and setup forfree! Simply follow the steps below and contact us at if youhave any problems.Step 1: Registering Your DomainYou must first register your domain name in order to get your free website. Adomain name is the address of your website, for example Thechoice of your domain name is very important as this will define your business on-line. You can try and get a domain name that suits your business if it is available,for example if you sell toxedos then you can register, depending onwhich dot extension is available or what extension is suitable for your business.Your domain name is going to be your bread and butter so make sure that itscatchy and make sure the spelling is the correct one you want before buying. Agood way to determine your best domain is by using your primary keyword as thiswill improve the rate of your sites success. (Read more about domain names andkeywords). I prefer Namecheap for getting your domain so Im going to walk youthrough setting up with them, since Namecheap have some of the cheapest offersonline today.1. Click on the link below to go to You should land on this screen:
  2. 2. 2.Enter the .com name that you want into the box, make sure .com is checked andclick search.
  3. 3. 3.If your domain happens to be available, scroll to the bottom and click on “AddTo Cart”4.Next click on Express Checkout
  4. 4. 5. On this next screen, sign-up for a name cheap account.6.Next, fill out the form and click “create account”
  5. 5. Note: Please write down your NameCheap user name and password, I will beneeding it later to get your site online.7.Fill out all required contact info marked by an * and click on ContinueCheckout.8.Next, choose your payment method and complete checkout.
  6. 6. Now that you have completed checkout you can move on to step 2.Step 2. Getting Your WebhostingNow that you have your domain name taken care of you need a place to host itonline. Webhosting is the place your files will be placed so that they can bereachable online through your domain name that you just got from namecheap instep 1.In order to get the free website design service you must use our preferred hostingcompany.Part 1.) Click the link below to go to my Web Host.WWW.HOSTGATOR.COM
  7. 7. Part 2. Please click on “View Web Hosting Plans” in the middlesection.
  8. 8. Part 3. Please click the “Hatchling Plan” and click on “Order Now.
  9. 9. Part 4. Please enter the domain name you registered in Step 1
  10. 10. After that click on continue to Step 2.Part 5. Please fill out all of the required Account & Billing Informationthen click “Create Account”Part 6. At this point Host Gator will email you all of your accountdetails. Save this email for me because I will need it in order to getyour website up and running. Its now time for the last part of gettingyour free website.Step 3. Creating Your Websites ContentWith this service that Im offering, you can have up to 5 web pages on yourwebsite. In order to do this, Im going to need the actual typed words youwant to put on each of the 5 pages. The pages can be anything you want,but I recommend the following.
  11. 11. Home PageAbout Us PageContact Us PageServices/Products/Portfolio PageFAQs PageIf you want images or videos please send me the image files via emailand upload videos to YouTube then send me the link.In order for me to get started, please send the following three things username and password2.)Everything that was in the welcome email Host Gator sent you.3.)The text and images you want on each of your 5 pages.After that, Ill take care of all the dirty work! Just watch your emailinbox for my completion email.Thanks and I do look forward to working with you and wish you all thebest!J WashingtonRiseon