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Safety Unit Review


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Safety Unit Review

  1. 1. Safety and Road Signs Are you ready to answer some questions about road signs and safety? Source for pictures from internet
  2. 2. What is the meaning of the following sign? This sign is to inform people that they may ride their bike in the area or cross the street. Bicycle Crossing
  3. 3. How about telling me what this sign means!!! When you see this sign, it means that you are never to enter the area where the sign is. It could be dangerous to you and it is most likely illegal and you could get in trouble.
  4. 4. You are doing great can you name this sign now? This sign means that there is a hospital near by.
  5. 5. You are on quite the roll, how about these signs? No pedestrians are allowed in this area. For example, a construction area. No trucks allowed on the street. May be to big and heavy. No bicycles allowed. You will see this one on the highway.
  6. 6. Time for another challenge!!! Please tell me what this sign means. Where a train crosses and effects traffic. When ever you see this sign- always look both ways before crossing over the tracks.
  7. 7. Please explain what this symbol represents. Red means stop!!! Yellow means caution and to slow down!!! Green means go or keep going through!!!
  8. 8. Next are general signs that you will see!!! Do you know what they mean? This is the fastest speed you can go on the particular road. If you go faster you could get a ticket from the police.
  9. 9. Great job on your rode signs. Now let’s talk about more important safety issues. Have you ever seen the following pictures before? Bad News Stay Away
  10. 10. Now, lets talk about some very important phone numbers that deal with safety. Does anyone know the most important number for emergencies? Yes that is correct. Whenever you have an emergency you can dial 911 on the telephone and get help right away!!! For non-emergencies please call the following in Brecksville: Police Department..........440-526-8900 Fire Station……………… 440-526-2640 Mayor’s Court..................440-526-2620 Building Department.......440-526-4351 Service Department........440-526-1384 Broadview Heights Police .. 216-526-5400