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Project’s steps. Sub-Goals. Project’s                      timeframe.                                                     ...
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Cooperation Workshop


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Cooperation Workshop

  1. 1. Project’s steps. Sub-Goals. Project’s timeframe. Descrip1on  of  the  process   Collaborations Demand analysis Follow-up‘s with Final cut of the workshops/ (Telephone TeleConferences after workshop‘s content teambuildings with interviews) each workshop each group Sub-­‐Goals   •  Increase  in  intercultural   •  Reassurance  that    •  Iden1fica1on  of  the  focal   sensi1vity  while  dealing   workshop’s  ac1on  plans   points  for  G/PL   with  colleagues  from  other   will  be  transferred  into   •  Adjustment  of  the   coopera1on   site   daily  rou1ne   workshops  content  to  •  Involvement  of   •  Crea1on  of  common   •  Experience  exchange  and   requirements  of  each   stakeholders   understanding  for   feedback  about  quality  of   group  of  par1cipants  •  Understanding  of  specific   interna1onal  virtual  team   coopera1on   cultural  differences  in  G/PL   •  Development  of  rules  for   •  Improvement  of     coopera1on     successful  coopera1on   collabora1on  skills  while   between  G/PL    teams   working  virtual   December  2012   February  2013/   From  March  2013     From  June  2013    /January  2013   March  2013   to  November  2013   to  December  2013   Time line