Gad icta mo u v1 0 20081022


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Gad icta mo u v1 0 20081022

  1. 1. AUTOMATING CORE OPERATIONS OF THEGOVERNMENT ANALYSTS DEPARTMENT MEMORANDUM of UNDERSTANDING between Government Analysts Department and Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri LankaConfidential
  2. 2. Memorandum of UnderstandingThis Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is entered into this …... day ofOctober 2008 by and betweenGovernment Analysts Department, located in Independence Square,Colombo-07 (hereinafter referred to as “GAD”), andInformation Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka, statutorilyestablished with powers and functions in terms of the Information andCommunication Technology Act No. 27 of 2003 as amended by Act 33 of 2008,having its office at 160/24 Kirimandala Mawatha, Colombo-5, (hereinafterreferred to as “ICTA”)WHEREAS GAD and the ICTA have agreed to enter into this Memorandumof Understanding with the intention of implementing a project for thepurposes described herein under to wit:• An ICT solution will be implemented to automate the identified core operations of the GAD.• The project is named as ‘Automating of the GAD’.• Project implementation and deployment will be done by third year undergraduate students from the University of Colombo, School of Computing (UCSC).• UCSC team will be supervised by Dr. Prasad Wimalaratne, Senior Lecturer, UCSC.• ICTA will provide project management guidance and coordination.• The project duration is fixed for five months. After the system study, the team will identify a scope feasible to be implemented during five months.• The GAD will form a committee comprising at least one member from each functional area to support the system study and overall the project implementation.Confidential Page 2 of 7
  3. 3. • Wherever possible, existing Free/Open Source Software (FOSS) will be leveraged to shorten the development time and to reduce the replication cost.• A server and two workstation computers will be procured.And Whereas the ICTA has been empowered by the InformationCommunication Technology Act No. 27 of 2003 as amended by Act 33 of 2008 toimplement strategies and programmes in both the Government and the privatesector and to take all such steps as are necessary to facilitate the implementationof the National Policy on Information Technology and pursuant thereto hasidentified GAD as a government organization in which the processes of the GADcan be upgraded by using ICT tools.NOW THEREFORE THE PARTIES hereby agree as follows:1.0 Objectives of the Project Provide the GAD and its members the maximum benefits by improving its identified core operational areas by using Information & Communication Technology.2.0 Responsibilities of the Joint Parties2.1 Whereas GAD is the owner of the project and ICTA is the facilitator for system study, software solution design & development and implementation by managing a team of five UCSC students under the supervision of a Senior Lecturer of UCSC.Confidential Page 3 of 7
  4. 4. 3.0 Responsibilities of ICTA 3.1 ICTA shall assign a Project Manager to manage the overall project implementation. 3.2 ICTA shall finance the cost for a server and two workstation computers. Procuring the above items should occur in a timely manner. 3.3 ICTA shall supervise the five university students from the UCSC led who will also be supervsed by a Senior Lecturer of UCSC during the system study, any technology Research and Development (R&D) activities that may be required prior to system development, system development, testing & quality assurance and implementation.4.0 Responsibilities of the GAD 4.1 GAD shall form a Project Steering Committee (PSC) for providing policy level guidance. The PSC will be chaired by the Government Analyst and it will comprise of the members of the senior management of GAD, Director of Reengineering Government Programme of ICTA and Project Manager of ICTA. 4.2 GAD shall provide access to department premises and seating place for the five university students when they need to visit the GAD for system study and other activities. 4.32 GAD shall be responsible to form a committee with at least one member from each functional area to support the system study and overall project implementation. The Ssaid committee shall be responsible for providing information on functional requirements. 4.43 GAD shall review, provide feed-back and sign-off the system requirements.Confidential Page 4 of 7
  5. 5. 4.54 GAD shall finance the cost of additional workstation computers and any other equipments such as printers which may be required once the system is in-place. 4.65 GAD shall provide necessary staff on demand for functional testing of the system throughout the project implementation. 4.76 GAD shall be responsible for providing necessary staff requirements for the initial data entry to the system. 4.87 System administration and maintenance would be the responsibilities of the GAD once the system is in-place. 4.98 Any Further functional enhancements of the system shall be addressed by the GAD. 4.109 If staff with necessary competencies and experience is not available for the tasks specified in sections 4.7 & 4.8 above, GAD shall either train or recruit necessary staff in advance. Otherwise, GAD shall enter into agreements with third parties for obtaining support and maintenance services. 4.110 GAD shall ensure the availability of sufficient financial resources for the maintenance costs of all hardware, software and network equipments after the successful completion of the implementation of the project and upon completion of the warranty period for the Hardware and Software.5.0 Amendment of the MOU No amendment or modification of this MOU shall be valid unless the same is made in writing by the parties hereto specifically stating the same to be Confidential Page 5 of 7
  6. 6. an amendment of this MOU. The amendment(s) shall be effective from the date on which they are made/executed/ratified by the parties to this MOU.6.0 Entry into Force and Termination This MOU shall enter into force on the date on which the parties have notified each other in writing of the effective date. This MOU is concluded for an initial period of one (1) year. Subject to review of this MOU by the parties at the end of each year from the effective date, the Agreement maybe extended, with appropriate amendments made thereto by mutual written agreement between the parties. Either party may terminate this MOU at any time with a two month’s written notice. The expiration or termination of this MOU shall not affect the validity or implementation of any arrangements or any projects undertaken pursuant to this agreement, provided that such implementation was undertaken with the approval of ICTA.7.0 General Provisions 1. This memorandum of understanding and any dispute arising from it, will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. 2. All questions or disputes related to the interpretation or implementation of this MOU shall be settled by mutual agreement of the parties hereto. Any dispute which is not resolved by mutual agreement shall be referred to the Commercial Centre of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce for Mediation in terms of the Commercial Mediation Act No. 44 of 2002. Confidential Page 6 of 7
  7. 7. In witness whereof the parties to this Memorandum have affixed their signatureat the Government Analysts Department, Independence Square, Colombo 07 onthis …… October 2008. Government Analysts Department Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka (ICTA) Signed by ………………………….. Signed by ………………………….. Mr. T.R.N.M. Liyanarachchi, Reshan Dewapura, Government Analyst, Chief Operating Officer, Government Analysts Department, Information and Communication Independence Square, Technology Agency of Sri Lanka. Colombo 07.Confidential Page 7 of 7