Wartsila Company presentation 2013


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Wärtsilä Company Presentation presenting the business we are in.

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Wartsila Company presentation 2013

  2. 2. Today we are much more than an engine companyPassion for optimising lifecycle value forour customers with modern and sustainablepower solutions.12 April 2013 CORPORATE PRESENTATION 20132 © Wärtsilä
  3. 3. Our mission, vision, and valuesVISIONMISSIONVALUESENERGYCapture opportunities andmake things happenEXCELLENCEDo things better than anyoneelse in our industryEXCITEMENTFoster openness, respectand trust to createexcitementWe will be the most valued businesspartner of all our customers.We provide lifecycle power solutions to enhancethe business of our customers, while creatingbetter technologies that benefit both the customersand the environment.12 April 2013 CORPORATE PRESENTATION 20133 © Wärtsilä
  4. 4. SERVICESPOWERPLANTSSHIPPOWEROur business areas12 April 2013 CORPORATE PRESENTATION 20134 © Wärtsilä
  5. 5. This is what we bring to the market12 April 2013 CORPORATE PRESENTATION 20135 © WärtsiläEFFICIENCYENVIRONMENTALSOLUTIONSFUELFLEXIBILITY
  6. 6. Our offeringLifecyclesolutionsServicessolutionsFrom spareparts to serviceagreementsShip PowerintegratedsolutionsPower PlantscustomisedsolutionsEquipmentCUSTOMERS12 April 2013 CORPORATE PRESENTATION 20136 © Wärtsilä
  7. 7. R&D and manufacturing• Seals and bearingsR&D and manufacturing set upR&D and manufacturing• Low-speed engines• Propulsion• Electrical & Automation• Enviromental solutions• Flow solutions• Oil & gas solutions• Ship designSHIP POWERR&D and manufacturing• Auxiliary modulesPOWER PLANTSR&D and manufacturing• Medium-speed engines for themarine and power plant markets• Auxiliary engines• Catalytic systems• Emission monitoring productsPOWERTECHSERVICES12 April 2013 CORPORATE PRESENTATION 20137 © Wärtsilä
  8. 8. Our personnel12 April 2013 CORPORATE PRESENTATION 20138 © WärtsiläNearly 19,000 professionals,114 nationalities in 70 countries,present in 160 locations
  9. 9. The transition to sustainableand modern energy systemsdrives the demand for smartpower generation.Economic and environmentalreasons increase the growth ofgas solutions in marine andpower plant markets.Environmental regulation andincreased focus on improvedefficiency create demand in themarine industry.Profitable growth by focusing on three areasSmart PowerGenerationGas as a fuel Environmentalsolutions12 April 2013 CORPORATE PRESENTATION 20139 © Wärtsilä
  10. 10. 1) Figures exclude non-recurring restructuring items and selling profits.Financial highlightsMEUR 2012 2011 2010 2009Order intake 4 940 4 516 4 005 3 291Order book at the end of the period 4 492 4 007 3 795 4 491Net sales 4 725 4 209 4 553 5 260Operating result1 515 469 487 638% of net sales1 10.9 11.1 10.7 12.1Earnings/share, EUR 1.72 1.44 1.96 1.9712 April 2013 CORPORATE PRESENTATION 201310 © Wärtsilä
  11. 11. Net sales by market areaMEURAsia Europe Americas Other01000200030004000500060002009 2010 2011 201212 April 2013 CORPORATE PRESENTATION 201311 © Wärtsilä
  12. 12. Figures show before nonrecurring restructuring itemsSolid profitabilityEBIT EBIT % EBITA % before intangible asset amortisation related to acquisitions0%2%4%6%8%10%12%14%16%01002003004005006007008002009 2010 2011 2012MEUR12 April 2013 CORPORATE PRESENTATION 201312 © Wärtsilä
  13. 13. Power PlantsWe provide superior value to our customers with ourflexible, efficient and environmentally advancedenergy solutions, which enable a transition to a moresustainable and modern energy infrastructure.12 April 2013 CORPORATE PRESENTATION 201313 © Wärtsilä
  14. 14. • We are a major supplier of flexible baseloadpower plants operatingon various liquid and gaseous fuels• We provide unique, dynamic solutions for gridstability, reserve, peaking, load following andintermittent power generation• Our multi-fuel solutions provide security andoptimal choice of fuel in any conditions• Our project development and EPC capabilityprovide customers a choice of everythingfrom single point of responsibility to selectedservices• All applications are supported with tailoredlifetime operation and maintenance servicesPower Plants offering12 April 2013 CORPORATE PRESENTATION 201314 © Wärtsilä
  15. 15. Our customer segmentsIndustries such as mining,cement and oil & gasinvesting in captive powerplants.Entities supplyingelectricity to residential,commercial & industrialend usersFinancial investorsinvesting in power plantsand selling power toutilitiesUTILITIES IPPs* INDUSTRIAL CUSTOMERSAzerenerji, Azerbaijan Cakmaktepe Energy, TurkeySouth Texas Electric Cooperative, USA Barrick Gold Corporation, Canada12 April 2013 CORPORATE PRESENTATION 201315 © WärtsiläGERA, Brazil* Independent Power ProducersSasol New Energy Holdings, South Africa
  16. 16. • GDP growth, electrification and increasing standardof living drive the growth of electricity demand• Demand for sustainability and focus onclimate change• Rapid growth of intermittent renewable generation• Escalating daily, weekly and seasonal demandfluctuation increases the need for flexibility• Increasing role of gas, especially as a balancing fuel• Ageing installed capacity drives investments in newtechnologiesThe world needs affordable, clean, flexibleand reliable power.Market trends and drivers12 April 2013 CORPORATE PRESENTATION 201316 © Wärtsilä
  17. 17. FuelFlexibilityOperationalFlexibilityEnergyEfficiencySmartPowerGeneration...enables the transition toa modern and sustainable power system!A unique all-in-one combination of valuablefeatures that....Smart Power Generation optimises energy systemsSmart Power Generation is a new concept which enables an existing powersystem to operate at maximum efficiency by effectively absorbing current andfuture system load variations, providing significant savings.Reliable SustainableAffordableSmartPowerGeneration12 April 2013 CORPORATE PRESENTATION 201317 © Wärtsilä
  18. 18. Smart Power Generation – unique featuresEnergy efficiency• Highest simple cycle electricalefficiency• High efficiency regardless of ambientconditions• High plant efficiency over a wide loadrange due to multiple generating setsCompetitive generation costand high dispatchEnergyefficiencyFuelflexibilityOperationalflexibilityOperational flexibility• Unlimited, super fast, reliable starting and stoppingwith no impact on maintenance schedule• Fast reserve, load following, peaking and baseload• All ancillary services• Grid support, wind enablingMulti-tasking plant prepared for future marketsFuel flexibility• Continuous choiceof the most feasible fuel• Solutions for– liquid and gaseousfuels– renewables– multi-fuel plants– fuel conversionsHedge for the futureSmartPowerGeneration12 April 2013 CORPORATE PRESENTATION 201318 © Wärtsilä
  19. 19. Ship PowerWe are passionate about optimising lifecycle value by offeringwhat our customers need. We deliver on this promise throughthe only true total offering of marine products, integratedsolutions and services in the industry – worldwide.We help our customers find the shorter route to robust growthand bigger profits by focusing on operational efficiency,environmental excellence, fuel flexibility and services.12 April 2013 CORPORATE PRESENTATION 201319 © Wärtsilä
  20. 20. Efficiency Gas and dual-fuelsolutionsEnvironmentalsolutionsTo be recognised as the leading provider of products and integrated solutions inthe marine and offshore oil & gas industry.Ship Power’s strategic goalStrategic focus• Lifecycle solutions for ship owners and operators• Integrated solutions for the shipbuilding industry, owners and operators• The most competitive products and delivery process for the marine industryTHROUGHOFFERINGLEADERIN12 April 2013 CORPORATE PRESENTATION 201320 © Wärtsilä
  21. 21. The only complete marine offeringAutomation Power drives PowerdistributionEnvironmentalSolutionsCommunicationand controlShipDesignEnginesSeals &bearingsPropulsion ServiceagreementsFlow & GasSolutions12 April 2013 CORPORATE PRESENTATION 201321 © Wärtsilä
  22. 22. • Development of the global economydrives marine trade andtransportation growth• Development of oil & gas pricesstimulates investments in explorationand production of offshore oil & gas• Environmental regulations drivedemand for environmental solutionsand gas as a marine fuel• Increasing focus on energy efficiencyand environmental performanceThe development of efficient vessels, environmental solutionsand gas technology will be our priority in meeting the evolvingneeds of our customers.Market trends and drivers12 April 2013 CORPORATE PRESENTATION 201322 © Wärtsilä
  23. 23. Increasing environmental regulation andalternatives for decreasing emissionsLNG• Simultaneous reduction of GHG / SOx / NOx / PM• Market: mainly ships with regular routes and limitedautonomy requirements operating in ECAs• Infrastructure development is needed for larger uptake• Conversion solution availableHFONOx: SCR or wet methodsSOx: scrubbersMarket: mostly merchantships operating asignificant time in ECAsMGO• NOx: SCR or primarymethods• Market: ships operating alimited time in ECAs,small shipsWärtsilä is developing a multi-solution approach to meet requirementsfor different owner needs, ship types and operating profilesNOxAcid rainsOzone depletionSOxAcid rainsPARTICULATEMATTERImpact on air qualityGREENHOUSEGASGlobal warmingBALLASTWATERDamage to localeco-systemsTier II (2011)Tier III in ECA(2016)3.5% (2012)ECA 0.1% (2015)Global 0.5% (2020)Along with SOxreductionUnder evaluationby IMOGlobal ballast waterconvention12 April 2013 CORPORATE PRESENTATION 201323 © Wärtsilä
  24. 24. Clear leadership in dual-fuel applications~700 engines  > 7,000,000 running hoursDF power plants• 51 installations• 186 engines• Online from 1997LNG carriers• 121 vessels• 481 enginesConversion• 1 Chem. tanker• 2 engines conv.• Complete gas train• Complete designPSVs/FPSOs• 20 vessels• 96 engines• Online from 1994New orders:Harvey Gulf; the first 5LNG-PSVs to beoperated in the Gulf ofMexicoLNG ferries• 1 vessel• 4 engines pervessel• Complete gas train• 2,800 passengers• In service in 2013Power Plants Merchant Offshore Cruise & Ferry12 April 2013 CORPORATE PRESENTATION 201324 © Wärtsilä
  25. 25. ServicesPreventing the unexpected and optimising our customersoperations is our shared passion. We serve you whenever,wherever.We provide the broadest portfolio and best services in theindustry for both shipping and power generation. We offerexpertise, proximity and responsiveness for all customers inthe most environmentally sound way.12 April 2013 CORPORATE PRESENTATION 201325 © Wärtsilä
  26. 26. Services will:• Maximise market share with thepresent customer base• Constantly develop the offeringproposition with value-enhancingsolutions• Grow by providing more serviceagreements with new Ship Powerand Power Plants deliveries• Become the industry’s marketleader in environmental servicesTo be recognised by customers as their servicespartner: competitive, trusted and easy to deal with.Strategic goal12 April 2013 CORPORATE PRESENTATION 201326 © Wärtsilä
  27. 27. Wide range of expertise and servicesEngine services Propulsion services Electrical &automation servicesBoiler services Seals & BearingsservicesEnvironmentalservicesService agreements Service projects Training services12 April 2013 CORPORATE PRESENTATION 201327 © Wärtsilä
  28. 28. • Development of installed base andfleet utilisation• Increased focus on total cost ofownership and lifecycle efficiency• Changes in environmentalregulations• Growth of gas as a fuel in shippingand in power generation• Outsourcing of operations andmaintenance in service markets• Accelerating technologicaldevelopment and cost pressureincreases demand for expertiseKey market drivers12 April 2013 CORPORATE PRESENTATION 201328 © Wärtsilä
  29. 29. Performance optimizationOur customers are currently looking forlonger-term efficiency increasingstrategies to improve business efficiencyand reducing operational expenses.Preventing the unexpectedReliable performance and riskmanagement are identified as key needsof our customers. Preventing theunexpected is vital to ensure costefficiency and smooth operations.Environmental efficiencyEnvironmental legislation and the needfor energy efficiency are main drivers forour customers to optimize theirenvironmental performance.Improving lifecycle efficiency12 April 2013 CORPORATE PRESENTATION 201329 © Wärtsilä
  30. 30. Wärtsilä Services’ global networkWidest range of offering and expertise70 countries, 160 locations, 11,000 service professionals12 April 2013 CORPORATE PRESENTATION 201330 © WärtsiläInstalled base181,000 MW
  31. 31. PowerTechWe provide market leading4-stroke products and technologiesCorporate Quality and Supply Management12 April 2013 CORPORATE PRESENTATION 201331 © Wärtsilä
  32. 32. PowerTech key activitiesBuild a strong safety and qualityculture, a reliable supplynetwork, and operationalexcellenceDevelop and provide industryleading technologies and4-stroke enginesSecureCustomer Excellence12 April 2013 CORPORATE PRESENTATION 201332 © Wärtsilä
  33. 33. • Leading research & developmentand products– Technology leadership– Competitive portfolio of reliable,high-quality 4-stroke engines• Operational excellence– Quality in products, solutions,and services– Efficient , flexible, and agile operations– Manufacturing and engineering expertise• Sustainable high quality and reliablesupply chainWe grow when our people growEnabling and developing competent and skilled peoplePowerTech strategy and strengths12 April 2013 CORPORATE PRESENTATION 201333 © Wärtsilä
  34. 34. • Strongest ambition to maintaintechnology leadership• Drives innovations• Long-term co-operation withresearch institutes and partners• Strong investments in WärtsiläR&D; 2012 expenditure188 million euro representing4% of net salesTotal efficiency, cost of ownership, fuel flexibility andversatility, minimised environmental impact, and reliability areour main drivers.Research & Development12 April 2013 CORPORATE PRESENTATION 201334 © Wärtsilä
  35. 35. Wärtsilä’s competitive product portfolioGearsPropellersFPP/CPPSteerablethrustersPropulsioncontrolsFrequencyconvertersFlue gasdesulphurisation& scrubbersTransversethrusters4-strokeenginesAutomation,monitoring & controlI/O cabinets Catalysts(SCR, Oxicat, etc.)Energy efficiencysystems2-strokeenginesGensets &auxpacsSwitchboardsPumps andvalves – FlowsolutionsBallast watersystemLNGregasificationSeals, Bearings& SterntubesInert gas systems Ship design12 April 2013 CORPORATE PRESENTATION 201335 © Wärtsilä
  36. 36. Fully owned sitesSites with R&DJoint Venture sites18 licensee sitesQMD (Qingdao, China)2-stroke enginesWQDC (Shanghai, China)4-stroke enginesWärtsilä CME (Zhenjiang, China)PropulsionWHEC (Mokpo,South Korea)4-stroke enginesWTEC (Penza, Russia)4-stroke enginesKhopoli, IndiaGensets,Auxiliary modules,Ecotech modulesWuxi, ChinaPropulsion,seals &bearingsGothenburg, SwedenWater treatment, seals & bearingsStord, NorwayElectrical & automation systemsSantander, SpainPropulsionHull, Reading Newcastle, UKValvesPoole, UKWater systemsAalborg, DenmarkDeepwell pumps and seawater lift pumpsSingapore,Engine room pumps, pump roomsystems and Fi-Fi pumpsSuzhou, ChinaAssembly & sourcingGeestacht, Germany Fresh watergeneration & condensation plantsMoss, NorwayInert gas and exhaust gasscrubber systemsTrondheim, NorwayFrequency convertersTrieste, Italy4-stroke engines,propulsion, R&DVaasa, Finland4-stroke engines,R&DBermeo, SpainR&DWinterthur, Switzerland2-stroke engines, R&DHelsinki & Espoo, FinlandR&DTurku, FinlandR&DDrunen, the NetherlandsR&D, PropulsionAçu Superport,Brazil4-stroke gensets,propulsion,Wärtsilä’s production and R&D12 April 2013 CORPORATE PRESENTATION 201336 © WärtsiläToyama, JapanSeals &bearingsHavant, UK;Slough, UKSeals & bearingsVigo, SpainSeals & bearings
  37. 37. Passion for optimising lifecycle value withmodern and sustainable power solutions.12 April 2013 CORPORATE PRESENTATION 201337 © Wärtsilä