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Technology and Dispute Resolution in Urban Contexts


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A presentation by Bill Warters given at the "Renewal and Reconciliation in Urban Contexts" conference exploring Urban Public Policy and Dispute Resolution in Detroit and beyond. The event was hosted by Wayne State University's Dispute Resolution Consortium.

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Technology and Dispute Resolution in Urban Contexts

  1. 1. Technology’s Role in Dispute Resolution Bill Warters, Ph.D. Academic Director, MA in Dispute Resolution @bwarters Wayne State University May 12, 2015
  2. 2. Renewal & Reconciliation in Urban Contexts Conference May 11-12, 2015 Wayne State University Dispute Resolution Consortium Really Great Sessions Yesterday...
  3. 3. Communication Technology and Conflict Online Course I Teach
  4. 4. Tech to the Rescue? We’ve always hoped for a brighter future thanks to technology
  5. 5. Technology and Conflict Technology is both a source and a solution to conflict
  6. 6. Tech’s Many Functions • Agitate • Mobilize • Inform and Educate • Share Perspectives • Assist Decision-Making • Build Consensus • Construct Agreements • Create Fear & Doubt • Challenge Corruption • Surveil & Document • and MORE
  7. 7. ODR Online Dispute Resolution
  8. 8. + == + Privacy Disputes = Consumer Issues + Review Disputes + = Commercial Appropriate fows can be built for any kind of dispute MODRIA Modular Online Dispute Resolution Implementation Assistant
  9. 9. Self-guided Separation & Divorce Pathways to Justice 2.0 - the Netherlands
  10. 10. Property Tax Assessment Appeals Powered by MODRIA
  11. 11. Global Consumer Complaint Handling Networks ODR for Low Value Disputes now Required
 for E-Commerce in the EU
  12. 12. Youstice Consumer Interface in Your Language, even if merchant is not
  13. 13. Spanish Online Congress E-ADR 2015 - May 12-15 ADR & ODR and Undocumented Immigration
  14. 14. Public Engagement with Tech A Continuum from IAP2
  15. 15. Local Officials Unsure about Engagement A recent report from Public Agenda surveyed local government officials across California to explore their thoughts about public engagement
  16. 16. Traditional Processes Not Serving the Needs and Skills of Much of the Population
  17. 17. Typical Public Hearings Leaving Out Key Constituents
  18. 18. 11% Are Rejecters 47% are Tentatives 42% are Enthusiastic Supporters Public Officials Worry about Bogging Down the Process of Government Opinions on Value of Deliberative Public Engagement 900 Local Officials Summer of 2012
  19. 19. MindMixer – public feedback platform  Sustainable Southfield – Southfield MI is using Mindmixer to engage the public around their Master Plan Can Technology Be Part of the Solution?
  20. 20. ODR for Environmental & Public Policy Disputes Conan Smith ODR for Environmental & Public Policy Disputes Conan Smith ODR Platforms and Tools Regulation Room Access to Key Official Documents Comment and Discussion Summaries and Issues Regulation Room Soliciting Public Feedback on Complex
 Regulation Proposals
  21. 21. Civic Tech and Hacking Driven by Open Data and Open Source Software “Distilled to its essence, civic hacking is the existence of a condition that is suboptimal in a neighborhood, community or place, and a desire to effect change on that condition. That’s it. There is no prerequisite that civic hacking involve technology or software, it only needs to involve peple willing to help fix problems. Apps are incidental to the larger goal of fixing a community problem.” — Mark Head
  22. 22. Loomio Collaborative Discussion and Decision-making Tool Inspired by the Occupy Movement
  23. 23. Detroit Open Data Portal Newly created open access data portal
  24. 24. National Day of Civic Hacking On June 6, 2015, thousands of people from across the United States will come together for National Day of Civic Hacking. The goal of National Day of Civic Hacking is for residents, community groups, and government to collaborate to make their communities stronger. Learn more at June 12-13 At Grand Circus
  25. 25. Code for America Pairs Tech Developers with Government Agencies
  26. 26. BLIGHT + TEXTING = BLEXTing
  27. 27. Mobilizing Residents Technology-Assisted Blight Prevention and Intervention
  28. 28. Parcel Details View
  29. 29. Tax Foreclosure Map “A Hurricane without Water”
  30. 30. Conflicts About Water
  31. 31. Water is for Fighting Over? Audio clip of opening from 
 Georgia Public Broadcasting Video
  32. 32. Detroit Water Shutoffs Attracted National Media Coverage
  33. 33. UN World Water Day 2015 March 22, 2015
  34. 34. Connecting Communication 
 Technology and Water Conflicts Ron Dauphin on Flickr Santiago Atienza on Flickr
  35. 35. Technology being Used to 
 Mobilize and Support Residents
  36. 36. Race, Regionalism and Water Panel
  37. 37. Water Shutoff Poll
  38. 38. Our Panelists • Dr. Peter Hammer, Director Keith Center, WSU Law School • Rose Ellison, Environmental Scientist U.S. Environmental Protection Agency • Charles Schoder, Civil Rights Specialist, Community Relations Michigan Dept. of Civil Rights • Atty Alice B. Jennings, Edwards & Jennings P.C. 
 Lead Attorney for Citizens for Detroit and Highland Park Water Shutoffs
  39. 39. Detroit Water Conflict Video Some Background for Our Discussions - Story published Aug 19, 2014