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Networked Individualism and ADR/ODR Process: Reflections Through the Lens of "Peer Mediation" on Twitter

A presentation given by Bill Warters at the ODR 2013 Symposium at the University of Montreal.

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Networked Individualism and ADR/ODR Process: Reflections Through the Lens of "Peer Mediation" on Twitter

  1. 1. NetworkedIndividualism &ADR/ODR ProcessReflections Throughthe Lens of “PeerMediation” on TwitterBill Warters, Wayne State UniversityODR Forum 2013
  2. 2. About Me‣ Director, Wayne State University Master ofArts in Dispute Resolution ProgramBilltheCatcartoonbyBerkeleyBreathed
  3. 3. NetworkedIndividualism‣ Networked: The New SocialOperating System (2012, MIT Press)by Lee Rainie and Barry Wellman‣ Builds on Barry Wellman’s studies ofcommunity networks and Lee Rainies’PEW Internet surveys
  4. 4. The “TripleRevolution”Three Major Shifts in Social Organization‣A Turn from Groups to Social Networks‣The Proliferation & Differentiation of aPersonalized Internet‣The Personal, Mobile and Always-Accessible Nature of Information andCommunication
  5. 5. Networked Individuals‣ Now People Function as NetworkedIndividuals more often, even at home,with less emphasis on groupmembership‣ Social ties and events are OrganizedAround the Individual rather thanaround social units such as family,neighborhood, workgroup ororganization‣ Person, rather than Place, is the mainnode. Cell phones and internet allowrealtime, person-to-person contacts tosupplant place-to-place communication
  6. 6. Diverse Networks of“Nourishment”‣ Now more folks meet their social, emotional,and economic needs by tapping into loosely-knit networks of diverse associates rather thanrelying on tight connections to a relativelysmall number of core associates‣ Looser and more diverse networks requiremore choreography and exertion to manage‣ Often have varied networks that arespecialized: help with pets and plants; medicaladvice; music or film opinions; gaming;financial advice; shoulder to cry on; homeworkhelp
  7. 7. We Still Have Close TiesVery Close Ties PercentageCompared to1967KinFriendsNeighborsWorkmates/Schoolmates50 about the same41 up4 down5 ?We adapt to frequent changes in our socialnetworks due to a social environment in flux
  8. 8. Social NetworkRevolution‣ New Media is the New Neighborhood‣ The Lines Between Information,Communication and Action haveBlurred‣ We Fashion Complex Identities MovingAmong Relationships and Milieusas per Networked - Chapter 2 - The Social Network Revolution
  9. 9. A Perspective Shift“The shift to networkedindividualism has beenaccompanied by a shift inthinking about how peoplebehave socially. Rather thanseeing people as driven byindividual norms or by thecollective activities of solidarygroups, social network analystsfocus on how people’sconnections affect possibilitiesand constraints on theirbehavior.”
  10. 10. Moores Mediator Types‣ Social Network Mediators - respected, known to bothparties, while perhaps not neutral, thought to be fair.Their goal is to maintain group stability over time‣ Authoritative Mediators - has some power over theparties, wants outcome to stay within certainparameters, but chooses to seek a mutual agreementfrom parties rather than attempting to impose asolution‣ Independent Mediators - the North Americanfavorite, no significant relationship to the parties,assumption of neutrality and impartialityTime for a new hybrid?
  11. 11. Networks & Power‣ Old adage: “Never pick a fight withsomeone who buys ink by the barrel”‣ New adage: “Never pick a fight with anetworked individual with strong internetand mobile connections”‣ In “The Rise of the Amateur” DouglasRushkoff comments: “The people havecrashed the gates of professionalism,penetrating the formerly sacrosanctboundaries protecting elites of all industriesfrom challenges from below.”
  12. 12. Observing Others‣ Surveillance - we have a long history of thosein power tracking the behaviors of those withless power‣ Coveillance - with the rise of social media, wenow "watch" our peers in various ways - eg"Facebook stalking" and monitoring of othersstatus‣ Sousveillance - also on the rise is observationfrom below of the more powerful people andorganizations (term coined by Steve Mann,consumer advocate who started vlogging hisinteractions with retailers)
  13. 13. PeerMediationTwitter as a Lens toStudy ADR Processes
  14. 14. Peer Mediationtweets collection‣ Used to run adaily search for “Peer Mediation” onTwitter‣ Gathered 421 days worth of tweets# Includesduplicates
  15. 15. Tweet Samples
  16. 16. Tweet Word Cloud(without hash tags)‣ Used with subset of relevant tweets
  17. 17. Concept Cloud
  18. 18. Some Themes‣ Reasons for being"sent" to peer mediation‣ Using peer mediationskills in other settings‣ Perks of being in peermediation class (food,flexible schedules)‣ Pride getting picked fortraining, credentials,creating media forprgm‣ Prepping for orreporting on amediation session‣ Critiques of the fairnessof process orparticipants‣ #Highschoolmemories,#schoolmemories‣ Confessions: “abuse” ofthe program - eggetting out of class viapeer mediation slips,gossiping‣ Vocal resistance toparticipating for variousreasons‣ Mediation is foryounger people than us
  19. 19. Negative Sentiment Subset
  20. 20. Positive Sentiment Subset
  21. 21. Popular Hashtags
  22. 22. Tweeted photos
  23. 23. Social Networks & PM
  24. 24. Even More Tweets!neutral peer mediation was hilarious today.after the dumb bitch left, the mediators toldme im 100% right. #winning
  25. 25. Critical themes emerging‣ Questioning the fairness ofprocess re racism or structuralinequality‣ Struggles over the right forum forthe fuss‣ Mediation tied to the disciplinesystem in counterproductive ways‣ Mediation use is being “Weak”‣ Back channel comments may beimpacting active cases
  26. 26. Some Tweeted Critiques‣ Peer mediation made you wanna just whoop ass afterthe meeting, not settle. Lying on me and stuff.‣ I dont want my kid to go through peer mediation. Youlive in the hood you show that bitch what the hood is‣ I remember the peer mediation teacher in hs kickedme out cuzz all that came out my mouth was I wannaget the jews out of palestine.‣ Peer mediation is just a fancy term for lazy teachers.‣ i had peer mediation w/ the counslors today forcussing out this rascist white guy. supposedly ithreatned him -_- #WasteOfMyTime #PussyAss‣ If you have a problem with peer mediation, where doyou go? WHERE DO YOU GO?
  27. 27. Fussing Over Forums‣ teek said yall need for realyall been too cool for disshit to cme to dis.!‣ Only fake bitches do peermediation my nigga. ImWAY TOO REAL for that shit.& ms.pray already know that‣ Were fake because werequested peer mediation?Instead of fighting? And wejumped her - please.‣ #WhiteyTime peermediation is for bitches.‣ After 16, your too old to befighting and pulling weaveout sit down andhave a discussion...peermediation sheesh‣ Thats just peer mediation.When 2 people are fightingthey have a middle man tosettle it. Its perfectly normal‣ if 2omf have a problem witheach other, they needabring that the other way.Don’t come over here w.that. Im not peer mediation.
  28. 28. Implications?‣ “Call a friend” concept now involves “mediamultiplexity” as we move through day or processand channel shift our communications‣ Social media provides an unevenly read (byvarious ADR actors) backchannel that supports orhinders dispute process adoption‣ E-mediation referral box on twitter and othersocial sites?‣ Be more alert to “Absent presence” and “Presentabsents”‣ ADR Program advocates may need to incorporateor at least expect additional “participants” activein the virtual space‣ Shift to include more ODR coaching roles andactive back channel monitoring?
  29. 29. Democratic Educationand ADR/ODR‣ Shameless plug - Check out
  30. 30. Thank you!@bwarters on