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Have a vision but no idea how to get there? Call me, I can probably implement it or at least improve it.

I focus on early stage investments and provide services including product, marketing, strategic business development and incubation for startup companies.

Give me a call, 703 829 0371.

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Warren Smith, Resume Presentation

  1. 1. Warren Smith Review
  2. 2. ContentsAugust 8, 2012 Background Differentiators Agile in Action Q&A / Next Steps Review of my My perception on how Three examples of Your questions, my background in product I am different than how I successfully answers management and most candidates implemented Agile and a general operations product management discussion on business goals8/8/2012 Warren Smith (703) 829 0371 2
  3. 3. Experience INTERNEX COMMUNICATIONS8/8/2012 Warren Smith (703) 829 0371 3
  4. 4. Background INTERNEXEntrepreneurial beginnings COMMUNICATIONS GoodChime Founder 2010-Present  General Manager Part of a senior project, founded a web design and hosting company, solid client list including Neiman AcuStream Marcus and several car dealers.  Vice President of Product and Marketing Sold to UUNET/MCI in 1996. Worked for MCI’s advertising Network Solutions agency as part of acquisition, who was managing 2000-2010  Director of Product Management CareerBuilder’s launch campaign. America Online  Director of Market Strategy CareerBuilder 1993-1999  Product Manager Internex Communications  Founder 8/8/2012 Warren Smith (703) 829 0371 4
  5. 5. BackgroundApplying both technical and marketing skillsfor a successful startup GoodChime As hire #13, was the lead developer and product 2010-Present  General Manager marketing owner. Self given title of Product Manager AcuStream First developed then managed the team responsible for  Vice President of Product and Marketing “Post a Job” function, then managed the design of the website, API into CareerPath and Washington Post. Also Network Solutions managed creation of all customer-employer and consumer-job seeker marketing material. 2000-2010  Director of Product Management Rung the bell with launch team in May 1999. America Online  Director of Market Strategy CareerBuilder 1993-1999  Product Manager Internex Communications  Founder 8/8/2012 Warren Smith (703) 829 0371 5
  6. 6. BackgroundMaintaining revenue for a struggling innovator GoodChime Director of Business Planning & Strategy 2010-Present  General Manager Defined new strategy-development and business- modeling processes that were applied across six business AcuStream units in the AOL Commerce Division. Assumed full P&L  Vice President of Product and Marketing responsibility for operations and managed the transition from a proprietary subscriber network to an open network for AOL.com. Network Solutions • Put in place a product-management process that 2000-2010  Director of Product Management included a full life cycle management process and created programs, policies, and procedures for cash-in revenue America Online  Director of Market Strategy tracking, a new practice at AOL. • Led cross-functional teams that created programs to CareerBuilder increase Travel Department revenues by 30% in 2003 and Auto Department revenues by 17% in the same year. 1993-1999  Product Manager • Worked with retained consultants and market analysts Internex Communications to measure performance against commitment for 95  Founder initiatives across 11 business groups. 8/8/2012 Warren Smith (703) 829 0371 6
  7. 7. BackgroundCreating a new source of revenuefor a known leader Director of Product Management GoodChime 2010-Present  General Manager Effectively served as General Manager and led teams between 10-100 for design, launch, and marketing of Web Professional, Web Presence, and eCommerce products that have been AcuStream judged best in class.  Vice President of Product and Marketing • Determined market-share goals and generated revenue forecasts using primary and secondary research as the basis for Network Solutions product discussions, leading multidisciplinary teams to achieve 2000-2010  Director of Product Management common corporate goals. • Had full P&L responsibility for the business unit. America Online  Director of Market Strategy • Owned the process of creating a product roadmap for the company during a period of rapid growth and launched the first product using such tools as XP, SCRUM, and Agile Modeling. CareerBuilder Managed all day-to-day operations and defined strategies for 1993-1999  Product Manager competitive product development and pricing. Internex Communications • Developed the new business unit from zero to more than  Founder $60M in annual sales, achieving year-over-year increases of approximately 60% annually during 2007 and 2008. • Received the 2009 Best Portal Award for LinkTogether (http://www.webaward.org/winner.asp?eid=13040). 8/8/2012 Warren Smith (703) 829 0371 7
  8. 8. BackgroundApplying my product and operationsskills in a new market GoodChime Vice President of Product and Marketing 2010-Present  General Manager Lead all product management, software development and marketing efforts for fast paced startup. AcuStream  Vice President of Product and Marketing • Led the transition of all software development from a high- cost enterprise provider to a low-cost solution outsourced Network Solutions through India and Manila. 2000-2010  Director of Product Management • Produced all marketing materials supporting the first product launch, including website redesign, fact sheet, product pitch America Online video, social media campaign, trade show creative and radio  Director of Market Strategy spots • Developed a product-management, marketing CareerBuilder communications and client services portal using Sharepoint 1993-1999  Product Manager that forced consistency and discipline both internally and with all customers and partners. Internex Communications • Acted as the lead spokesperson and product evangelist for  Founder the press, conferences and social media. 8/8/2012 Warren Smith (703) 829 0371 8
  9. 9. BackgroundDeveloping a product and brandfrom the ground up GoodChime General Manager 2010-Present  General Manager Successfully built all operations from the ground up including all software development, marketing, VC funding, customer AcuStream support, recruitment and operations, growing company from 1  Vice President of Product and Marketing to 25 employees in 6 months. •Managed software development, marketing, client services, Network Solutions customer support and training across 3 counties and 11 employees in only 5 months. 2000-2010  Director of Product Management •Developed Go-To-Market plan, formal business model and all America Online investor facing collateral  Director of Market Strategy •Successfully gained seed and Series A funding, presenting to personal network of VCs and private investors CareerBuilder •Negotiated and directed contracts and partnerships with 1993-1999  Product Manager worldwide vendors and partners, including Tata and JWT in India, High10 PR in New York, Creative Artists Agency and WME Internex Communications in Los Angeles.  Founder •Established product requirements for both software and hardware solutions, utilizing offshore development teams in Manila, India and South America 8/8/2012 Warren Smith (703) 829 0371 9
  10. 10. Education Bachelor of Science, Business Administration MBA, Information Technology GPA: 3.86 GPA: 3.50 Focused on marketing and computer Focused on information technology and science. Turned senior project into profitable finance. Completely financed by business. CareerBuilder’s founder Rob McGovern (a UMD alumni)8/8/2012 Warren Smith (703) 829 0371 10
  11. 11. Quasi ProfessionalCreative and Analytical 1999 2001 2007 2009 2010 Forest Island CPA Agile Cert Screenplay India ID Founded startup As part of the P&L effort As part of Network Wrote and submitted an Managed the UI for the incubation and seed at AOL, I passed the Solutions training original screenplay which AADHAAR effort in India funding firm. Virginia CPA test program, I obtained Agile turned into a small Product Management production movie called certification from the The Final Equation AIPMM8/8/2012 Warren Smith (703) 829 0371 11
  12. 12. What product management is to meFormalizing an idea Concept Innovation Development Idea development and Marketing strategy strategy of product ideas screening test phase Testing Analysis of Product in test market Product launch marketability development environment8/8/2012 Warren Smith (703) 829 0371 12
  13. 13. What product management is to meDeveloping a road map Alpha Phase 2 Plan Public Beta M&A Idea Growth Goal8/8/2012 Warren Smith (703) 829 0371 13
  14. 14. What product management is to meDeveloping and enforcing the project plan May 11 Jun 11 Jul 11 Aug 11 Sep 11 Setup Opensource Front End Develop Wireframes Design Mocks Develop database Back end Develop Rules Secure Hosting Environ Develop Positioning Marketing Design Collateral Test Positioning8/8/2012 Warren Smith (703) 829 0371 14
  15. 15. What product management is to meAgile software development and operations Most Important Components Core of Agile 1. Customer satisfaction Individuals and interactions Benefits of Agile 2. Flexibility to change over processes and tools requirements, even late Quick launch (make mistakes in development Working software over quickly, fix them even quicker) 3. Working software is comprehensive delivered frequently documentation Supports both small and large 4. Working software is the revisions, both new and principal measure of Customer collaboration over maintenance needs progress contract negotiation 5. Projects are built around Customer Focused motivated intelligent Responding to change over individuals following a plan 6. Simplicity- The art of maximizing the amount of work not done - is essential8/8/2012 Warren Smith (703) 829 0371 15
  16. 16. What product management is to meManaging a disparate team towards a common goal Precommer- Decision on Post cialisation Post Second Business Development Business Implement. Buyoff Screen Case Review Analysis Review Gate Stage Gate Stage Gate Stage Gate Stage Gate Stage Idea Deploy 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 Wireframes Product Development Testing & Full Production Requirements Validation & Market Launch Doc8/8/2012 Warren Smith (703) 829 0371 16
  17. 17. What product management is to meDeveloping a business model that makes sense Premium Price Absorption Penetration „Follow the Free“ Low Price Strategy Strategy Strategy Strategy Strategy Financial Modeling Investor Collateral8/8/2012 Warren Smith (703) 829 0371 17
  18. 18. What product management is to meDay to day operations, both strategtic and tactical Increase and Recovery Development of new of Market Shares Markets or Market niches Revenue Optimization Recruitment and Reorg Competitive Analysis Image Reputation Management8/8/2012 Warren Smith (703) 829 0371 18
  19. 19. DifferentiatorsOrganized, Tactful, Energetic Execution Oriented – always working with Diplomatic Management Style the end goal in mind Encourage consesus over authority Experience across business units design, marketing, financial Customer Focused Make the complex simple Gantt chart mindset Steadily making progress Influential cross discipline network8/8/2012 Warren Smith (703) 829 0371 19
  20. 20. Product Management in Action, 3 examplesEfficient, Low Resources, Award Winning Before After Before After 2 releases a year 18 releases a year Single Point of Failure Shared responsibility across individuals No time for Maintenance maintenance assumed in small No time to address Time left over for releases growing number of website redesign bugs AND bugs 20 person 5 person development team development team All stateside, Offshore 5 person expensive team, team, $30,000 9th in class 2nd in class $300K No awards Best Portal Award Patent Denied Patent Accepted (documentation)8/8/2012 Warren Smith (703) 829 0371 20
  21. 21. Continuing Success in Startups across marketsApplied to Startups and Know Entities Rapid Application Quick to adapt to change and Development, 10 week cycle new requests Consumer feedback during Small team by design the entire process Easy to duplicate across teams (concept, UI, Award winning programming, integration, QA, UAT, deploy)8/8/2012 Warren Smith (703) 829 0371 21
  22. 22. Quick ReviewHighlights and Differentiators Broad Experience Results Focused Large Network Diplomatic Style 16 years of product Certified in both Agile With tenure from AOL Supports consesus and operations product management and Network over authoritarian experience in both and web design, I have Solutions, I am able to decision making, corporate and startup the unique ability to rely on my large and collaboration over cultures across design platforms that experienced network single point of failure technology and are easy to use and to remedy financial, and transparent healthcare drive revenue marketing, investing, communications human resources and operational issues8/8/2012 Warren Smith (703) 829 0371 22