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SEAR Evaluation


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A2 Media Studies evaluation for OCR Specification G324

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SEAR Evaluation

  1. 1. Evaluation!Emma Hughes, Sam Gapes, Regdeep Bassi & Aimie Carey
  2. 2. 1) In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
  3. 3. We have followed the majority of the typical forms and conventions for empire magazine, however we have challenged the forms and conventions by making our magazine cover horror thriller themed like a ‘special edition’ cover. We have accomplished this by making minor changes. We challenged the forms and conventions by making a minor alteration to the Empire masthead and making it blend in with our background as well as having it’s own horrific look to it to goWe have stuck to the forms with our horror thrillerand conventions of the empire theme.magazine by having a pug that To create the lines onis in a colour that stands out Empire, we dragged anfrom our themed magazine. It eraser over it on Paintstates that we are giving away Shop Pro 7.a Woman in Black posterwhich is a horror thereforerelating to our horror thrillertheme. Our banner has stuck to our horror thriller theme as we have first added three images, advertising recent horror films. We have then made the banner red and white because it not only represents blood and bandages but also goes with our movie campaign.
  4. 4. Our image follows the typical forms and conventions of an Empire magazine. We have followed the rule of thirds making the image central and covering the P in Empire. The image we have used is visually strong as it lures in an audience. The ripped clothesFor the film title, we have used a and dark face shows that thetypical horror red and white film is a horror thriller.colour. We also used the font ‘FFConfidential’ from PicNik which To create this image we tookgave it a crooked, eery effect. two separate images, one of the forest and one of the Regdeep. We then used Paint Shop Pro 7 and cropped her out. After, we placed her onto the forest image and placed it on PicNik to make it brighter. We also made the edge of the magazine lighter to create a misty effect.
  5. 5. The image we have used is visually strong as it lures in an audience. The ripped clothes and dark face shows that the film is a horror thriller. It’s the same image as the magazine cover but blended in with another image of the path. The rounded edge on the image is made to look like a headlight from our broken down car. It is also illustrating the highlight of the main character.On the poster, we usedthe same font as themagazine.We have used a typical Our tag line is ‘Fourhorror red and white girls, onecolour. We also used nightmare’. Wethe font ‘FF have used aConfidential’ from consistent look byPicNik which gave it a using the same fontcrooked, eery effect. as the film title.We also tilted the‘Unknown’ so itsappears broken whichconnotes the girlssituation. Our poster is shy of becoming a full theatrical poster as it is missing a At the bottom of the poster we have complete release date of the movie and a billing block added the film title. This has made the poster more professional.
  6. 6. The Last House On The Left is the inspiration we used to create our poster. We used this image as inspiration for our poster. Here, she looks like she has been dragged through hell and back. The image in the background looks like a dark forest where their lake houseWhen putting our poster is. This shows that safety istogether we chose to use similar only slightly out of reach.font and colour as this poster. In our poster, we have goneWe used these colours as they for the drag through hell andrepresent blood, bones and back effect and also used anbandages. isolated area.
  7. 7. Themes/Narrative In our trailer, we was able to develop and challenge the typical forms and conventions of a typical thriller genre trailer. Four friends are taking a road trip. They end up taking a wrong turn down an abandoned road and suddenly the car breaks down. They see a figure in the distance so one the of the girls decides to get out. She pauses half way and slowly starts to back away and runs away screaming. In time the girls get split up and a bad situation occurs. Our plot is not a typical thriller theme as it is part horror. We have also got all female characters when usually it’s all males. However, the female characters are seen as weaker and more as an easy target which our trailer gives out
  8. 8. Iconography The iconography we have used were typical horror thriller elements. The characters all wore casual clothing. The white clothing represents their youth and innocence. Whereas the red trousers worn by one of the characters suggests that danger is lurking around along side the black outfit represents darkness, doom and death. Other props that we used were rope, fake blood and shredded clothing.
  9. 9. Setting/Audio-Visual Style For our setting we used a secluded pathway within a forest like area. We used this as it was not only fitted to our film title ‘The Unknown Path’ but also followed the conventions of isolation of characters in the horror thriller genre. Our trailer was visually interesting as it had good use of iconography, camera shots, music which built up suspense and an eery feeling within the audience. Through the use of camera shots, we created a personal/documentary feel to our movie through the use of hand held camera creating panic amongst the audience. We also use a canted angle shot of one the characters looking tortured leaving the audience wondering what has happened and if she is good or evil.
  10. 10. 2) How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?
  11. 11.  The combination of our main product and ancillary texts is very effective as an overall campaign. This is due to our consistent use of the same font ‘FF Confidential’, black and red colour scheme along with the one image being re- invented in the ancillary products as well as in the main product. This combination of our main product alongside our ancillary products show the consistency and the link between the three making them work every effectively as an overall campaign.
  12. 12. We used the same image which is reoccurring in our mainproduct however, we re-invented it making it work everyeffectively in showing that it belongs with our main product. For our main product we stuck with using the same font ‘FF Confidential’ and also stuck with a black and red colour scheme.
  13. 13. These stills fromour main productuse the same colourand font as ourancillary products,showingconsistency in ourproducts creatingan effectivecampaign.
  14. 14. 3) What have you learned from your audience feedback?
  15. 15.  For our audience feedback we showed our trailer to a group of mixed males and females aged 12 – 19. We chose these ages to get an idea of what certificate it would be by how it affected people. We also asked a few member of staff for their opinion expanding our target audience and seeing if our movie would appeal an older age group. Amy, 12 – “I couldn’t really understand what was happening. I think it was too old for me.” Charlotte, 15 – “I really liked the idea of the film and I can’t wait to see the actual film. It was really interesting!” Scott, 18 – “I enjoyed it however I could predict what would happen in the actual film. It may be too young for me.” Mr Todd – “It was exhilarating” Mr Farnsworth – “It was fantastic. Absolutely superb.”
  16. 16. We gave out this questionnaire to 16 students, male and female of ages 12 – 19.1. Did you enjoy the trailer?2. What would you rate it on a scale of 1-10? 1 being bad & 10 being excellent3. Did you understand what the storyline was about?4. Could you tell who the main character was?5. What certificate would you classify this film as?6. Would you go to see this film after watching the trailer?
  17. 17. After we received the questionnaires back, we counted up the results.1. 13 out of 16 students agreed that they enjoyed the trailer.2. Most of the students answered they would rate the trailer between 6 – 9.3. Most students said that they had a clear understanding of the storyline.4. Majority of the students knew who the main character was.5. The certificate of the film would be a 15.6. It was more of the female students who wanted to carry on watching the film.
  18. 18.  From our feedback, we have learnt that the majority of the students that viewed our trailer and wished to watch the movie were mostly female. They were mostly in the age category of 15 – 23. Upon reviewing our feedback, we decided that our main target audience would be females age between 15 – 23, however, our movie also has an appeal to an older male audience. As we used the typical horror forms and conventions for a horror thriller movie, this already allowed us to have a set target audience. For example, the sinister look given by the use of blacks, reds and whites in our fonts along with the use of black and blood in our movie alongside the tortured character sets our trailer at a 15 rating.
  19. 19. 4) How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
  20. 20. Research! Before planning our poster, magazine and trailer we had to do some research. We did most of research based on the horror thriller genre. We looked into a variety of movies, posters and magazine covers such as Sorority Row, The A-Team, Sucker Punch, Mission Impossible 4, Four Brothers to become aware of the conventions of these. For the trailer, we mainly used the Internet. We spent many lessons looking over horror and thriller trailers on YouTube. YouTube helped us as it enabled us to pause and go back and forth between shots which we were then able to analyse and use in our work. These trailers were horror thrillers such as Orphan, The Strangers, Scream and The Last House On The Left. We looked at the music and how it was effective to each shot and built up a suspenseful atmosphere, the type of shots, how the characters were portrayed and how the overall trailer successfully achieved creating a exhilarating atmosphere. For the magazine and poster we used the school’s Intranet to access past students work via, the Internet to search for inspiration along with a variety of magazines and poster. We used websites such as , to look up previous Empire and Sight & Sound covers along with movie teaser posters and theatrical posters. Here, we looked at the layout, images and fonts that were used and the effect they created. These websites were effective as they allowed us to look into a variety of campaigns at once for previous and upcoming movies.
  21. 21. Planning! After research was collected, we began to think about several ideas we could produce an idea of what we wanted to do. We then decided on a final idea of what we wanted to do. We first wrote out a shooting script where we planned out what would be said in the trailer, what the captions would say and iconography. We also drew up a story board. Once we had finalised our idea’s and had a clear idea of which direction we wanted to take our campaign, we uploaded our work onto and continued to do so throughout our entire project. Our final trailer however did not however go as we had planned but we improvised and created an even better trailer than we had originally anticipated. After planning our synopsis we then looked into our magazine and poster ideas then, drew up what our poster and magazine cover would look like. Our poster and magazine cover however also did not go as we had planned and we adapted our magazine and poster cover to match our new trailer.
  22. 22. Construction! When constructing our trailer, we used the software Adobe Premiere 6.5 to edit and create the trailer. We had also used this software for our AS work so luckily we were all familiar with it making it easier four us to construct our trailer. We came across a few complication, such as the group coming to a decision on what type of music best suited the trailer. We were able to agree on which music to use by testing out all the types of music we all thought were best suited and then came on a joint decision as to which we all agreed best suited our trailer. Before we could do any of this we first had to re-shoot some of our footage and add some more. This is because when we were looking back at our original footage we saw that we needed some improved shots as our original shots were not adapted to our new script.
  23. 23. Construction! When making our trailer we used the software Adobe Premiere 6.5. The first few shots of our trailer are in order so it starts to make sense however when it hits the peak, we mixed up all our shots. The pace of shots was also important to consider in the production of our trailer. During the start, the pace was slow after each shot is paused, which looked like a picture was being taken which made it aware to the viewers that we’re the main characters. Captions then appeared and as there was four of us it worked well with the four words, ‘four girls, one nightmare’. After the word ‘nightmare’, the music kicks in and the pace speeds up showing many shots of the different scenes that took place. ‘The Unknown Path’ appears and pauses for a few seconds and then changes to a shot of Regdeep at the window. This shot is quick which should make the audience jump.
  24. 24. Magazine editing! To start off we had to come up with an idea of what our magazine image would be. Our original image include all four members of the group standing united, holding a mask. We did this as it was visually strong as an image and suggested that the girls had been a lot together but had a secret to hide. We got inspiration for this from the Sorority Row and A- Team cover. However, after deciding it was not as strong as an image as we hoped, we then took out the mask as it gave away too much and look amateur. But due to the changes in our trailer, we chose a different image all together that was more suited to our new trailer. Our new image was of only one of the girls looking like she had been dragged through hell which should make the audience wonder what happened. To edit our image, we placed it onto Paint Shop Pro 7 and Adobe Photoshop CS3. We played around with the tools, such as the ‘lasso tool’ and eraser, in attempt to make the central image stand out against the background and the rest of the Empire cover but not too much as we wanted it to look professional.
  25. 25. Magazine editing! After collecting a group of Empire magazines, we then played around with the layout to see what fitted our image best. We then settled for a similar layout as the Empire cover for the Mission Impossible 4 campaign. However we gave our magazine cover a horror thriller movie theme and changed the colours around. We ended up using the colours red, which and black. The font we used, we got from It is called ‘FF Confidential’ which gave our text a crooked and eerie effect. We were consistent with the type of font we used with our campaign effectiveness and it helped establish our trailer as a horror thriller. We placed our text in the centre of the page as it followed the typical conventions of an Empire magazine and this is what we was trying to achieve. To keep with our horror thriller themed magazine cover, all articles and images were all horror related. For our banner we included images of The Woman in Black, The Devil Inside and Chronicle. These were fitted to our cover as it gave it sinister and drew more attention to our central image. In the end we were able to successfully achieved a special edition empire cover by following all the typical forms and conventions for an empire magazine.
  26. 26. Poster editing! For our poster, we first drew up an image of the back of the four girls looking down a long pathway however, as we changed our magazine cover to fit our new trailer, we had to adjust our poster image to fit them to have a successful campaign. We then looked at images on the Internet and found inspiration from a The Last House on the Left poster. We then based our poster on this. Our new poster image became a blend of the pathway, an image of Regdeep crawling in the distant for help looking like she’s getting away from hell and a medium shot of her which is the same picture that we used in the magazine. On Adobe Photoshop CS3, we took all three images, cropped them and then made them look ghostly. We blended the edge to make it look like a car head light coming across this tragedy which occurred which relates to the trailer where the car broke down. The images were placed on a black background to the right so on the left we filled up it up with text. We used the same font, ‘FF Confidential’ for the film title, date and website and the same colours as the magazine cover. This left our overall poster with a strong effect as it lures in an audience and makes them wonder what could have possibly have happened.
  27. 27. Evaluation! To create our evaluation we started it up on Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003. We looked back at all of our work from when we started the project. After looking back on our campaign, we had to answer four questions. These questions are; “in what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?”, “how effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?”, “what have you learned from your audience feedback?” and “how did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?”. In these we explained our use of various technologies such as the Internet, Intranet, Paint Shop Pro 7 and Adobe Premiere 6.5. We looked in detail how these were helpful and effective in making our successful campaign.