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C&T Evaluation


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A2 Media Studies Evaluation for OCR Specification G324

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C&T Evaluation

  1. 1. EvaluationBy Crystal Davis & Tracey Lubanzadio
  2. 2. 1.In what ways does your mediaproduct use, develop or challengeforms and conventions of realmedia products?
  3. 3. For our magazine cover we wanted to establish a traditional “Sight & Sound" cover, in order to achieve this we initially went through a variety of different “Sight and Sound” covers, after which we decided to use “Tinker Taylor Solder Spy” as our guideline, we decided to use this cover because it was a typical “Sight & Sound” cover, it also looked professional which we thought we be suitable for our magazine cover as we wanted to follow the traditional look of a “Sight & Sound” cover which meant that we couldn’t make any changes that would “Go Against” the typical “Sight & Sound” convention.Traditionally “Sight & Sound” place their masthead in The “Sight & Sound” barcode isthe high left hand corner, again this was something traditionally placed in top rightthat we hand to take into consideration because we corner.were planning to stick to a traditional/typical “Sight &Sound” cover. This is where we got our idea from, the close up of the image makes it a typical sight and sound cover.“Sight & Sound” sometimes move their pugs on todifferent areas of their magazine, this is something that The black and white effect portrays awe researched whilst trying to decide on where we intellectual look for the audience, this iswould like to place our plug for our magazine. Also something that fits in well with a “sight &traditionally the pugs are consistently “Red” which is Sound” audience, this is because theirdone to link in with the magazine colour scheme. As magazine’s are commonly geared towardsyou can see we have also followed the “sight & an intellectual and creative audience.Sound” colour scheme by making the colour of ourpug “Red”
  4. 4. This is an example of our magazine cover, as you can see we tried to follow “TinkerTaylor Soldier Spy” magazine cover. The barcode and the date, informsThe masthead illustrates that this our readers about our film, this willis a typical “Sight & Sound” cover inform that our film is up andas it is no different from a typical coming and will be officiallymasthead in terms of the released as soon as possible.position, colour and font. The image of our magazine cover is aThe colour of our background typical “Sight & Sound” image, this iswas taken from our poster. because we decided to use a close up shot, because “Sight & Sound” typically uses close up shots for the magazines,Cover line is something that doing this suggest that we have followedtypically attracts the readers the “Sight & Sound” convention. Howeverto the magazine , it is initially we wanted to use a long shot ofsomething that will give the our main character, but doing that wouldreaders/target audience a suggest that we are going against therough idea as to what the film typical “Sight & Sound” about. As you can see we have included information about interviews on our front cover, doing this assures that we are sticking to the convention of a The titles of other films will give the readers typical “Sight & Sound” cover. Typically an insight as to what will be included in the “Sight & Sound” place their cover lines magazine. at the sides of their magazine.
  5. 5. This is an example of our magazine cover, as you can see we tried to follow “Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy” magazine cover.As you can identify our blueprint/layout We have also managed to place aoverall is a classic “Sight & Sound” masthead onto our over along withcover. The “Sight & Sound” is written in The barcode, both of which arethe same font with the same colours, place in the same positions similarthe writing for the plus information is to recent “Sight & Sound” covers.also written in the same font. And the Doing this illustrates that we areimage on the cover is a traditional following a typical “Sight & Sound”“Sight & Sound” image in terms of how convention.the photo was taken and the fact thatit is a close up. The use of the close up shot enables our readers to gain some insight into what the film is about, based on theWe decided to stick to a consistent look facial expression of our character,for our project, hence the reason as to Although we have decided to use awhy we selected to use the same fonts on frequent close up shot for our cover,our magazine, poster and also in ourteaser trailer. As You can see the word“Constrain” appears on our poster, in ourteaser trailer and also on the cover of ourmagazine.
  6. 6. This is an example of our magazine cover, as you can see we tried to follow “Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy” magazine cover.Typically “Sight & Sound” only use two colours As you can see the Masthead and theon their “Sight & Sound” masthead, as you can Barcode both overlap our image, thissee we have followed their tradition by ensuring was purposely done in order tothat our masthead is also in the typical “Sight & portray a typical “Sight & Sound”Sound” colours, together with the same font cover, this is something that is commonly done on each “Sight &scheme. Sound” magazine cover, it is very uncommon to find a magazine cover which has enabled their image to“Sight & Sound” only use a maximum of two fonts, cover their Masthead or you can see we have gone to using only twofonts, which are very similar to the fonts that areused on a typical “Sight & Sound” cover. Doing this Getting the character to look directlysuggest that we are sticking to a typical “Sight & into the camera was something that wasSound” house-style. intentionally done. This was done to connote urgency in our character’s facial expression, also the direct look will make the readers feel as if the character is directly looking at them. “Sight & Sound” tends to use a strict intellectual/ creative language for their magazine, it is commonly geared towards the “higher level” readers, this was something that we noticed and took into consideration, when creating our magazine cover we also went along with the use of an “creative/ inventive” style of writing for our plus section.
  7. 7. This is an example of our poster cover, we tried to make it look like a typical thrillerposter.The photo for our poster is taken in a particularway in order to connote a important message to We decide to use a hoodie as a propthe audience/readers, hence the reason as to for our character, this is because thiswhy the character is pictured with foreboding is a prop which is commonly used in alook on his face. Also the readers/audience can gangster type thriller.not see the character’s full identity , this wasdone to imply a cliff-hanger/mystery for ouraudience.We also went on experimenting with a range ofdifferent colours on “Paint-Shop-Pro” and “Picnik”. We decided to add a site to our poster,This process was rather difficult because we were this was done in order for us to follow thefinding difficult to come up with a colour that typical convention of a poster, alsocould potentially create a Urban look. adding a website to our poster will make it look professional and contemporary.
  8. 8. This is an example of our poster cover, we tried to make it look like a typical thrillerposter.We decided to use “Paint-Shop-Pro” to The colours for our writing was taken from anotheedit underneath our character’s eye, poster entitled “Contagion”, we decided to usemaking underneath his eye darker this colour because it fitted well with our postercreated a sinister look, It also created and our character’s emotion. The colours looksanger and rage, where as before there slightly begrimed and dirty, this was intentionallywas too much white showing which do to create a typical gritty “Urban” genre thrilledidn’t fit well with our concept. poster. The use of the “Coming Soon” writing was intentionally done to follow the conventions of modern/contemporary teaser poster.
  9. 9. This is an example of a poster for a film called “Contagion” which is where we got our idea from. The colours that was used on this poster is The Layout of this particular poster is very complementary to the colours that we similar to how we created ours. used on our poster, this is were we got the idea from.Similar to our poster this character is pictured with The idea of the character holding a phonehalf of his face showing, along with a deep sinister is something that we wanted to use on ourlook, this character is very similar to ours in terms of poster, as it could potentially connotehow their identify is interpreted. Similar to our poster “Business”, “Urgency” and importance.this character is also connoting some sort of fearand desperation.
  10. 10. This is an example of a poster for a film called “The Grey” this is the initial film that we looked at. This poster originally gave us an idea for our posterThe close up of this poster connoted “fear" cover, however after looking through a range ofand “importance” , this is something that different posters we decided, that this particularwe wanted to incorporate into our shot and cover would be more suitable for ourmagazine cover. magazine cover. Looking at this poster you can identify that this would fit in with the typical “sight & Sound” cover as it is a close, close up’s are typically used on “Sight & Sound” covers. The close of this poster is something that we wanted to take into consideration as we began to create our magazine cover.
  11. 11. This is an example of a poster for a film called “No One Is Safe ”which is another filmthat we looked at, In order to give us an idea fro our poster. The all black background is something that we tried to incorporate on to ourSimilar to “The Grey”, No One Is safe is another magazine cover, however it didn’t lookposter that we looked at, just to give us a idea for professional also making our backgroundour magazine cover . all black, would suggest that we werent sticking to a consistent look. Also the gesture of the character’s hands is one of the things that we liked about this poster, similar to the other poster that we have looked at this poster also connotes “Business”. Which is something that we wanted incorporate on to our poster, when you look it is almost as if the character is ready to take care of his business, this is something that would fit in well with our poster. It is almost as if both character’s are experiencing the same emotions.
  12. 12. Constrain Teaser TrailerSimilar to a typical “Thriller Teaser Trailer”, our trailer “Constrain” has tried to follow a typical teaser convention. Theobvious idea of any “teaser” trailer” is to “tease” their audience, for our trailer we created a altercations of fast pacemovements, which we gradually built up in order for it to reach its peak. Teaser trailers are typically shorter than atheatrical trailer, with a teaser trailer you can not reveal too much information about the film hence the reason as towhy they are called “teaser” trailers. This was one convention that we focused on and tried to incorporate into ourown “teaser”. In total our trailer is about 54 seconds long during this time period we intentionally tried to reveal littleinformation to our audience.Narration: In terms of a narration we haven’t created any for our trailer, this was something that was intentionallydone mainly because we wanted to go against the typical “teaser” trailer conventions which do often incorporatenarrations into their trailers. That being said there are a few moments in our trailer which does suggest that we havefollowed a typical “teaser” convention, for example in our trailer we have divided the 54 seconds into a three partstructure, initially the trailer starts off at a slow pace however as it makes its way to the mid-point the pace graduallybegins to build up to a peak, after reaching a peak it gradually went back down to a slow pace. This form of editing issomething that is repeatedly done most “teaser” trailers.
  13. 13. Constrains/ThemesConstrain is a “Urban” thriller, this was represented in our trailer by the main character’s waitingfor parcel to be delivered to him whilst he was talking on his phone. His initially dialogue is “Listen Ineed to know how killed my sister find out the name of the people in the jury”. The characters body posture and tone in his voice does give the trailer an “Urban” feeling”, throughout the trailer the character repeatedly sticks to the same sinister business like intensions, in terms of how he presents himself to the audience. Similar to other films such as “Kidulthood” and “Adulthood” our character is firmly in control of what he is trying to accomplish. His props, dialogue and facial expression fits in well with the likes of “Adulthood” and “Kidulthood”, also the setting brought everything together. Our male character is shown to be the assertive character who wants to stay focus on getting his job done, similar to the film “Taken”. Although we have filmed a variety of different shots when it came to the editing process we decided to against a typical “teaser” convention, rather than showing a mixture of different shots we decided to do a repetition of the same shots, this was done intentionally to get the audience attention we wanted to create a “teaser” trailer that focused on the two main characters. Initially when we used a mixture of different shots it made our “teaser” seemed like an opening to a trailer which wasnt something that we were aiming for.
  14. 14. Constrain Trailer This is the “Coming Soon” title for our “Teaser” as you can see we have stuck the same consistent style, similar to our poster and magazine cover the title for our “teaser” also uses the same style font and the same consistent use of Colours. Looking at our title you can identify that we have followed the title convention of a “teaser” trailer this is because we have intentionally decided not to create a official release date for trailer, we have also added a website to our trailer “” doing this follows a typical “teaser” convention.
  15. 15. Constrain TrailerOur “teaser” is unusual creation of a typical ‘teaser” trailer, we may not have used a variety ofdifferent shots in our trailer, but what we have tried to do is to create a “teaser” trailer that couldpotentially leave the audience wanting more. Hence the reason as to why we repeatedly used thesame shots back to back on our main characters. One convention that we tried to incorporate intoour trailer was the use of fast pace movements, this technique is commonly used In “teaser” trailers forexample “Vanilla Sky”.Our “teaser” trailer may not have a variety of shots, we many not have used a narration or usedcaptions, but this is something that we as a group decided to intentionally do. This is because wewanted to give the audience minimum information about our “teaser” trailer, we wanted to leavethem puzzled enough to make them want more. The whole concept of a “teaser” trailer is to “tease”their audience. Which means minimum information is something that we had to take into considerationthroughout the whole filming process, including editing and so on.
  16. 16. IconographyThere are few iconography in our “teaser” trailer for example when the male character was on hisphone trying to get information about his sister’s death, this was done to help the audience understandthe pain that the character is going through. Another prop was used in the “teaser” trailer when acontactor passes the male character a note which contains information about key witnesses to hissister’s death, this was done to add to the realistic element of our trailer, also we decided to add this toour trailer as it is a prop that is often used in thriller, most commonly in thrillers we as the audience canwitness the exchange of parcel’s being passed around from one place to another, which traditionallydoes play a important role in the film.
  17. 17. Audio & Visual StyleWithin the 11th second of our trailer there is a “extreme close up” of the victims eye, this technique is commonlyused in trailers as it typically gets the audience attention by enabling them to focus on what is in front of them. A“over the shoulder” shot was used in order to get a point of view shot of what a witness is viewing. A “high angle”shot of the victim laying on the her kitchen floor was intentionally created to make the victim look smaller than sheactually is, this was done to create some sort of sympathy for the victim, again this is a technique that is often usedin trailers. A “low angel” shot of the male character opening a note was done to show what the character wasdoing. Repeated “close up’s” shots of the male character running directly towards the camera was done tofollow the typical convention a “thriller” most commonly close up’s are repeatedly shown in a variety of thrillers ,the use of this technique helps the audience get a feel of the character, simply by looking at his facial expressionand tension in his face. “Close Up’s enables you to read a character, without them having the say a single word.The music that we decided to use for our “teaser” trailer is very edgy it can easily be recognized for being a“thriller” teaser film, this is something that we wanted to get right although it took a while we were still able to find aaudio file which suited our “teaser”.
  18. 18. 2.How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary text?
  19. 19. Our three media texts work well collectively because they have a consistent style .With our products we used the main character which you see in the trailer, we also used the same type of font in the trailer inter-titles and the poster.However we couldn’t actually use the same STEAK font that we used in our poster because it looked a bit too much and also the sight and sound magazine that we got our inspiration from used a white colour font and Arial writing but we used something a bit similar sight and sight element which was a font called IMPACT on picnik and made it white.We have also used more consistent element in our products such as the same sort of colour we used in our poster which was a sepia effect we also tried to use the same effect in our magazine cover too.Our character has two different poses which shows that he is serious and means business ,we also see the same pose the character did in the poster ,he also does it in the trailer when he’s on the phone. This helps the audience know that the two products are linked to the trailer.
  20. 20. we also tried to create a typical strong male character and by looking at his picture you can’t tell if his a bad guy or not which we thought was a good thing because it makes the audience want to know more about the film and his role in it. We also tried to keep a consist style with our three texts, judging by our magazine cover and poster the word ‘JUSTICE’ is used in both print outs as a tagline and cover line. The colour of the title ‘CONSTRAIN’ has appeared in our magazine cover as the background we also included again in our final title slide for out trailer using the same font and range of colours to keep it consistent.
  21. 21. The text that we feel works better, is ourmagazine cover because it falls underthe sight & sound elements. As sight &sound magazine never allow theimages to cover their logos we alsomade sure that our image wasn’tcovering the logo, we also tried to giveit that sight & sound effect on theimage and background ,for thebackground we picked out that colourfrom our poster and it was from the title.Then we used the same effect from ourposter. The colour white) we used forour font is a typical colour that sight &sound use, from our research a majorityof the sight & sound magazines havewhite writing we followed that too andused it as you can see.
  22. 22. 3.What have you learnedfrom your audiencefeedback?
  23. 23. Target AudienceTo gain feedback about our teaser we decided to create three short questionnaires about out teaser trailer, magazinecover and also our poster. After creating our questionnaires we decided to ask a range of people to answer ourquestions. The main focus of our questionnaire was geared towards male and female aged 15-35, this is because we feltthat our trailer is within their interest, we believe that our teaser fits in within the Urban genre, hence the reason as to whywe wanted to gain feedbacks from a male perspective, however the concept of our teaser may be of interest to thefemale audience, hence the reason as to why decided to gain feedbacks from both male and females perspective.Since then we have gone over our feedbacks which has revealed to us that, the female audience felt that theyunderstood the plot behind our trailer, “The magazine cover was consistent based on the font style to the colour that wasused it really worked with background image". They also felt that we kept to the same consistent look, throughout ourdeveloping process which includes the poster, magazine cover and the teaser trailer, i.e. using the same fonts, similarcolour scheme. Although they enjoyed the plot/story they also felt that “it had a sense of a confusion, but it looked as ifthat was what they were trying to portray”. Similar to the girls the boys also felt that each of product linked well togetherthey said “I think that the tagline on the magazine is interesting as it links back to the trailer/movie title”. The boys also feltthat they could understand the concept/plot of the trailer, they said that they believe that elements of our productscreated a sinister emotion around our character. “I think that the trailer worked well in establishing the main narrative. Ithad a good pace of editing and I liked the way that the shot of the girl watching herself on the monitor was a sort ofanchoring point as we kept returning to it. It gave the trailer a sense of structure that is sometimes missing”.
  24. 24. Constrain Teaser Questionnaire•Did you like our trailer? (If yes please state what youliked about it)•Did you understand the plot/storyline?•Do you have a full understanding of who the maincharacters are?•Would you go and see the film if it was released incinema’s?•What would you rate our film on a scale of 1-10?
  25. 25. Students Trailer-Feedback/Age15-35 I loved the storyline/plot of the trailer The storyline of the trailer was and thought that the editing of the really good but it had a sense trailer helped put the storyline plot of a confusion, but it looked as across. if that was what they were trying to portray.
  26. 26. Students Trailer -Feedback/Age15-35 I really liked this trailer. The story line Based on the story line of the trailer was very easy for me to understand I thing that every sequence had a and I would strongly recommend it nice follow up. What I like about to my peers because it is something the trailer the way it ended and we can all relate to easily. personally I would recommend this to other people.
  27. 27. Teacher-Feedback/Age 15-35I think that the trailer worked well in establishing I liked the whole concept of thethe main narrative. It had a good pace of teaser trailer, I thought that the editingediting and I liked the way that the shot of the really brought it to life. Also I like thegirl watching herself on the monitor was a sort of fact that they kept of going back toanchoring point as we kept returning to it. It one particular character, which wasgave the trailer a sense of structure that is the girl, it made me anxious to see thesometimes missing. out come.
  28. 28. Constrain Magazine Questionnaire •What did you like about our Magazine cover? •Do you think that our magazine cover fits well with our trailer and poster? •What stands out on our magazine cover? •Does our magazine cover looks like a typical “Sight & Sound” cover?
  29. 29. Students Feedback Age 15-35 I think that the tagline on the The thing that stands out the most magazine is interesting as it links about this magazine is the facial back to the trailer/movie title. expression on the characters face. It delivers a sinister emotion.
  30. 30. Teachers Feedback Age 15-35 I believe that your magazine cover is aI like that the fact that the boy is the typical “Sight & Sound” cover becausemain focus on the magazine cover, it “Sight & Sounds” do tend to use closeallows us to see the dominance he up’s for their covers, which is somethinghas in the film that has been successfully portrayed on your magazine cover.
  31. 31. Constrain Poster Feedback Age 15-35 •Overall do you think that we stuck to the same consistent style? (Teaser Trailer, Magazine Cover and Poster)?. •What do you like about our poster? •Do you think that our poster fits the purpose of our film?
  32. 32. Students Feedback Age 15-35I think that the magazine is The magazine cover was consistentgood but it could look more based on the font style to the colour sinister and mysterious. that was used it really worked with background image. In relation movies like Kidulthood and Boyz N Da hood (which I categorize as urban) I would was it fits its purpose.
  33. 33. Teachers Feedback Age 15-35 Overall I believe that you have stuck to the same consistency throughout your products, looking at theI believe that the plot fits in well with the trailer, poster and magazine cover you can identifypurpose of your film, this is because you some similarities, for example the consistent repetitionhave successfully managed to create a of the title “Constrain” was shown on each productposter which looks slightly “Urban” and all of which was shown with the same repeated font“Begrimed” and colours.
  34. 34. 4.How did you use media technologies in the construction and research planning and evaluation stages?
  35. 35. We used media technologies to help us with our trailer, planning, poster , magazine cover researches. we started of by going on Google in typing in key words like ‘thriller posters, horror posters’ ,’film posters’ then for the magazine covers we typed in ‘thriller magazine cover’, ‘magazine cover, ‘horror magazine cover’ after that we still didn’t find a poster that we liked so we looked at some more posters and magazine covers in the school shared documents, thats where we found an idea for our magazine cover but our original picture that we had of our character was a head to knee picture and as we carried on with our research, we went on to look at discussed review.
  36. 36. We felt that the image we had would work well on an empire cover mainly because empire allows the image to cover the logo so wouldn’t be a problem and we saw a cover with a similar picture to ours but later on we still wasn’t convinced with what we had as we began editing so went onto Google and started searching for sight & sound magazines covers and we came across this one and decided to crop our image so it was just a head shot then we cropped a bit of the left side of his face so that it would similar to the one we picked out.To complete the poster we started by adding the logo and we did that on Photoshop pro ,it was very tricky when it came to pasting the logo onto our image because we had to make sure the edges were straight.
  37. 37. From our online research we got a few strong posters that we liked and felt would go well with what we had but we couldnt decide which one we Overall out of them posters was going to stick to but we picked the strongest we liked these posters one and something that is because of the way the quiet easy to produce. we characters looked they uploaded our image onto had a very strong pose paint shop pro so that we and a serious look that get that sepia effect which meant business that’s way is like a yellowish colour like we were more attracted this poster, after we gave a character that glowing to it. effect we realised that the character looked joyful so we copied n pasted his under eye so that his eyes wont too wide open that worked very well because it gave it a different look. We then needed a background colour because white was too plain.
  38. 38. So we picked the colour from the contagion poster and placed iton the background the colour was a bit too light so we used thecolour tool bar to make it darker since it is a horror we then savedit and uploaded it onto another programme called picnik andthat’s where we started looking for the right type of font that willsuit the theme and trailer.Since Arial is a simple font that usually goes with everything wetried using it but it is was still plain so we came across a font calledSTEAK and as soon as we wrote out title we liked it so went alongwith that one, it was time to add colour to the font and this wasthe difficult part because we couldn’t use any colour forexamples we tried using red and it looked wrong we also triedblack but it was clashing with the colour in the background whichwas the characters jacket.The contagion poster inspired us a lot because we already had apicture of our character doing a similar pose so we went a headand started producing something similar.
  39. 39. ResearchIt was very difficult when it came to researching a teaser trailer because we also had to consider certain things such as the location ,the characters, props etc since as we were a group of two it would be quite difficult creating something so exclusive.Watching other trailers online we noticed for our teaser trailer to look appropriate we needed to include key elements to create the 3 peak so whilst watching several trailers we notice that they start off by using slow shots and settle music then build up with fast paced shots and more up beat sound and as its about to come to an end the music starts slowing down and that’s how the three peak is created, there’s also suspense building up. With these types of trailers its also good to withhold some information because as a teaser you don’t want to tell the audience too much but you want to make them watch .After watching these trailers we still didn’t have an idea for an official trailer so we started reading film synopsis and real life murder stories and we found a story that gave us the idea to base our trailer on murder and justice.This research helped us a lot because it gave us a rough idea of what we needed in order to go out and film.
  40. 40. We moved on to looking at the school’s hub blog- archive work to look at different reviews.We also looked at that has cinema and retail release dates, trailers, reviews and news. we watched a few trailers to see what methods they used to create it like the soundtrack ,speed, editing etc.
  41. 41. PlanningFor our planning we started by creating a blog on,that’s where we put all of our planning stages. when we startedwriting our planning for our poster and magazine cover we wouldgo back to our group blog and put it on there so that everythingwas in one place and easy to look at. In our individual blogs wehad a chance to do a lot of evaluating and annotations, thishelped us a lot because we had to be aware of certain elementssuch as the image ,banner , coverlines , pug etc to produce goodmagazine cover and poster. So we started planning drawing ourshots, writing the angles on paper and how many shots we willneed. Using the school’s internet to go on Google also helped because we looked at different types of posters and magazine covers but we realised that some of magazine covers had different layouts even though they were from the same company so that’s was also something we had to pay a attention to.
  42. 42. ConstructionOur original image for our poster was uploaded onto paint shop pro jasc. Firstly we cropped the image so that it was a closer shot of the characters face then we used a certain tool to cut underneath his eyes because we wanted the character’s eyes to look not as wide as it was, we added the bit that cut just underneath his eyes making sure it wasn’t wide. For the effect that was created we uploaded our image on adobe Photoshop CS3 and used the tabs under the filter tool moving on we went on adjustment then shadow/highlight, we then needed a background colour so we used the eyedropper tool to pick out a colour from a different poster and all we had to do was click on the colour then go to our poster and click on where wanted it. To create the effect around that edge. we then used another software called piknic which is on the internet to add text to our work we came across a font called ‘STEAK’ after writing the title we had to figure out where the title was going to go before adding tag line and website ,we came to a conclusion that it looked better lower down the poster and that coming soon would go underneath ,the website right at the bottom and the tagline at the top ,we wanted the title to be big because that is what’s going to catch the audience’s attention plus we made the word JUSTICE bigger because that’s what our film was based on.
  43. 43. We wanted to keep the colour consistent so we decided everything apart from the title should be in the same range of colour. We tried to match our background colour using the colour tool bar on picnik for our title but when we did that ,we realised we didnt like the way it looked so we picked a lighter colour so that it will stand out and thats where we came across a cream/ beige colour. we used the background colour which is like dull green for our tagline ,website etc.
  44. 44. We started with editing our main picture first to give it a consistent look by adding the same effect used in our poster and we did that using the same software paint shop pro then on Photoshop CS3 we added a background colour using the eyedropper tool then we had to add the masterhead and to do this we used the lasso tool on Photoshop to go around the masthead then pasted it on the picture, it was very difficult to do because we had to make sure the edges were straight .The reason being of the master head being there is because sight and sound don’t allow pictures to cover their logo and sight and sound logo is usually on the left at the top of the page. For the barcode and the pug we went through the same process as the logo/master head .
  45. 45. We used picnik once again to add text ,we placed the text there because we saw a sight and sound cover that was similar to ours and the writing was on the left side of the page but in the middle ,along with the cover line was at the bottom.Picking a colour was tricky .we tried a range of colours like black , red , yellow but it wasn’t working for us, so we tried white because we took a look at the similar sight and sound cover and the cover line and other information was in white and we liked it on our cover so we kept it.
  46. 46. EvaluationFor our evaluation we used PowerPoint ,blogger and YouTube. We used PowerPoint to present and answer all the questions , blogger helped us because we have a group blog on there and that’s where we wrote all our stages of planning , storyboards , shot list and how we made our poster and magazine cover , so when it came to writing about planning and construction our blog was very helpful. We also used YouTube to capture some scenes of our trailer for evidence in our evaluation.