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Aderet Cosmetics is a distributor of fantastic skin and hair care products from Israel incorporating Dead Sea minerals, olive oil, sea buckthorn oil, argan oil and fruit extracts.

This corporate presentation will provide you with some general information about the company, its philosophy and products and you are invited to contact us on for more information about distributing or purchasing our products.

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Aderet cosmetics company brochure

  1. 1. Innovative Cosmetic Brands Dead Sea Minerals ● Olive Oil ● Argan Oil ● Sea Buckthorn Oil ● Fruit Extracts ● Quinoa
  2. 2. Using Natural Oils and Minerals from Israel, we bring you innovative quality brands based on an ancient history of skincare.
  3. 3. About Us ✤ ✤ ✤ Established in 2004, Aderet Cosmetics Ltd. distributes quality Israeli cosmetic brands worldwide. Cosmetics are manufactured in facilities certified to meet ISO 9001, ISO 22716 and ISO 13485. Our brands incorporate oils and minerals from Israel and are formulated to be gentle yet effective. ✤ ✤ Olive Oil ✤ Argan Oil ✤ Sea Buckthorn Oil ✤ Fruit Extracts ✤ ✤ Dead Sea Minerals Quinoa Private Label Brands
  4. 4. Our Brands Dead Sea Minerals skincare with top quality formulations, active ingredients and packaging Mineralium Premium SPApharma Budget Dead Sea Minerals skin and hair care, attractively priced, women’s and men’s lines Frulatte Budget Mass market skin and hair care with fruit extracts, quinoa, argan oil and sea buckthorn oil Arganicare Budget Argan oil based hair care AYA Natural Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil based range of skin and hair care Andrea Milano Premium A high quality elegant range of skincare and makeup Vitalderm PetSpa Professional Budget Argan oil based hair care for salons and professionals A range of pet shampoo and wipes based on Dead Sea minerals and Argan Oil
  5. 5. Mineralium Dead Sea Skincare is made and packaged with uncompromising quality. Carefully formulated, highly effective, and made with genuine Dead Sea minerals Mineralium includes industry leading active ingredients ✤ HYDRA SOURCE
 For younger women who want to keep their skin looking young and for older women with dry skin. ✤ MATTE & CLEAR
 For oily and problematic skin, to prevent oily shine and controls the sebum secretions. ✤ YOUTH SOURCE
 Anti-aging products with active ingredients to reduce the appearance of both superficial and deep wrinkles. ✤ MINERAL THERAPY
 Mineral body creams, scrubs, dead sea mud and bath salts to moisturize and exfoliate.
  6. 6. Olives are amongst the oldest known cultivated plant in the world and the ability of olive oil to maintain the skin’s freshness and health has been known for centuries. AYA products are made from extra virgin/virgin olive oil grown locally. Our formulas combine olive oil which is rich in vitamins and nourishes the skin naturally with natural plant oils that enrich the products with minerals & essential fatty acids. AYA products contain an unprecedented quantity of olive oil making them true olive oil products. They contain no artificial preservatives, fragrances or colors, no alcohol or parabens, no animal or petrochemical ingredients and are not tested on animals. • Body butters and lotions • Soaps and hair masks • Moisturizers and face serums • Eye creams • Hand & foot creams • Skin, body and nail oils
  7. 7. ✤ A highly successful range of budget Dead Sea mineral skin and hair care products for the mass market. ✤ Men’s range introduced in 2013 has exceeded all expectations. Deodorant, Cleansing Gel, After Shave, Aloe Vera Moisturizer ✤ Attractive packaging, excellent formulations balancing price/benefits ✤ All products enriched with Dead Sea minerals and certified as meeting Israeli quality standards for Dead Sea products. ✤ Selected products with added Olive Oil, Pomegranate, Sea Buckthorn Oil, Jojoba, Avocado, Lavender, Coenzyme Q10 ✤ 45 products currently in the SPApharma range which is constantly growing. Gift sets designed for different markets and budgets
  8. 8. ✤ A successful and distinctive budget brand of skin and hair care products rich with fragrant fruits. ✤ Fruits are an excellent source of minerals, vitamins and enzymes. Organic acid and high sugar content in fruits have immediate refreshing effects ✤ Some fruits/products have high concentrations of Vitamin C and Vitamin E ✤ Different products in the range incorporate extracts from apricots, strawberries, melons, lemons, pomegranates, kiwis, apples, peaches, oranges, mangos, watermelons, raspberries, pears, carrots, cucumbers and avocados. ✤ Selected products enriched with argan oil, sea buckthorn oil, shea butter or quinoa. ✤ More than 100 products in the Frulatte range including gift sets
  9. 9. ✤ This haircare range is dedicated to the therapeutic benefits of Argan Oil. ✤ Argan makes hair stronger and healthy-looking thanks to a very high content of active compounds. ✤ Polyunsaturated fatty acids straighten the hair by bonding protein structures, and vitamin antioxidants (A, E) protect the hair from environmental damage. ✤ The 8 items in this range comprise hair lotions (400ml), masques (500 ml), shampoo (400ml), conditioners (250ml and 400ml) and serum (100 ml).
  10. 10. ✤ Formulated to meet the demands of busy hair salons, this Argan Oil based range is packaged in oversized bottles for ease of use. ✤ Builds on the restorative and therapeutic properties of Argan Oil and very popular with professionals and consumers alike. ✤ 4 products in the Vitalderm range: ✤ Shampoos (1000ml) ✤ Masques (500 ml) ✤ Serum (100 ml) ✤ Lotion (400 ml)
  11. 11. Premium skincare line incorporating top quality active ingredients and packaged in a high-end bottle and display. Consists of the Clean, Hydrate, Allure and Royal Allure groups of products clearly differentiated according to target age. ✤ HYDRATE
 For younger age groups, providing moisture and keeping skin young and healthy. ✤ ALLURE
 For the 40+ age group, this group of products helps slow down the signs of aging, ensuring that skin remains young and tight. ✤ ROYAL ALLURE
 For later years, the Royal Allure group of products with anti-aging and advanced hydrating properties to help reduce the signs of aging. ✤ CLEAN
 For all skin types, this range of toners, facial wash and makeup remover is gentle on the skin, leaving it feeling clean, fresh and relaxed.
  12. 12. Private Label ✤ We create private label brands for customers worldwide in our ISO certified manufacturing facilities. ✤ Private label brands can be based on existing products/ formulations or can be customized/developed according to requirements. ✤ We offer in-house graphic design or will work with your team. ✤ Budget brands with labels can be created with minimum orders of 1,000 items per product. ✤ Premium brands with printed/engraved/embossed bottles can be created with a minimum order of 10,000 items per product.
  13. 13. Pet Products ✤ Shampoos ✤ Conditioners ✤ Paw & Body Wipes ✤ Eye & Ear Wipes ✤ X-large bath wipes ✤ We offer a range of shampoos/conditioners and wipes for pets ✤ Contain natural, non-toxic ingredients to sooth and promote healthy skin and coats. ✤ Enhanced with Dead Sea minerals, argan oil or fruit extracts
  14. 14. The Dead Sea ✤ The Dead Sea has been known for its healing and soothing properties for centuries and contains more than 30 minerals THE 12 KEY DEAD SEA MINERALS ✤ Skincare products enriched with Dead Sea minerals create a sense of comfort, nourish the skin, stimulate blood circulation, and relieve rheumatism and metabolic disorders. The composition of our products is a complex of minerals and active substances that reduce the signs of aging, help skin cells to perform their natural function and protect the skin from unwanted processes resulting from exposure to harmful environmental factors and stress. Calcium - strengthens cell membranes and cleanses pores. ✤ Magnesium - necessary for cellular metabolism & cell renewal, protects cell membranes. ✤ Sodium - fights free radicals and reduces the risk of premature aging of the skin. ✤ Potassium - regulates the supply of skin cells, prevents formation of free radicals & acne. ✤ ✤ ✤ Zinc - an antioxidant plays an important role in the formation of collagen in the skin. ✤ Sulfur - helps fight skin diseases such as seborrhea, eczema, psoriasis, and various kinds of inflammation and plays an important role in the formation of collagen. ✤ Bromide - Helps calm the central nervous system, reduces unnecessary tension and skin sensitization. ✤ Phosphorus - involved in the production of proteins, and facilitates the process of auto-correction of skin cells exposed to the harmful effects of the environment. ✤ Manganese - an antioxidant necessary for the synthesis of fatty acids and the formation of melanin, activates thiamine and vitamin E, the required skin. ✤ Boron - involved in the construction of bone, playing an important role in keeping the shell membrane and intercellular interaction. ✤ Lithium - influences the cells of the brain and nervous system. Eases symptoms of various skin diseases and helps to prolong the life of the cell. ✤ Strontium - plays an important role in maintaining bone density. Known as the element necessary for the prevention of itching, irritation and inflammation.
  15. 15. Sea Buckthorn Oil ✤ Sea Buckthorn oil is pressed from the fruits and seeds of the Sea Buckthorn berry and shows up in ancient Tibetan and Greek texts, the Indian Materia Medica and early Chinese formularies. ✤ New to the West, it is a staple food and medication used for at least two thousand years by millions of people. ✤ It contains many highly protective factors, from antioxidant phenols, to Vitamin A-producing carotenoids and a whole new class of healthy oils, the Omega 7 fatty acids and palmitoleic acid in particular. ✤ Research has shown that these lipids contribute to better skin, hair and nails, mainly through their antiinflammatory actions. ✤ It has been shown to be affective in treating acne, burns, dermatitis, eczema, rosacea, stretch marks and wounds. Its high levels of Omega 7 cause skin regeneration, minimizing wrinkles & the signs of skin aging.
  16. 16. Argan Oil Argan Oil is extracted from the nuts of the Argan tree (Argania spinosa L.) found primarily in Morocco, Algeria and Israel. ✤ Argan oil for skin
 Helps to rejuvenate older skin by reducing wrinkles, softening, increasing elasticity, and preventing stretching marks. Its moisturizing and sebum-regulating properties make Argan oil suitable for dry, oily and combination skin. It is also suitable for sensitive and problematic skin, and for the treatment of acne and burns because of its pH-regulative and high antimicrobial activity. ✤ Argan Oil for hair
 Argan oil is known to make hair stronger and healthylooking thanks to a very high content of active compounds. Polyunsaturated fatty acids straighten the hair by bonding protein structures, and vitamin antioxidants (A, E) protect the hair from environmental damage. Particularly effective against split ends, damaged hair structure and hair breakage. Argan oil is known for its ability to keep skin and hair looking young and healthy, protecting the skin’s suppleness and vitality, and preventing premature signs of aging. Argan oil contains: ✤ Linoleic acid (unsaturated omega-6 fatty acid) providing antiaging, inflammation-reducing, moisturizing and antioxidant properties ✤ Tocopherols to protect the skin from damage caused by free radicals ✤ Vitamin A and omega-9 unsaturated fatty acids as strong antioxidants, both of which are helpful for skin health. ✤ Vitamin E, an antioxidant that prevents skin and hair aging due to sun exposure, and an effective natural moisturizer. ✤ Squalene maintains the skin’s moisture level, strengthening the skin’s elastic fibers, preventing sagging skin and the appearance of fine lines.
  17. 17. Olive Oil ✤ Olive oil is an excellent way to ensure healthy, smooth skin. Extra virgin olive oil can not only make the skin look radiant, but also heals skin blemishes. ✤ Olive oil has been used in skincare for hundreds of years to maintain skin elasticity, fight signs of aging and treat skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis. One of the components of olive oil, chlorophyll, can heal scars and wounds. ✤ Olive oil contains a variety of anti-oxidants, including Vitamin A & E and hydroxytyrosol, which is easily absorbed. These prevent free-radical damage to skin caused by pollution, cigarette smoke, alcohol and sun exposure. ✤ For dry skin, olive oil is an excellent moisturizer . Vitamin E helps hydrate the skin and eliminates dry, flaky and broken skin. ✤ For oily skin, olive oil helps control excess oil and gets rid of blackheads, acne, cysts and other blemishes. It deep cleanses the skin, washing out dirt and impurities while helping to balance the natural oil production of the skin.
  18. 18. Fruit Extracts Fruits are an excellent source of minerals, vitamins and enzymes. ✤ Vitamin C
 Some of the fruits in Frulatte products are particularly high in vitamin C. When topically applied, vitamin C provides a skinrejuvenating effect by improving collagen synthesis in the skin, as well as limiting skin damage from free radicals. Overall, the amount of collagen in the skin tends to decline with age and as the synthesis of new collagen slows down, topical vitamin C is one of the most effective ways to boost collagen synthesis and slow its degradation. ! Vitamin E
 Many of the fruits that are used in our products also contain vitamin E which maintains the integrity of the body's intracellular membrane by protecting its physical stability and providing a defense line against tissue damages caused by oxidation. When applied to the skin, vitamin E-containing creams or oils are believed to promote healing, protecting cells from freeradical damage and reduce itchiness. 
 Vitamin E, because it's a lipidsoluble antioxidant, easily penetrates into the vital membranes of the skin cells and accumulates there to protect against the damaging effects of lipid peroxidation.
  19. 19. Quinoa ✤ ✤ ✤ ✤ Combined with innovative technology, the Frulatte Quinoa hair treatment series is a range of products created for dry & damaged hair in need of special care that provides a pronounced revitalizing effect. Quinoa (mother grain in Inca) is one of the healthiest grains known for its great nutritional value and high levels of valuable bio-active compounds. Quinoa contains an incomparable amount of proteins (16-20%), providing vitamins (A, B2, E, D, F), minerals and all the essential amino acids that the human body needs but is unable to produce itself. The vegetable origin of the active ingredients facilitates deep penetration into the hair structure thus helping to stimulate intensive hair growth and preventing breakage by nourishing and moisturizing hair from the inside.
  20. 20. Quality All Products ✤ ISO 9001:2008 ✤ ISO 22716:2007 Good manufacturing Practices for Cosmetics ✤ ISO 13485:2003 Management ✤ Not tested on animals ✤ Paraben free Mineralium & SPApharma Dead Sea Mineral Products ✤ Israel Original Dead-Sea Product Certification (Manufacturer’s Association of Israel)
  21. 21. Contact Warren Marland Tel USA +1 201 984 7718 Israel +972 54 539 1767 ! Aderet Cosmetics