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What you need to know about Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram


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For the last seven years I've specialised in Business Growth through Digital Leadership, helping business owners, sales & marketing managers and entrepreneurs sell more products and services, through the convergence of Social Media, Digital Marketing and eCommerce. Delivering dynamic and engaging webinars, workshops and seminars on Digital Marketing & eCommerce and Business Growth through Investment and funding.

What you need to know about Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram

  1. What you need to know about… Warren Knight 1. Pinterest 2. Twitter 3. Instagram
  2. Storytelling Storytelling Storytelling If you cant tell it, you can’t sell it
  3. Business Growth – Digital Marketing Twitter @wvrknight Brand
  4. Whats Pinterest’ing? 50% though Mobile 6th August 1991 Web 1.0 1993 Web 2.0 2001
  5. VIRALWOOT Schedule, Search, Promote, Analyse
  6. gumroad Sell your products without a website
  7. Competitions Pinterest – Instagram - Twitter
  8. E-mail your followers Remember to remove the @.......
  9. Twitter What’s New?
  10. Pin to top Pin your most re-tweeted message to the top
  11. GifMaker Make Gif’s for Twitter
  12. Manageflitter Remove unwanted people
  13. Hootsuite Listen, Experiment, Apply, Develop
  14. Snapseed, #Hastags, Captions The perfect Post
  15. IconOSquare Manage from your Desktop
  16. IconOSquare Find your target Audience #Hastags
  17. SceduGram Schedule your Images
  18. 7 Day Strategy
  19. Social Media Analytics
  20. Top Tips Native Platform Treat each network independatly Use #Hastags Define your own and follow your target audience What you need to know about… Let’s Recap Pinterest Twitter Instagram
  21. Coach Trainer Mentor warren (at) +44 20 8123 3730 Warren Knight Business Growth through Digital Leadership