Improve your website usability to increase sales


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When everyone and their cat knows what SEO is, few people remember about making their websites usable for their own visitors. Unfortunately, they are missing a goldmine here, as website usability can have as positive effect on a website as quality search engine optimization.

What is website usability?
Anyway, what's this usability thing?

Put simply, usability is about making the site easy for your visitors. The easiness is about understanding what the site is about, navigating to what the visitor needs and doing what both site visitor and owner want.

There are many ways you can improve your site usability:

use simple language
use clear call to actions
provide easy site navigation
use understandable site structure
have objective site content
always have an obvious way to contact you
show your photo, some personal information on the "About" page
Well, you get the drift. How you know do you get from usability?

These are just of the basics and in this presentation I share with you 12 ways to increase sales

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Improve your website usability to increase sales

  1. 1. Improve Your Websites UsabilityIncrease Your Sales
  2. 2. Warren KnightSpeaker / Author / ConsultantCEO, co-founder of20 years Retail Experience5 years Social MediaSocial Media for BusinessSales Techniques for SMEInternational Business
  3. 3. Online StoreGroupBuy & Affiliate FlashSale network SocialPeer to peer integration sharing Refer a friend discountRatings & Mobile platform Embedded reviews Facebook store
  4. 4. Production EraHenry Ford 1920’s Model “T” Production 12.5 hours before 93 minutes afterwards Cost: $825 > $280
  5. 5. Marketing Era1950’s 1st TV Advert Brands told us what they want us to buy Now Only 14% of us trust Advertising 90% of us trust our Friends recommendation of a product or "Its tingling fresh. Its fresh as service ice. Its Gibbs SR toothpaste.”
  6. 6. Online EraConnected 24/7 Our philosophy is to fish where the fish are Adam Brown – Coca Cola 50 Million
  7. 7. Why is Online so Important to your Business? 90% trust peer-to-peer relationships vs 14% Advertising 50%+ of Social Media users access via their Smartphone 57% of online shoppers have spent more that £70 on Social Commerce websites, like Groupon & Living Social 42% of online consumers follow brands on Social Networks 79% of Businesses said Social Media is Business Imperative 35% of consumers, said they would buy through Facebook 77% of Smart Phone users, go online while on-the-go Over 50% of consumers expect customer service through SM
  8. 8. Brand Continuity
  9. 9. No. 5 Socialise your business
  10. 10. Content MarketingBlogging – 4x more popular with GoogleVideo + PodcastingE-Mail MarketingFlickr, PicasaSocial: Twitter, Google+, FacebookCase Studies, White Papers, eBooksPress Release – Online PR
  11. 11. Add a Blog
  12. 12. Live Chat
  13. 13. Free Shipping
  14. 14. Multi-Channel Promotions Drive Traffic
  15. 15. Celebrities Drive Traffic
  16. 16. Clear Call to Actions
  17. 17. Clear Call to Actions
  18. 18. Build ResponsiveComputer Screen
  19. 19. Build ResponsiveTablet Screen
  20. 20. Build ResponsiveSmartphone Screen
  21. 21. 60% Shopping Cart Abandonment
  22. 22. Social ProofSocial proofing rule #1: Show the ball rollingSocial proofing rule #2: Look authenticSocial proofing rule #3: Sharing is caring
  23. 23. 6 Top Tips to Take-awayRevenue: metrics available ecommerce platform,payment gateway and your accounting systemContent Marketing: we bs ite , s ocia l me dia , pre s sre le a s e , blogs , forumsCustomer Retention: Ema il ma rke ting, S hopping Ca rtAba ndonme ntBest Products: Your top products list is a great placeto start for quick opportunities. Majority of your incomeLead Generation: People forget this and try to just selland forget about them if they don’t buy – bad ideaTraffic Data: Google Analytics is your friend. Payparticular attention to new vs returning visitors
  24. 24. Speaker / Consultant / Trainer / MentorTell us What You Think