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Teaching powerpoint

  1. 1. By: Warren Brown
  2. 2. When you own a computer there is going to be a time that your computer is going to start havinghardware problems. When your computer mouse or monitor start to become sluggish or if it doesn’t work you are going to have to check the cable connection you are also going to have to check if your cables are damaged. Computer Maintenance is a very important issue because you may need to know how to fix it.
  3. 3. Cleaning Computer Parts If you ever spill a liquid on a computer you should immediately turn the computer all the way off and remove the hardware devices away from it. You should then clean it and lay all the parts upside down for at least 12 hours.When you clean a printer you extend its life longer. Mouse and Keyboard- There is a general rule that tells you to clean your computer at least every 3 or 6 months. When it comes to cleaning the computer and mouse you should periodically dust extra food, hair and particles because they can cause the computer keys to jam and if there is lint on your mouse roller then you should take it apart and clean it.
  4. 4. Computer Memory You can measure a computer by its memory The hard drive can be compared to RAM and long-term memory Remember that RAM is temporary When a computer processes memory it reads and writes to RAM and if it fills then it starts to go to the hard drive to replace the RAM with new data Your computer will slow down if the RAM is overloaded When you add RAM to a computer is increases speed and performance Remember every computer has that limit of RAM that it can intake
  5. 5. Preventative Maintenance and DiskDefragmentation Programs to help fix you computers When you use a new computer or if you have a new hard drive the operating system writes the data in clusters Disk Defragmentation happens when a piece All computers slow down as you add and delete files and install programs and software To make your computer more faster you may need to delete things out of your recycle bin You can also you some Windows of data is broken into may pieces that are not stored together.
  6. 6. Recycle Bin and TemporaryFiles The recycle bin is a holding area for files that are going to be deleted from the storage device The recycle bin is always located as an icon on the desktop Before you empty the recycle bin it will show a warning sign that says are you sure that you want to delete the whole folder There are various program files that only have temporary files When you close a program that only have temporary files then the files are then deleted You don’t need a disk cleaner to delete temporary files
  7. 7. CookiesA cookie is a small text files that a web uses to understand the certain filesthat you are using. Cookies will not damage your computer in any way itjust shows the code of your web server computer each time that you go toa website. Cookies are used to gather information about using the internet.
  8. 8. Specialized Maintenance Replacing the power supply or opening the power supply case Replacing other electrical components Replacing or adding a hard disk Replacing or adding RAM Monitors, printers, and scanners are not met to be opened by the user of the computer. Always refer an experienced technician about the problem