Homicide Chapter 12 Ol


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Homicide Chapter 12 Ol

  1. 1. South Puget Sound Community College Forensic Homicide Investigation
  2. 2. Modes of Death Investigators must be familiar with manner, means, causes and modes of death GSW Cutting wounds Stabbing wounds Blunt force injuries Poisons Asphyxia (autoerotic) Arson/fire
  3. 3. Modes of Death  GSW: Weapon discharged four things happen: 1. Fire/flame emitted from barrel 2. Smoke follows flame 3. Bullet emerges 4. Additional smoke/grains of unburned powder follow. Material spreads out like a funnel As distance from gun increases density of pattern decreases
  4. 4. Modes of Death PROJECTILE STRIKING THE BODY: Two basic wounds 1. Entrance: a. Generally smaller than exit b. Typically round neat hole w/abrasion collar c. Comparatively small amounts of blood 2. Exit: a. Generally larger than entrance b. Ragged/torn in appearance/tissue extruding c. Generally more blood
  5. 5. NATURE/EXTENT OF GSW: Number of factors=characteristics -distance -ricocheting -type of ammo -passage thru body -passage thru clothes -type of weapon -part of body
  6. 6. Modes of Death Human skin- -elastic/resistant -bullet causes indentation -perforates/bores thru skin: 1. circular hole 2. abrasion collar/blackening effects around edges 3. stretched skin then closes back Once inside body: -generally travels in straight line -contact w/bone deflects
  7. 7. Modes of Death SMUDGE/SMOKE: -smoke/soot deposited into wound -wound is dirty/grimy looking -easily wiped off -close but not in contact -hold clothes for exam SEARING: -yellow singed effect due to flame from gun TATTOOING/STIPPLING: (2-4 feet away) -pinpoint hemorrhages from powder -unburned powder in skin -cannot be wiped off
  8. 8. CONTACT WOUNDS: (stellate wounds) -muzzle is held directly against skin -shape is the result of bullet/flames/gases -larger than diameter of bullet -wound gaping/dirty -edges ragged/torn -tissue charring -large tissue destruction -muzzle stamp/brand
  9. 9. Modes of Death CUTTING INJURIES: -incision/straight cut -minimum bruising -longer than deep -freely bleeding -no indication of type of instrument STABBING INJURIES: -piercing wounds -deeper than wide -damage to organs underneath -internal bleed w/little or no external blood -possible indication of type of instrument -
  10. 10. Modes of Death BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA: -usually evident by external trauma -laceration-jagged edged wound -bruising-bleeding under the skin
  11. 11. Modes of Death CHOPPING INJURIES: -heavy objects with sharp edges -axes -injury to skin and heavy damage underneath
  12. 12. Modes of Death ASPHYXIA: I. Strangulation a. manual-hand, body parts b. Ligature-anything-impression marks Investigative considerations- 1. Presence of abrasions/bruising 2. -petechial hemorrhages 3. Possible trauma to tongue II. Hanging -generally suicidal or accidental
  13. 13. Modes of Death  Considerations:  1. body need not be completely off the floor  2. Small/ropelike ligatures leave deep grooves across neck-higher up  3. black and blue lines appear w/in groove line  4. lividity will be prominent in head/legs
  14. 14. Modes of Death III. DROWNING -liquid gets into air passages and prevents air from getting to lungs -mouth/nose only covered IV. INHALATION OF POISON -most common carbon monoxide -pink skin V. SUFFOCATION-passage of air through mouth/nose blocked -smothering -choking -inhalation -mechanical asphyxia
  15. 15. Modes of Death FIRE: -generally from smoke first -pugilistic pose -cracks open from heat -white froth from mouth-alive at time of fire -ME is only one who can determine fire or other cause of death
  16. 16. Modes of Death AUTO EROTIC: -each unique to due to fantasy FIVE CRITERIA: -evidence of self-release mechanism -evidence of solo sex activity -evidence of sexual fantasy aids -evidence of prior practice -no apparent suicidal intent