Personality develoment by bally chohan


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Bally Chohan has successfully grounded his empire in Malaysia. And created a new
testimony of success with the access of more than 600 employees assigned under him.

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Personality develoment by bally chohan

  2. 2. AIM HIGH AND DO YOUR BESTBy Bally Chohan  The webster states ‘personality’ to mean “growth, expansion, progress, evolution,maturing” Personality Development by these word:  Growth in personal nature  Growth in personal character  Progress, evolution, maturing,disposition 
  3. 3. Personality is the sum total of our outer personality and inner qualitiesexplained By Bally Chohan  While outer personality helps us to be accepted, liked and loved, inner qualities or traits make long lasting impressions and relationship helping us succeed and grow throughout our lives. 
  4. 4. Types of Personality-explained By Bally Chohan  The Extrovert (bold, daring, fun loving)  The Introvert (reserved, shy )  The Ambivert (middle ground holder)  The Positive (Plus, charged, willing to take chances)  The Negative (Minus, rarely smiles blames others instead of taking charge) 
  5. 5. Need disclosed By Bally Chohan  Competition: We live in a extremely competitive environment, the better a personality the greater are the chances of success  Self Image: Everyone would like to feel good about himself  Duty: Every human being has the responsibility of contributing to society, family, nation and the world. 
  6. 6. Confidence Building and Self Esteem By Bally Chohan  Confidence is related to self esteem and is highly desirable weapon needed to face the challenges of life. The bible says faith is the most important single thing you can possess. 
  7. 7. Importance of Confidence Building disclosed By bally Chohan Confidence matters in:  Relationship  Work  Parenting  Life skills  Expressing yourself  Taking up new challenges  Being open to change 
  8. 8. Confidence come from?  From within yourself  From others  From your achievement 
  9. 9. Become more Confident and Successful…….  Look for a model and learn from them  Focus on your achievement  Act as if you were confident  Prepare thoroughly for any task  Learn Relaxation skills  Always smile  Set reachable goals for yourself 
  10. 10. Power of Positive Thinking disclosed By Bally Chohan Key Point: “You are what you think. You feel what you want.” One approach is called the three C’s: Commitment Control Challenge
  11. 11. Commitment  Make the positive commitment to your self, for learning work, family, friends, nature and other worthwhile causes.  Praise yourself and others.  Dream of success.  Be enthusiastic.
  12. 12. Control  Keep your mind focused on important things.  Set goals and priorities for what you think and do.  Visualize and practice your actions.  Learn to relax  Develop a strategy to deal with the problems.  Enjoy Successes  Be Honest with yourself. 
  13. 13. Challenge         Be courageous Change and improve each day Do your best and don’t look back Observe learning and change as opportunity Try new things Meet new people Be optimistic
  14. 14. Suggestions for Building Positive Attitude  In every class, look for positive people to associate       with. In every lecture, look for one more interesting ideas. In every chapter, find one more concept important for you With every friend, explain a new idea you’ve just learned. With every teacher, ask a question. With yourself, keep a list of your goals, positive thoughts and actions.