Dubit Platform Features


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Dubit Platform Features

  1. 1. DubitVirtual World Platform & Developers
  2. 2. Achievements Activity Bars Authentication and LoginEveryone wants to feel like a winner, yet An Activity Progress Bar tracks the No one likes to be left hanging around.the overwhelming majority of your players progress toward a goal. Simple Dubit Platform’s registration,audience are never going to be talented visual progress meters keep the players authentication and login process isenough to reach the top of your leader- focussed on completing the task as they simple and gets players into the actionboards. So they just dont bother trying. can see success getting closer (even if quickly. If the site has free chat then weNot all players are talented gamers, so the next step is more difficult than the enable parental consent for users underachievements can reward them previous). the age of 13. Incentivising friendhandsomely in line with the time they referrals is one element of growing userspend. Give all your players the chance base, so referral codes can recogniseto feel like a winner. this and award points, currency, achievements or rare items appropriately.
  3. 3. Backpack Branching Conversations Buddy ListYou’ve gotta keep your stuff Navigating through Branching Players can add users they meet in thesomewhere! In the backpack, players Conversations, is a gameplay mechanic world to their buddy list. From thefind all the Items they have either used in role-playing games, adventure buddy list players can visit their friendsbought, found or won. Typically these games and virtual worlds. When customizable user room, go to the roomitems are needed as part of a quest. interacting with Non-Player Characters, their friend is in, or start a conversation.The backpack can be configured to hold the player chooses from multiple The buddy list integrates witha finite amount of items; users can options of what to say until the Facebook, pulling friends from theireither purchase backpack upgrades, conversation ends. These conversations social network.enabling them to carry more items. can be either text or voice based.
  4. 4. Chat Chat Filtering CollectionsPlayers can chat to each other in real Chat messages are checked against the Our research found that young boystime. The chat messages appears as white list of approved words, and black and girls both enjoy collecting - so we’vebubbles above the player’s head. list of banned words. built collections right into the platform.The world can be configured to have The filtering can be configured through When a player completes a collectionfree chat input that allows players to the admin website - admins can decide they receive an addition reward whichtype messages, or a locked down so if players should be kicked or banned they can then boast about to theirplayers can only choose from for in appropriate chatting. The white friends.predefined phrases. and black lists can be modified in the admin.
  5. 5. Customizable Characters Customizable Loading Pages Customizable User RoomsCharacters are built on either the Travelling between rooms takes only a The player can use the currency whichLayered Engine or Cut Out Engine. few seconds. These short pauses are they collect to buy items for their ownAlthough capable of sophisticated 3D great opportunity to introduce user room. Items such as furniture cangraphics, the layering engine increases Artefacts, Characters or Key Phrases be bought from the shop andfile size, download time, and limits the from a story to repeat important positioned anywhere within the player’snumber of animations compared to the information and immerse the player customisable room.Cut Out Engine. Players customise their within the world. They are also be Players can have more than one room,Character buy purchasing Items, such as useful for giving hints and tips to help can invite players back to their room, orclothing, in the shop. players progress. even share the room with their friends.
  6. 6. Experience & Levelling Map MenuGaining experience is how players The map allows the user to quick The Menu gives players the choice ofunlock new areas and features within navigate around the world. how they will interact with objects inthe virtual world. the world, for example, talking to a non-The level of experience usually increases player character, inspecting an object,in line with the time spent inside the picking up a collectable, or pushing aworld so that all players will eventually door.progress into all parts of the world.
  7. 7. Meters Non-Player Characters NotificationsThe meters are often used to show if a Non-Player Characters are the Generic notifications use a templatepet is hungry, dirty, or sad. Meters computer controlled characters that layout and can be used for a variety ofdecrease over time, it’s the players job help to deliver the story or quests. The updates, such as game invites, orto keep those meters full and keep their characters can animate, walk, initiate achievement completion.pet happy. conversations, play sounds, and more. Custom notifications are uniquely designed and used to communicate significant milestones, such as when new items become available to them as a result of achieving a new character level.
  8. 8. Nurturing Engine Player Profiles Quest EngineNurturers are often younger boy and The player profiles displays progress, A quest is a task, made of series ofgirls, and older girls. They want to meet achievements that have been completed objectives that a player completes inand play with others and care for their so far, their avatar, collections, and items order to gain a reward. Rewards mayavatar. The nurturing mechanic drives they own. include an increase in the character’srepeat visits as the pet needs regular Players can view each others profile experience, loot or treasure, in-gamecare and attention. which is an important driver of friendly currency, access to new locations orThe Platform Nurturing Pack can be competition, and can also lead to them areas, or any combination of the above.used for many different types of pet or purchasing virtual currency.animal. The pet has three attributes,cleanliness, happiness and energy. Overtime a pet becomes dirty and unhappy.
  9. 9. Shops Subscription & Micropayments Virtual EconomyThe dhop, which supports both free and The Dubit Platform supports both Currency, in whatever format, is vital forpremium (paid) currency, can sell subscriptions and Micropayments. keeping the virtual world functioning -clothes, furniture, or other items that Subscriptions can unlock premium every Quest or Minigame has rewards,might be unique to your world. features, award premium currency or every Item has a price, Typically, theProducts can be limited to a specified unique clothes. economy is split into Virtual andexperience level so players can not buy Micropayments can be used to buy Premium currency. Converting playersall the items straightaway. premium currency that can be spent in to become Premium users is one the shops using either mobile or credit method of monetising a virtual world,The shops are managed through the card. whereby these users purchase Premiumadmin interface. Any world can support Items using micropayments methods.multiple shops, and these can have Both these features are manageddifferent products, themes, etc. through admin website.