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Greatness Cultivated Brochure


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Greatness Cultivated Brochure

  1. 1. engageattract develop retainGreatness Cultivated
  2. 2. “Greatness.”That quality instantly recognisable in big thinkers and can-doers. Innate to the brave and the spirited. Natural to the risk-takers and the visionaries. Hard to come by . . . even harder to keep.
  3. 3. Greatness Cultivated Not every company with great potential achieves greatness. We help companies attract individuals with the right skills, experience, and fit. But those that do share a common thread: Engage with them early and often to maximise performance. Develop the ones who are high performers. Retain those who are valued most. Talent. In short, we make sure our clients maximise Top talent has the power to elevate select companies the return on their human investment. above the rest and drive business performance.And that’s what Korn/Ferry International delivers for every client. Potential realised. Greatness cultivated.
  4. 4. Why do top companies choose us?8X Executives assessed by Korn/Ferry during the recruitment process are eight times more likely to be promoted within three years than those Energised by decades of proven performance and industry-leading individuals hired without an assessment. innovation, Korn/Ferry engages with the highest achievers 33% One-third of the top twelve U.S. universities in leadership to capitalise on new, global opportunities. development use Korn/Ferry in their curriculum. Partnering with leading academic organisations to turn agile learners into results-driven leaders is just part of what we do. Korn/Ferry has been perfecting the art and science of talentKorn/Ferry has tools to measure — and improve — performance at every level of your organisation. for more than 40 years. Long the market leader in executive recruitment, today we are also the talent industry’s primary innovator, bringing newAnd we leverage our science to ensure that every client benefits from our proprietary expertise. levels of research and technology to all aspects of talent management. Complementing our unsurpassed expertise in the C-suite and executive segment is Futurestep, a Korn/Ferry company and a globalN.1 o leader in professional-level recruitment solutions. Whether your company Based on our research, we believe that Learning Agility is the needs to create a CEO succession plan, to develop its next generation number-one predictor of high potential. It is estimated that just of leaders, or to expand into a new market halfway around the world, 15 percent of the global workforce are highly agile learners, and Korn/Ferry is your premier partner for talent. Korn/Ferry offers a suite of comprehensive methods for assessing it. Our worldwide reach means that Korn/Ferry is on the ground 79% wherever you do business, understanding the unique demands of each We have found that nearly four out of five leaders market. Our team approach to engagements also provides clients have serious blind spots about their skills, while two with a tailored group of experts who bring the most relevant out of five have hidden strengths. Korn/Ferry helps knowledge and resources. reveal and understand weaknesses while identifying and developing untapped potential.18,050 Last year, we placed 18,050 professionals— that’s roughly nine an hour—into new roles at client organisations around the globe.* In all the work we do, we raise the bar for talent. *Based on a 2,000-hour work year; figure includes Executive Recruitment and Futurestep engagements.
  5. 5. The talent journey. At the world’s greatest companies,the cultivation of talent is an ongoing process and commitment. We call it the talent journey.
  6. 6. The Talent Journey We help Great find a way. engage attract develop retain We not only find great We help integrate hired or We offer development We advise organisationspeople, but we also help your promoted individuals into and learning solutions on how to keep their company become a magnet their new roles, accelerating for high-performing greatest talent, so that the for world-class talent. their contributions to the individuals at all stages high performers will help organisation and providing of their careers. their company grow, career-long support to not outgrow their company. strengthen engagement and satisfaction.
  7. 7. When talent shines, Cultivating talentbusiness grows. throughout the organisation. Korn/Ferry takes a holistic view of how talent is managed in an organisation and tailors the approach based on each client’s specific needs and concerns.
  8. 8. Cultivating Talent ThroughoutSOLUTIONS for the entire organisation:The Board The C-suite / ExecutiveBoard and CEO Recr uitment Executive Recr uitmentWe possess unmatched experience filling positions on public, private, We remain the executive recruitment market leader for a reason. Our best-in-classand nonprofit boards, as well as building boards for public company spinoffs approach to recruiting talent, which integrates scientific methodologies and ourand emerging growth companies. We also deliver effective solutions in the practical experience, has been statistically proven to generate better results.event of a CEO vacancy, whether it’s planned or unexpected. We call this the Korn/Ferry Advantage.Board Effectiveness Leadership DevelopmentEffective governance requires boards of directors to have a shared Research shows fewer than one-third of high performers are also highvision, the right capabilities and experiences, and a rigorous approach potentials. We work with clients to identify their next generation of leaders andto succession. Korn/Ferry works with boards on these critical areas to develop them into global, strategic, and results-driven people. Our customisedimprove strategic decision making, manage risk, and establish leadership development programs result in improved company valuation andindependent oversight of company results. positive changes in employees’ lives.Succession Planning Organisation Transfor mationCEO succession planning is perhaps the most important obligation of a A company improves performance and drives value when its structure, culture,board—as well as one of the most reliable ways to protect shareholder and talent are aligned with its business strategy. Our world-class consultantsvalue. We have devised a transparent, objective, and repeatable planning and science-based methodologies provide the foundation for far-reaching change.process based on proprietary development and assessment methodologies. Top Team Effectiveness We help CEOs and their top executive teams improve alignment on strategic direction, position the right people in the right roles, and build the leadership capabilities necessary to deliver sustained business results. Our extensive portfolio of capabilities—including onboarding and coaching—gives senior leaders the tools to thrive. Korn/Ferry has a proven history of helping boards build strong leadership. A strong executive team provides not only a clear vision for an organisation, but also builds a strong leadership pipeline.
  9. 9. Cultivating Talent ThroughoutSOLUTIONS for the entire organisation:The Enterprise Assessment Having the right assessment methods in place allows Recr uitment Process Outsourcing, Project Recr uitment, and Search organisations to acquire, promote, and develop We offer flexible recruitment solutions to deliver the best and highest-potential talent. business impact on an outsourced, project, or single-search basis. Integrated Talent ManagementTalent isn’t exclusive to the top levels of an organisation. A truly sustainable approach to talent management Talent Communications integrates processes across the entire employment and Employer BrandingCompanies need to have critical talent seeded throughout life cycle: from acquisition to development, We identify and develop the client’s unique value engagement, performance management, rewards proposition as an employer, and then craft tools and recognition, succession, and deployment. to communicate it to potential hires and to shapethe entire workforce, and Korn/Ferry can help them Korn/Ferry guides clients through the design and the internal company culture. implementation of a complete talent managementcultivate a robust talent ecosystem. system that flexes to the company’s strategy Workforce Planning and enables sustainable performance. We assist in creating and implementing a workforce planning strategy to deliver the right talent for Recr uitment Diagnostics any organisation. We assess the effectiveness of a client’s recruitment strategy in order to fine-tune and improve future results.
  10. 10. The Americas Atlanta Bogota Boston Asia Pacific Buenos Aires Calgary Auckland Caracas Bangalore Chicago Beijing Brisbane Europe, Middle Talent is the most precious resource a business has. Dallas East, and Africa Durango Guangzhou Houston Hong Kong Amsterdam Companies that recognise this fact are Irvine Jakarta Athens Lima Kuala Lumpur Barcelona already poised to make the leap to greatness. Melbourne Los Angeles Brussels Medellin Mumbai Budapest Mexico City New Delhi Casablanca Miami Seoul Copenhagen Power your people, Minneapolis Monterrey Shanghai Singapore Dubai Frankfurtpower your business. Montreal Sydney Geneva New York Taipei Helsinki Northern Virginia Tokyo Istanbul Philadelphia Wellington Kiev Princeton London Quito Lyon Rio de Janeiro MadridKorn/Ferry is the strategic partner that provides the springboard: San Francisco Milan Santiago Moscow attracting, engaging, developing, and retaining top talent. Sao Paulo Oslo Stamford Paris That’s how we’ve helped more companies reach their Toronto Rome Vancouver Stockholm full potential than any other talent-focused firm in the world. Washington, DC Vienna Warsaw Zurich Copyright © 2012 Korn/Ferry International. All Rights Reserved.
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