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Internet Librarian 2008: 2.0 learning and 1.8 users: Bridging the gap


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Rudy Leon & Colleen S. Harris. (2008, October). 2.0 learning and 1.8 users: Bridging the gap. Presentation at the annual Internet Librarian conference. Monterey, CA, October 2008.

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Internet Librarian 2008: 2.0 learning and 1.8 users: Bridging the gap

  1. 1. 2.0 Learning and 1.8 Users: Bridging the Gap RUDY LEON & COLLEEN HARRIS
  2. 2. Myths Skilled online searchers Facile with new gizmos Always connected Effective multi-taskers Require constant stimulation Must be entertained Learn by doing
  3. 3. MythBusting They do use the stuff But in a canned dummy box way They don’t have the map – they don’t realize they are using the stuff  This means they don’t get transferable skills  Ramifications for our new services- they don’t fit into student’s understandings of what they already know
  4. 4. Digital Divide Stats  61.8% ownsership  99% of U.S. schools Fault lines  Race: 65% v 45%  Class:  83% (75k+)  62% (25k-35k)  31% (<15k) Persistent effects
  5. 5. Challenges - Faculty What Faculty Know (or don’t)  Chicken burrito Beliefs about students  They’ll figure it out Equipment  Teaching faculty to fish
  6. 6. Challenges – Faculty II Faculty not highly trained in teaching  Hostile to the implication  Tech training is also Ed Tech training  Who does it?  How do we discuss tech as teaching when pedagogy so fraught?
  7. 7. Getting Faculty On Board Owning our own expertise Competitive processes for course development Getting out there, making connections Faculty attend class instruction Leveraging reaccreditation processes
  8. 8. Campus – IT What They Do Scarce Resources Kittens and Beer Multiple models: Who trains? Why? Why librarians?
  9. 9. Learning Spaces Safe Learning Spaces How-to strategies for engaging students/faculty  Workshops  Making equipment available  Actionable assignments  Partnerships
  10. 10. Moving Forward– Learning Spaces Safe learning spaces– not just the classroom Tech is fun, Libraries are for learning  Is the tail wagging the dog? Critical thinking, mental maps  “Ripped from the headlines”  “movie night”  game night
  11. 11. Building the Bridge The Myths  Actionables  Skilled online searchers  Make our services meet our  Facile with new gizmos fears  Always connected  Gadgets support learning  Effective multi-taskers  We decide what must be  Require constant stimulation  Space and structure for play  Must be entertained  More skepticism  Learn by doing
  12. 12. Questions/CommentsColleen S. Harris Rudy LeonReference & Instruction Librarian Learning Commons LibrarianUniv. of Tennessee at Chattanooga Univ. of Illinois Urbana in 2.0-Land) Rudibrarian most places in 2.0-land)