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Computers in Libraries 2012: Innovative Integrations in Higher Ed


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Colleen S. Harris, 2012 Computers in Libraries presentation

Published in: Education
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Computers in Libraries 2012: Innovative Integrations in Higher Ed

  1. 1. Innovative Integrations in Higher Ed OR: GOOD LIBRARIANS GO COMMANDO Colleen S. Harris @warmaiden
  2. 2. Picture used with attribution to Flickr user ExpertInfantry:
  3. 3. 3 DOMAINS OF INTEGRATION• Cross-Unit Collaboration• Liaison Involvement• Designing Innovative Assignments /Developing Student-Driven Research Outcomes
  4. 4. Liaison Involvement• The usual suspects – Attending faculty meetings – Collection development liaising – Reference & instruction liaising
  5. 5.
  6. 6. Liaison Involvement• UTC Lupton Library’s Collection Review Project – Entire Collection Review • Librarians • Faculty – Complete Transparency: • See 2.html
  7. 7.
  9. 9. • Regular committee work –(Petitions, Admissions, Curricul um)• Search committees (CIO, EdD, POLS)• Advisory councils (WSTU, Faculty Senate)
  10. 10. The Freshman Seminar• Reality TV in Literature: The Hunger Games & Its Predecessors• Beyond Facebook• BYOB: Build Your Virginia Cairns, Head of Reference & Instruction Own Brand
  11. 11. The Freshman Seminar• Vampires, Zombie s & Philosophy – Lane Wilkinson, Reference & Instruction Librarian, Liaison to Philosophy & Religion department (as well as Management, Finance & Accounting) Lane Wilkinson Photo used with permission /2010/01/img_1221.jpg
  12. 12. LIVING LEARNING COMMUNITIES• Poetry & Mythmaking• Alternative Traditions in U.S. Cinema – Bo Baker, liaison to Communication and Theatre & Speech departments, Inform ation Commons Librarian
  13. 13. Adjuncting• Faculty respect knowledge.• Help fill gaps in upper level electives for understaffed academic departments – (Classics example)
  14. 14. L T A E K V E E A L C L U A S P SPicture used with attribution to Flickr user ExpertInfantry:
  15. 15. DESIGNING INNOVATIVE ASSIGNMENTS• DEEP READING • MAXIMIZE LIBRARY• Partnering with EQUIPMENT faculty in this • Video Cameras & domain requires that Digital Still Cameras you know the for Documentary & curriculum, course Poster Work (Visual content (syllabus Rhetoric) level), and ACTIVELY • Tablets for study of working with faculty mobile devices in to design their Communications courses classes
  16. 16. STUDENT-DRIVEN LEARNING OUTCOMES• Access to or control of assignment design• Student preference & interest offers surprising leverage• Example from the Poetry & Myth living learning community – a cross-course final exam
  17. 17. Why Your Boss Needs to Know You Go Commando Colleen S. Harris (@warmaiden)Head of Access Services & Asst. ProfessorLiaison to English, Political Science, & EconomicsFaculty Senate Representative & SecretaryAdjunct Faculty in English, Women’s Studies, & Classics EdD in Learning & Leadership student & more