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Volunteer handbook


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the handbook example from Ironbridge

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Volunteer handbook

  1. 1. Volunteer Handbook A Practical Guide to Volunteering at IronbridgeThe IRONBRIDGE GORGE MUSEUM TRUST Limited
  2. 2. WelcomeThank you for showing an interest in volunteering at the IronbridgeGorge Museum Trust. This handbook will introduce you to the Museum,explain a little about each site which the Trust runs and show howvolunteers fit into the organisation.The Museum is extremely lucky to have a To ensure you stay up to date with thelarge and wonderful group of volunteers Museum and its activities we produce asupporting it in many ways. Every year it quarterly newsletter, to which yourwelcomes hundreds of people who give their contributions are very welcome. We also sendtime to help the Museum to be a better place. out a range of emails and letters detailingWe really couldn’t manage without them and events taking place with the Museum or localI’m quite sure that the many visitors which groups, new volunteering opportunities, staffthe Museum welcomes through its doors social evenings and trips out to otherwould completely agree. attractions. We also hold monthly coffee mornings with guests speakers at theThe Volunteer Staff are here for you, whether Volunteer Centre to which all volunteersit is to help you identify a volunteering are warmly invited to attend.opportunity, help settle you into a new roleor to help you meet other volunteers in a Can I take this opportunity to welcome youmore social environment. If you have any to the Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust andproblems or issues or if you just fancy a cup I look forward to getting to know you betterof tea and a chat, please call on us, our door and hope that you find your role here at theis always open. The Volunteer Centre is open Museum both enjoyable and rewarding.Monday to Friday and all are welcome to Thank you.drop in to see us, in addition we spend timeout across all the sites meeting up with staffand volunteers and checking all is well. Lucy Andrews - Manion
  3. 3. Why should I volunteer? Why should I volunteer for the IronbridgeIf you’re reading this, you’veprobably already thought about Gorge Museum Trustvolunteering, maybe even tried it The Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trustelsewhere. There are many Limited was established in 1967 to preservereasons why people do it. and interpret the remains of the IndustrialVolunteering can be an enriching, Revolution in the six square miles of thefulfilling experience. It offers you Ironbridge Gorge. It is an independentthe chance to become involved in educational charity (Registered Numbera specific project which may 503717–R), which encourages visitors to beinterest you or to join an involved in and support its conservation workorganisation you really care through admission charges, trading and associated commercial activities.about. The Trust manages 36 historic sites withinFor some, volunteering can be about indulging the World Heritage Site of the Ironbridgea pastime or hobby, whilst others see it as a Gorge, ten of which are museums. Otherway of escaping from the stresses and strains sites include a research library, a touristof everyday life. It can be a perfect way of information centre, two youth hostels,meeting new people and making new friends archaeological sites, historic woodlands,as well as giving you unique opportunities to housing, two chapels, and two Quakerlearn new skills. Volunteering can also be an burial grounds.ideal way to boost your career, it shows thatyou have commitment, are willing to try new For many museums across the UK, includingthings and can work in lots of different Ironbridge, volunteers are a vital resource,situations. It gives you the chance to learn they are essential in supporting us to deliversomething new and acquire transferable a varied and successful service to our visitors.skills, all which could lead on to career Volunteers add flexibility and improvementoptions you may never have considered beyond the Trust’s own resources by providingbefore. support and time to promote and aid the Museum.Being a volunteer, especially here at theMuseum, allows you to make a real difference The Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust isto the lives of other people. committed to developing new and exciting ways of involving volunteers in our work, creating mutually beneficial opportunities for both volunteers and the organisation. Volunteering opportunities at the Trust come in many different guises, from long-term regular commitments to one-off individual or group projects. No matter what sort of volunteering you are looking for, the Ironbridge Gorge Museum will endeavour to provide it.Costumed Volunteers at Blists Hill add a great deal to theexhibits and the streets.A Practical Guide to Volunteering at The IRONBRIDGE GORGE MUSEUM TRUST Limited 1
  4. 4. What opportunities are Enginuityavailable? Enginuity is an interactive Design & Technology Centre, designed to captivate and educate visitors. Here people discoverVolunteering at the Ironbridge how good ideas are turned into great productsGorge Museum Trust can provide - a subject close to Ironbridge’s heart.a diverse range of opportunities Enginuity provides volunteering opportunitiesfor those wishing to get involved. of an educational nature, such as workshopThe Museum has a number of delivery, maintenance and generally encouragingroles and activities which are the public to interact with the exhibits.available throughout the year aswell as a wide choice of museum The Museum of Iron,sites to volunteer at, flexibility in Coalbrookdaleterms of time commitment, This is the site where you can explore theopportunities to get involved in remains of the water-powered blast furnaceone off events and even helping which Abraham Darby I used to perfect theout other organisations as a smelting of iron using coke instead ofrepresentative of the Ironbridge charcoal. It was this technological breakthroughGorge Museum Trust. that helped make iron the essential material of the Industrial Revolution. The museumYou may be interested in exploring the role also shows the versatility of cast iron and theof a guide, taking visitors on historical tours great skill of the Coalbrookdale craftsmen inof the museums and giving them the the fabulous display of domestic andbackground story or being located in within decorative ironwork. Opportunities hereone of the many Gallery Exhibitions the include administrative tasks, assisting visitorsMuseum hosts. Alternatively, you may prefer to engage with the exhibits and theto do something a little more ‘behind the surrounding historic landscape, maintenance,scenes’, perhaps helping to maintain the research and giving welcome and introductorygardens or providing administrative support talks for exhibitions which take place in theto the Head Offices at Coalbrookdale. adjacent Coalbrookdale Gallery.Whatever your preference the IronbridgeGorge Museum Trust provides a fantasticplatform for volunteering. The Darby HousesBlists Hill Victorian Town The Darby Houses consist of Rosehill House and Dale House, the former homes of theBlists Hill Victorian Town is a 52 acre site and Darby family. The rooms are packed witha bustling recreation of a Victorian Town circa original furniture, costumes and mementos1900. Costumed-staff and volunteers offer a from the everyday life of Coalbrookdale’swarm welcome and a fascinating insight into Quaker ironmasters. Here, roles includelife in Victorian times by interpreting the acting as guides; giving welcome talks (tohistorical story of the site, its exhibits and groups and individual visitors) andbuildings and the Victorian era as a whole. maintenance. Volunteers at the DarbyBlists Hill offers many opportunities for Houses are vital for telling the importantvolunteers including administrative tasks, story of the two houses and the family whomaintenance roles, guiding, demonstrating lived in them.and curatorial support.2 A Practical Guide to Volunteering at The IRONBRIDGE GORGE MUSEUM TRUST Limited
  5. 5. Jackfield Tile Museum The Iron Bridge & TollhouseThe Jackfield Tile Museum is located on Built by Abraham Darby III, the Iron Bridgethe south side of the Ironbridge Gorge and is now recognised as one of the greathoused in the former works of Craven symbols of the Industrial Revolution, theDunnill and Company. Jackfield is one of remarkable structure still dominates the smallthe oldest known centres for the production town that bears its name. The secrets of howof ceramics in Shropshire, a tradition that is and why it was built are revealed in anthought to date back to the sixteenth century. exhibition housed in the original TollhouseThe museum holds a vast and beautiful on the south side of the Bridge. Volunteerscollection of tiles, many of which you will here give welcome talks and guide peoplerecognise from visits to London or maybe throughout the exhibition, or accompanyeven your own home! The museum is very people on to the bridge, giving historicallarge and opportunities here include information to the public. The Toll Houseguiding, helping visitors engage with the is only open when volunteers are available,exhibits, displays and exhibitions as well as so this role is very valuable to visitors to thegiving welcome and introductory talks. Bridge and the Gorge as a whole. Broseley PipeworksCoalport China Museum Broseley was once home to one of the mostHome to the famous Coalport China Factory prolific clay tobacco pipe making factoriesuntil 1926, visitors to this site discover displays in Britain. Production came to an end in theand demonstrations explaining the history and 1950s when the works were abandoned andtechniques of china making alongside the left untouched until reopened as a MuseumNational Collections of Coalport and Caughley in 1996. The Museum is a wonderfullyChina. Volunteering opportunities here include preserved time capsule of an ancient localguiding around the whole site, giving welcome industry. This is the perfect venue forand introductory talks or having a far more volunteers to guide in and give a more inhands on approach by demonstrating china depth understanding of how these beautifulmanufacture and decorating as well assisting pipes were produced.with workshops and helping school groups oryoung visitors create fabulous artwork. Tar TunnelMuseum of the Gorge The Tar Tunnel is a brick-lined tunnel where the bitumen still oozes through the wallsHoused in a Gothic-style warehouse besides and collects in small pools where it was oncethe River Severn, the Museum of the Gorge used to produce pitch, lamp black andis many visitors first stop when they arrive rheumatic remedies. Today visitors can explorein Ironbridge. Here they can see what the this tunnel for themselves, walking right intoGorge was like in 1796 with the help of a the very heart of it. If you are interested ingiant 12 metre long model and understand exploring volunteering opportunities at thismore about the area’s history as well as site, please have a chat with the Volunteerdiscover why the Gorge was awarded World Team who will be happy to assist.Heritage Site Designation in 1986. Hereopportunities are available for guiding,helping people in each exhibit area, or givingwelcome talks and sometimes to help withevening theatre events and activities.A Practical Guide to Volunteering at The IRONBRIDGE GORGE MUSEUM TRUST Limited 3
  6. 6. Roles We also welcome applications from volunteers with skills outside of these areas. If you haveThe Ironbridge Gorge Museum a special interest or skill(s) that you could offer as a volunteer, please discuss this withTrust offers a great number of roles the Team who will be happy to explore andacross its sites and it is always develop further roles with you.looking to expand these roles anddevelop new opportunities.n Volunteer Demonstratorn Volunteer Admin Assistantn Volunteer Guiden Volunteer Maintenance Assistantn Volunteer Gardenern Volunteer Welcome Hostn Volunteer Education Assistantn Volunteer Steward We can also accommodate people looking ton Volunteer Marketing Assistants undertake a ‘volunteer placement’. Typically,n Volunteer Ceramicist this route appeals to students looking to gainn Volunteer Costume Assistant work experience and/or additional skills and the unemployed wishing to give their CV an Volunteer Curatorial Assistant boost.These have specific role descriptions which are A placement can involve volunteering for upavailable on request from the Volunteer Team. to 30 hours a week over a period of 12 weeks,Most roles are available at all sites; however (though we will consider variations on this).some roles are more site-specific. There are These placements allow for a more ‘intensive’also a number of less public facing roles and experience as it allows volunteers a chancewe welcome volunteers who wish to help in to gain a lot of understanding and insight inour offices and behind the scenes areas doing a short period of time. It can focus on oneadministration roles, conducting research, particular area, such as front of house, orworking with collections and exhibitions and be wider by involving a number of Museuma great range of many other support duties. departments.Without volunteers, our many events By concentrating their time on a specificthroughout the year such as Ghostly Gas project or placement volunteers are able toLight and Fireworks Night, the World measure the outcomes and their achievementsHeritage Festival and Christmas events would and demonstrate that they are reliable, seenot go ahead. Volunteers at these events help things through to conclusion and are able tovisitors find their way around, stay safe and cope with the demands of working (almost)ensure that everyone has a great time-and this full-time should that be the intention. Manyrefers to both the people attending the event of our placements decide to continueand the volunteers! We always need help with volunteering at the Museum afterwards,these events and others throughout the year. though there is no obligation to do this.It’s easy to get involved and doesn’t take agreat time commitment but it does give us a Whatever your needs please speak to ahuge amount of support when we really member of the Volunteer Team who will beneed it. happy to discuss the opportunities available.4 A Practical Guide to Volunteering at The IRONBRIDGE GORGE MUSEUM TRUST Limited
  7. 7. Becoming a Volunteer The interview also gives you a chance to ask any questions you may have and to ensure that you understand what volunteering forApplication the Ironbridge Gorge Museum TrustIf you’re reading this handbook, involves. Try to relax and tell us as much as you can about yourself and what you want toyou’ve already contacted the gain from volunteering.Museum to request an ApplicationPack which contains an application After Interviewform along with a request for tworeferees. (This can be reduced Once the interview has been completed and both parties are happy to continue with theto one referee in certain application we will work with you to identifycircumstances, for example if a suitable role for you and place you as soonyou’ve just left school or you’ve as possible. Depending on the role, the sitebeen retired for a long time). and the staff involved this may take up to two weeks or even more as at Blists Hill, weThe application form should be completed will need your measurements for costume,and returned to the Volunteer Coordinator and then time for the wardrobe departmentfor further processing. Following from this to provide one.the Museum will contact those on yourreference list. At all sites you will need to come and meet key members of staff and attend an inductionThe form we send to your referees is very and any training that is required for the role.short; we just need to confirm your identity We will keep you informed of the process atand suitability for the role. If you have any all times but if you want to get in touch fortrouble thinking who to put down as referees further information, please feel free to do so.or there is any problem contact the VolunteerTeam who may be able to assist.It can take a couple of weeks to get referencesback and we cannot offer the role until thishas been completed. It can help the processif we can contact your referees by email or ifyou can encourage them to reply promptly.If it’s taking a long time to get these backwe may contact you to ask for alternativereferees.InterviewUpon receiving your completed applicationform and references you will be asked toattend an informal interview with one of theVolunteer Team. Both the application formand the interview will help us to get to knowyou better and match you to a suitable roleas well as discuss what further opportunitiesyou may be interested in.A Practical Guide to Volunteering at The IRONBRIDGE GORGE MUSEUM TRUST Limited 5
  8. 8. Once you start Because we recognise each volunteer is different we want you to be comfortable with the level, time and process of training and soInduction and Training if you have any concerns or problems, please contact the Volunteer Team who will be moreAll volunteers must go through a than happy to assist you with this.formal induction process beforethey can begin their roles with the On your first day, take some time to get toMuseum. This will involve an know the site and any member of staff orintroduction to your supervisor, other volunteers who are nearby. We wantprovision of the relevant Health you to become part of the team and by introducing yourself and saying hello, you’lland Safety information and any get to know everyone much quicker. Staffappropriate training required for and volunteers around you will also knowthe role. all the little bits of information you’ll need every time you come-like where the nearestDue to the nature of volunteering at toilets are, or where to get a cup of tea!Ironbridge, training can differ dependingon what you will be doing.Volunteers becoming Guides, Demonstratorsor Room Stewards usually shadow anothervolunteer or staff member for a few sessionsbefore being asked to take up the role. Thiscan be one session or ten sessions, howevermany the trainer and the volunteer feel isright for them. We also provide writteninformation and guidance for the role, thesite and the exhibit and exhibitions where Squatter Cottage at Blists Hill Victorian Townthe role is based. In addition all volunteersare welcome to use the Museums library and Once you are happy that the role is the rightresearch facilities if they want to know more. one for you and you wish to continue with it you will meet with your site supervisorFor other roles like admin or working with to look at the rota and decide where youthe collections, your induction will be can best support the site and what days youundertaken by the staff member you will would like to come in. Alternatively contactbe volunteering with. They will give you the Volunteer Team who can help arrangepractical instruction on the tasks required, another familiarisation and safety and emergency procedures,and specialist training such as handling Once placed in a role, your day to daycollections or office protocol. management is taken over by the relevant site staff. All sites have a Duty Officer whoIf you’re helping at events, your training will will come and see you at some point in yourhappen at the Stewards briefing where you day to make sure you’re ok, but if you needwill be taken through the task requirements, them at any point ask a member of staff tohealth and safety and emergency procedures call them. However, the Volunteer Team areand any specialist information you need to always available to assist you with any querieshave. or issues as well and they work closely with the site staff so help is always at hand.6 A Practical Guide to Volunteering at The IRONBRIDGE GORGE MUSEUM TRUST Limited
  9. 9. What to do if you are ill When Volunteeringor unable to attendAs with employees we ask that you telephone The public face of the Museumor leave a message for your supervisor or Although some of the roles for Volunteerssite manager/duty officer, ideally within 30 are behind the scenes, most roles will includeminutes of your normal start time to inform some public interaction of varying levels.them of your absence. If this is not possible,inform us as soon as you can. The Museums attract great numbers ofBlists Hill Office visitors every week and we need to make01952 601010 sure that every one of them leaves the Museum having had a positive experience.Coalport China Museum01952 580650 As an Independent Museum it relies onEnginuity every penny which comes through its door in01952 435905 terms of ticket income and on site spends, so it is reliant on its visitors enjoying their visit,Jackfield Tile Museum repeating it and telling others to come and be01952 882030 a part of the experience.Museum of the Gorge01952 432405 Staff and volunteers therefore play a huge part in delivering exemplary customer serviceMuseum of Iron to all. They are the ones who can make and01952 433418 improve the experience that our visitors have.Volunteer Centre01952 601044 The Museum has a strong Customer Service Charter which all must understandIf you cannot contact the site, on weekdays and adhere to. All volunteers will deal withyou can contact or leave a message with the the public at some point, and whatever rolemain switchboard which is 01952 435900 you are in it is important to remember thatwho can pass on a message for you. you represent the Museum and you should always aim to give the best impression. A visitor will not distinguish between a member of paid staff and a volunteer, and this is exactly how we want it. Positive feedback received from visitors usually mentions the knowledge, helpfulness and friendliness of the people they meet on-site-this obviously includes both volunteers and staff.A Practical Guide to Volunteering at The IRONBRIDGE GORGE MUSEUM TRUST Limited 7
  10. 10. When you start volunteering it may take a Appearance and Costumewhile for you to build up your knowledge For some of the Volunteer roles there areabout your site/exhibit and visitors may ask costume and dress guidelines, where thisquestions that you cannot answer and there occurs the Museum will provide all themay not be anyone else to refer to at the necessary items.time. Don’t worry about this – be honestand say that you don’t know and make a For roles where you might get dirty we willmental note to find out for next time. Don’t provide overalls and toe protective tempted to make up an answer which may Some sites require you to wear brandednot be accurate or authentic. T - shirts or fleeces so you are identifiable as a member of the team to the public.Please be patient, courteous and friendly atall times, avoiding language which may Volunteers at Blists Hill Victorian Town areoffend (even if you think no one is listening). required to wear Victorian costume, unlessRemember that a smile goes a long way and they are working ‘behind the scenes’ andif you’re having a bad day, just take some occasionally costumes are required in othertime out and try to relax - volunteering at the locations. Costumes appropriate to role orMuseum should be fun! exhibit are provided by the Museum Wardrobe Department but there are some general rules in order to keep an authentic Victorian appearance: n Hats should be worn at all times when out on the site streets. A gentleman would always remove his hat/cap indoors. Women would do so in their own homes/place of work. n Jewellery must be kept to a minimum e.g. wedding band, no earrings except for studs/sleepers, no facial piercings, no wrist watches. n Hair - long hair must be tied back withOccasionally a visitor may come to you with a simple ribbon/ fastener or pinned up. In thea complaint or be unhappy with some aspect Victorian era there were no extreme hair colours -of their visit. The procedure for dealing with please talk to us if this is a problem!complaints is detailed in the Customer n Make-up should be kept to a minimum withService Charter, however, if you feel the no strong colours. No nail colours.complaint is something you are not able to n Shoes/boots - preferably plain and with, ask a staff member or the Duty Safety boots should be worn in certain exhibitsOfficer to assist. If visitors wish to make a and these will be provided if needed.formal complaint it is possible to do so by n Modern clothing, if worn under thecompleting a Customer Comment Card and costume, must not be visible.posting it in the collection box on their way n Bags - please use a plain site bag which willout. Alternatively they can write or email in be issued to you with your the Head Office – details for this are on Any queries or issues regarding costume can bethe Museums website. Assure the visitor that raised with a member of the Wardrobe staff orall complaints are monitored and answered Duty Officer.and thank them for bringing it to ourattention.8 A Practical Guide to Volunteering at The IRONBRIDGE GORGE MUSEUM TRUST Limited
  11. 11. What to expect Expectations As a volunteer you can give as much or asSupervision and Support little time as you feel is appropriate, whatever you can manage it will be of assistance to theAs a volunteer, you will receive Museum.on-going support from the VolunteerTeam, your site supervisor, paid The only thing we ask is that you do considerstaff and fellow volunteers. We’ll this a ‘commitment’ and where possible youalso send you a Newsletter every do attend on the days you have agreed with your supervisor. If you are unable to carrythree months and you are invited out your role at a previously agreed timeto monthly coffee mornings at or feel you can no longer make thesethe Volunteer Centre - these are commitments please inform your supervisora great chance to meet other or Volunteer Team as soon as you are able.volunteers and discuss any issuesor contribute ideas. Similarly, the Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust considers the management ofIf as a volunteer you feel that you are not volunteers to have equal importance to thatbeing adequately supported, there is an issue of managing paid staff and is carried outwith your role or you have any problems with the same level of are encouraged to discuss this with your Although volunteers complement andsupervisor in the first instance or with the support rather than replace the work ofVolunteer Team where this is not possible. paid staff, you can expect to be treated fairly,Private meeting facilities are available at all professionally and above all as an equal totimes, and volunteers can bring a friend if those members of paid staff workingthey feel they would like extra support. alongside you. ExpensesOur doors are always open for you whateveryou want to talk about, big or small, we are We value our volunteers and want to ensurehappy to discuss and help in any way we that volunteering for The Ironbridge Gorgecan. It’s always better to get things out in Museum Trust is a rewarding and enjoyablethe open rather than stop coming; we’d hate experience for all. To help with this, ato lose you over something which we can voucher for refreshments at Museumwork through together. If you need anything catering outlets will be issued each time youspecial such as help with writing, preparing volunteer over 4 hours.applications or forms for universities or theJob Centre, detailing what you have been Regular volunteers will also be provided withdoing as a volunteer we are happy to assist. an ID card enabling them, plus 1 guest, toWe can also provide a reference if required. gain free entry into all the Museum sites. ‘One-off ’ volunteers or event stewards can request a guest pass for each event attended.Monitoring The payment of travel expenses is notAs with our staff, volunteers will be monitored offered by the Museum for volunteers,in their role by their direct line manager. If however in the case of volunteers performingthey or the volunteer themselves feel they roles which involve the use of their car, (suchare misplaced in the role, the Volunteer as Mystery Customers) mileage will be paidCo-ordinator should be informed and all at 35p per mile. (If you are driving betweenwill look to see if there is a better position sites or on behalf of the Trust you must haveavailable. business cover for your car on your own insurance policy.)A Practical Guide to Volunteering at The IRONBRIDGE GORGE MUSEUM TRUST Limited 9
  12. 12. Your rights and Your responsibilitiesresponsibilities u To complete an application form providing personal details and to notify the Museum of any changes. u To give two referees. u To give one passport-sized photograph. u To be reliable and to give a reasonable and sustainable level of commitment. u To be honest if there are problems. u To comply with existing policies and procedures (available to view upon request). u To take responsibility for your own Health and Safety (see below for notes onWhile you are volunteering with us at Health & Safety).Ironbridge there are certain things which youshould expect from us as well as what u If you are required to drive between siteswe expect from you. The main thing which or on behalf of the Trust you must havewe want is that you have a positive business cover for your car on your ownexperience by volunteering; to ensure this insurance policy.we make the following commitments to you.u To be shown appreciation. The Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust’s responsibilitiesu To be free of discrimination. u Enquiries and volunteering offers will beu To have a safe working environment. dealt with quickly and efficiently, andu To have clearly specified lines of volunteer placements will match the supervision. volunteer’s skills and interests. u Each volunteer will receive a Volunteeru To receive appropriate induction and training. Application Pack. u Full training will be provided for everyu To know what to do if things go wrong. task allocated.u To receive a level of support appropriate u Volunteers will be treated in line with the to the role. Trust’s Equality and Diversity Policy.u To be a part of the Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust Limited. u Each volunteer will be managed by a nominated member of staff within theu To know what is expected and to be given department where they will be working. clear information and instruction. u Volunteers will be insured whilst on site oru To have the right to say no, and to be able taking part in IGMT business. to withdraw from voluntary work when you wish.10 A Practical Guide to Volunteering at The IRONBRIDGE GORGE MUSEUM TRUST Limited
  13. 13. Complaints and Issues Potential problems and issues: u Misuse of facilities, or taking advantage ofSerious issues with volunteers are generallyvery rare. Due to the constant supervision the position.and communication routes we try to deal u Time management or absentee issues.with any problems before they become majorissues. However, if an issue does arise we will u Offensive or inappropriate language orendeavour to tackle it in a proactive, inclusive behaviour.and timely manner. u Drugs or substance misuse.We want everyone to enjoy being a volunteer u Breach of Health and Safety Regulations.and it’s important that all staff, volunteersand managers work well together and are u Failure to show respect to other staff,supportive and respectful of each other. volunteers or customers.If a grievance should arise, initially we would u Discrimination.tackle it with all parties involved and hope torectify it in an informal manner. u Failure to do the role as trained.If you do feel there is a problem, please raiseit with your site supervisor or the Volunteer Unresolvable problems and issuesTeam. It is hoped that with early intervention any problems and issues can be resolvedSometimes things happen and we may need satisfactorily for all parties, however if thisto talk to you about a complaint or issue is not the case we will take the followingwhich has arisen. You will be given equal actions.opportunity to discuss this and to ensurethis happens we will follow the outlined Step one - A meeting will be called withprocedure. all parties involved and the site supervisor. This will be a fair meeting where all sidesWe will always: will have a chance to communicate what the problem is. The meeting will be minuted tou Give warning. Notify volunteers (in both ensure that details are recorded and actionsverbal and written communication) when it is highlighted. If the volunteer wishes they canfelt there has been an incident that needs to bring a friend for investigated. In this meeting we will try to find a satisfactoryu Investigate the alleged offense(s). This resolution for all and start an action plan toincludes documenting the volunteer’s bring about improvements. If however it isaccount of what happened and any evidence felt that the issue is of a serious nature weto support the alleged incident. We appreciate may withdraw the volunteer offer immediately.there are always two sides to every story andwe will ensure everyone concerned has an A serious complaint could be:equal opportunity to put their side forward. l Assaultu Action. Consider developing an action l Harassmentplan to correct the problem, depending on l Racismthe seriousness of the incident. Each itemof the action plan will have specific dates for l Gross Misconductaccomplishment. We’ll develop this plan with l Illegal, violent or unsafe behaviourthe volunteers input so that we can agree onwhat to do and the best course of action.A Practical Guide to Volunteering at The IRONBRIDGE GORGE MUSEUM TRUST Limited 11
  14. 14. Step two - If after the initial meeting andaction plan, the problem is not resolved therewill be a second formal meeting with allparties involved and the Operations Managerand Volunteer Co-ordinator in attendance.If it is felt that a staff member is at fault, theissue will be raised with the Museum’sHuman Resources Department.If it is felt that the problem is with thevolunteer a written warning will be issued.You will be given a clear outline of the Demonstrating at Coalport CHINA MUSEUMproblem and why the warning has beenissued and what steps must now be taken ifyou wish to remain as a volunteer. A newaction plan will be drawn up with targetsand a clear time frame included, this will beregularly monitored to ensure you are takingall the steps required.Step three - This is a very serious step totake and is the final step before the offer ofvolunteering will be withdrawn. This willhappen if no improvement has been made,or, further incidents of the problem haveoccurred.In the event of this an Exit Interview will beconducted by the Volunteer Coordinator.AppealsYou have the right to appeal against anydisciplinary decision to the Ironbridge GorgeMuseum Trust. To do this, you shouldinform the Volunteer Co-ordinator at theIronbridge Gorge Museum Trust in writingof your wish to appeal within five working Dale House, one of the Darby Housesdays of the date of the decision which formsthe subject of the appeal.Any appeal hearing will be held as soon aspossible when you would be given anopportunity to state your case. You may beaccompanied by a friend or someone youtrust. The decision of the appeal will benotified to you in writing and will be final.12 A Practical Guide to Volunteering at The IRONBRIDGE GORGE MUSEUM TRUST Limited
  15. 15. Policies referring to Health and Safetyvolunteering The Museum’s Full Health &Volunteer Policy - Introduction Safety Policy Document is available at all sites. A copyThis document lays out the can be made available toIronbridge Gorge Museum Trust individuals on request. SectionLimited’s policy on involving 2.6 relating to volunteers isvolunteers in its work across all reproduced below:departments. The full document Section 2.6 - Safety responsibilities ofis available upon request. It Volunteers working for IGMTdefines how the Ironbridge Gorge In order to maintain the Museums healthMuseum Trust Limited will recruit and safety requirements all volunteersand manage their volunteers. should be aware of their health and safety(A volunteer is recognised as responsibilities under the law whilst working on site.“people who spend unpaid timeworking on defined activities Section 7 - Health and Safety at Work Actfor the benefit of The Ironbridge requires that all who undertake ‘work’ forGorge Museum Trust Limited”). an ‘employer’ (this includes volunteers) must: 1. Take reasonable care of their own HealthThe policy also recognises the value which & Safety and that of others not only by theirvolunteers add to the Ironbridge Gorge acts but also by their omissions (by whatMuseum Trust and the commitment they they do or fail to do).give to the Museum. The policy aims to 2. Co-operate with IGMT staff and others tosupport volunteers to achieve their full comply with all Health & Safety legislationpotential, and work towards building a and the Health and Safety at Work Act. Fail-rewarding and successful relationship ure to comply with these laws is a criminalbetween volunteers and the people who offence, which could result in a fine or even aengage with them. prison sentence.The Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust sets Section 8 - A volunteer must not misuseout guidelines for the quality of opportunity, items provided in the interests of healthrecruitment, training, support and and safety or welfare.development of volunteers within the service. 1. Under regulation 14 of the Management ofThe Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999Limited has an insurance policy to ensure states that:volunteers are protected whilst volunteering 1a. Every employee/volunteer who uses anywith us. machinery, equipment, dangerous substance, transport equipment, means of production or safety device can only do so in accordance with any training or instruction provide use.A Practical Guide to Volunteering at The IRONBRIDGE GORGE MUSEUM TRUST Limited 13
  16. 16. 1b. Every employee/volunteer shall inform Failure to comply with safety legislationhis/her line manager or person responsible can lead to prosecution.for health and safety of: The Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust Health1bi. Any situation which represents a serious & Safety Policy - Nov 25, 2010.and immediate danger.1bii. Any shortcomings in the arrangementsfor Health & Safety. Alcohol and drugs Policy The Museum’s full Alcohol & Drugs Policy2.Volunteers shall familiarise themselves with is available on request. The policy is intendedand conform to the IGMT Health & Safety as guidance for management, employees andPolicy at all times. volunteers as there is a clear link between misuse of alcohol and drugs and reduced3. Volunteers shall conform to IGMT’s safety and efficiency.rules and regulations made in the interest ofhealth, safety or welfare. It does not confer any contractual rights on individuals. The Museum’s policy is that the4. Volunteers must not misuse any equipment working environment should be free fromissued in the interest of health, safety or the influence of drugs or alcohol. This willwelfare, e.g. goggles, hearing protection, help to ensure the health and safety of itsprotective clothing, safe systems etc. employees, volunteers and others with whom they come into contact with. To maintain5. Volunteers must conform to, and comply the efficient and effective operation of thewith the obligations placed upon them by business, and to ensure our customers receivesection 7 and 8 of the Health and Safety the service and quality they Work Act (see Section 7 - items 1 and 2above) and Regulation 14 of the Management The following rules will be strictly enforced.Regulations (see 1 of Section 8 above). No employee/volunteer shall:6. Volunteers must ensure that accidents are l Report or try to report for work whenreported promptly and fully to the relevant unfit due to alcohol, drugs (whether illegalsite/duty manager. or not) or substance abuse (Museum Management reserve the right to determine8.Volunteers must keep their working area whether an employee/volunteer is fit forclean and tidy. work). l Be in possession of illegal drugs in the9. Volunteers must comply with any site andinstruction issued by any Principal Contractor sites operating under the Construction,Design and Management Regulations 1994. lUse illegal drugs or abuse any substance whilst at work.10. If volunteers are charged with supervisingtrainees they must ensure they are capable of l Consume any alcohol whilst at work /onundertaking any task they are asked to do, lunch breaks, if they operate machinery, driveand instruct them in general Health & Safety Museum vehicles, use power tools or maymatters applicable to the trade. jeopardise the Health and Safety of themselves or others by doing so.Further information is available from theHealth and Safety Poster ’Health and Safety Consumption below the recognisedLaw - What you should know’, or the minimum standard for safe driving shall beequivalent HSE leaflet. permitted for all other staff.14 A Practical Guide to Volunteering at The IRONBRIDGE GORGE MUSEUM TRUST Limited
  17. 17. Contravention of these rules is a very serious l When sending e-mails, internally ormatter and the Museum may take disciplinary externally, users should exercise the same careaction in the event of infringement. as if you were sending a letter on Museum paper.Communications Policy l Users must not send, forward, distribute orThe Trust has a Communications Policy retain e-mail messages that contain languagewhich sets out rules relating to the use of the that is abusive, aggressive or offensive.Museum’s computer, telephone and facsimile You must not make any improper orfacilities, including Museum laptops and discriminatory reference to a person’s race,mobile telephones. Volunteers who use these colour, religion, sex, age, national origin,must adhere to this policy at all times while disabilities or physique when writingusing Museums equipment. e-mails and must not forward or distribute any material which does so.The Policy in its entirety is available onrequest, extracts are detailed below l Most information and software that is accessible on the Internet is subject toComputer Use copyright or other intellectual propertyl The Museum imposes strict limits on protection. Nothing should be copied orInternet and e-mail use in relation to both downloaded from the Internet for use withinbusiness and personal use. the Museum unless the material owner has given express permission.l Users should be aware that viruses canbe introduced via e-mail attachments, CD Inappropriate websitesROMs, memory sticks and the Internet. It Users must not access inappropriate oris the user’s responsibility to take care when offensive websites or distribute or obtainopening e-mail attachments especially when similar material through the Internet orthey are not expected or they are from e-mail when using Museum equipment,unknown sources. even if they are doing so in their own time. l Users should not install any software that Personal use of the telephonehas not been approved or purchased by theMuseum. This policy applies to land lines and to Museum mobile telephones.l Users should not download any material,including games and screen savers from the Users are permitted to make occasional/Internet, CD ROMs or memory sticks reasonable private telephone calls duringwithout clearance from/the approval of your lunch breaks. The following types ofline manager. personal calls are never permitted: calls to premium lines, calls to chat lines, overseasl Users should not tell anyone else their calls.password. You should not use anotherperson’s password or workstation withoutauthorisation. You must log out of yourterminal when it is not in use.A Practical Guide to Volunteering at The IRONBRIDGE GORGE MUSEUM TRUST Limited 15
  18. 18. Equal opportunity & diversityPolicy statementThis document sets out IronbridgeGorge Museum Trust’s policy onequality and diversity. The policyin its entirety is available uponrequest.Equal treatment – promoting inclusivity andvaluing diversity is an important part of theMuseum’s code of practice. The Museum iscommitted to the principal of equality ofopportunity for all staff, providing anenvironment where respect is shown to alland where individuals are valued andsupported in achieving their potential.The Museum is opposed to any form ofunlawful and/or unfair discrimination on thegrounds of gender, race, nationality, ethnicor national origin, marital status, sexualorientation, age, disability, religion or anyother relevant factor in any aspect ofemployment and believes that an inclusiveapproach benefits all.The Museum embraces the spirit of allequalities legislation, ensures that its policiesand procedures meet the requirements andintent of such legislation and is committedto developing policies, procedures andpractices which actively promote equalityof opportunity and maximising abilities,skills and experience.16 A Practical Guide to Volunteering at The IRONBRIDGE GORGE MUSEUM TRUST Limited
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