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IEN312 English for Business Meetings

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Job Interviews

  1. 1. IEN 312 ENGLISH FOR BUSINESS MEETINGS A.Warisa Suksomboon Week 12: Job Interviews
  2. 2. Job Interviews • How can you prepare for a job interview? • What should you do when you have an interview? • What should you do when you interview someone?
  3. 3. The Interviewer • The interview room • The job description • Prepare your questions • Types of questions • Make the candidate feel comfortable • The candidate’s questions
  4. 4. The Candidate • Do research before the interview • Demonstrate research • Prepare positive answers • Think about your skills and qualities • Prepare questions • Be a positive version of yourself
  5. 5. 10 COMMONLY ASKED QUESTIONS 1. Tell me about yourself.... 2. Why should we hire you? 3. Why did you leave your last job? 4. What are your strengths? 5. What are your weaknesses? 6. What are your future career plans? 7. Why are you interested in our company? 8. How did you get along with your last manager? 9. How would your peers/subordinates/manager describe you? 10. What are your salary requirements?
  6. 6. Useful Phrases for The Interviewer • Explain the procedure • Thanks for coming / applying for this position. • I’d like to ask you a few questions about… • We’re looking for someone who can… • We have five minutes left so do you have any questions? • We’re interviewing more people so I’ll be able to tell you something by the end of the week.
  7. 7. Useful Phrases for The Interviewer • Describing the job and the responsibilities • It’s a challenging / demanding / rewarding role. • It’s a varied job / position / post. • We need someone to deal with / manage / organize / oversee… • You would be in charge of / responsible for…
  8. 8. Useful Phrases for The Interviewer • Asking the candidate questions • Can you tell us about / describe your last job? • Why di you leave your last job? • What exactly were your responsibilities in your previous position? • Can you give me an example of time when you had to use your initiative? • How do you think you colleagues would describe you? • What would you say are your strengths and weaknesses? • Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?
  9. 9. Useful Phrases for The Candidate • Talking about personal qualities and past experience • I get on well with people / like a challenge. • I’ve been told that I’m quite good at… • I’d like to think that I’m quite creative. • I’m a fast learner / a team player / a hard worker. • I have quite a lot of experience in…. • For example, in my last job I was responsible for…
  10. 10. Useful Phrases for The Candidate • Questions for the interviewer • Would I receive any training for this job? • What would a typical day be like for someone in this position? • What would be my main duties? • Will I be working on my own or as part of a team? • Does the post require any travel or time away? • Is there a probationary period? • When are you looking for someone to start?
  11. 11. Do and Don’t • Do • Research the company • Be on time • Answer the questions positively • Don’t • Insult or complain anything • Look like a drunker • Talk about your negative traits
  12. 12. Personal Qualities • My last manager trusted me a let me deal with clients on my • • • • • • • own. (reliable) I like to think that I always approach any new task with a positive attitude and a smile. (enthusiastic) I’m able to take tough decision when I have to. (decisive) I think it’s important to achieve your aims and I always try my hardest to make sure this happens. (determined) I suppose in two or thee years’ time I’d hope to see myself promoted to a senior position. (ambitious) I’m able to work with most people and adapt to different working environments. (flexible) I don’t mind working late or working extra hours when there’s a lot of work to do. (hard-working) I’ve been told that I’m pretty good at coming up with new ideas. (creative)
  13. 13. My name is __________________ and I’m an ___(Accountant, Project Manager, Engineer…)__________________ . For the past ______ years, I’ve been in the role of _(Function Industry)__________ in the _____ (Industries)____________ . I am best known for ___(Describe one or two key strengths (i.e., analytical, troubleshooting, team work…))________________ For example, with my previous company, I _(Give example with concrete results) ___________________________________ My next step is to __(Describe in specific terms, next steps on your career path and/or focus of your job search)___________
  14. 14. Example • Background • (Hi, my name is John Smith.) • I am a accountant with over 20 years in management in both the retail and pharmaceutical industries. I’m best known for helping organizations make better use of their resources whether those resources are hard assets, money or people.
  15. 15. Example • Accomplishments • For example, I led several business turnarounds. At a Fortune 500 company, the team I led designed a protocol for meeting customer needs in half the time while cutting costs by 30%. I also consulted with an entrepreneurial company and helped them solve many of their financing problems with an improved sales process. This new program increased revenue by 20% and grew client base by 16% over the previous year.
  16. 16. Example • Networking: • Currently, I’m seeking a senior level role in operations where I can contribute my organizational, financial and team-building skills... Who could you suggest I speak with to learn more about career or business trends in . . .
  17. 17. Example • Interviewing: • I see a great fit with what you are looking for and what I bring to the table. I’m very excited about this opportunity so thanks very much for inviting me in today.
  18. 18. Case Study: Job Interview • Prepare your resume. • Prepare for a job interview. The candidate chooses the post and thinks of possible answers to questions. • Telephone Banking Advisor • A major bank is seeking Customer Advisors to work in their call center in Austin, Texas. As an advisor you will be taking calls from banking customers and dealing with general customer queries. Along with providing excellent customer service you will be expected to promote the bank’s products and services. Call center experience desirable but full training provided. Apply initially by sending your CV and a cover letter.
  19. 19. Case Study: Job Interview • Areas Sales Manager, Southern Europe • Leading educational publisher is looking to recruit an Area Sales Manager for Southern Europe. This is an exciting opportunity for an ambitious individual who is passionate about the university sector. Sales experience required along with the ability to speak Spanish and Italian. The post offers a competitive salary along with an annual bonus and a company car.
  20. 20. Case Study: Job Interview • Sales Executive • Marriott Vacation Club is a world leader in vacation ownership. We are seeking Chinese or Japanese speaking sales executives at our Phuket, Thailand, sales center. As a sales executive at Marriott Vacation Club, your primary job function will be to give sales presentations to prospective owners and to complete and close the sales process. • We have a comprehensive training and coaching program to make sure you get started on the right path. We offer a very competitive compensation package. Although compensation is commission based, we expect all of our sales executives to earn at least $100,000 USD annually, and most of them do.
  21. 21. Case Study: Job Interview • Social Media - Siam Commercial Bank - Thailand • Create and manage SCB's social media contents • Initiate online campaigns/activities to strengthen customer engagement • Supervise social listening and monitoring to proactively respond to online customers' voices • Coordinate with related business units to provide proactive solutions for online queries/complaints
  22. 22. Resume / CV • Click here • Click here