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Concrea The Youth Marketing & Communications Agency

  1. 1. A few things we are proud of… • India’s first 360 degree youth agency. • Only Indian member of the Global Youth Research Partnership. • Developed the first ever offline social network. • The only agency in the country to have ever had fortnightly thought leadership column in Brand Equity (The most widely read industry media). • Average Team age < 30. • JV between Mudra Max and The Electronic Youth Media Group
  2. 2. What is (not) Youth Marketing?
  3. 3. going ‘digital’
  4. 4. being cool
  5. 5. “knowing” youth
  6. 6. advertising
  7. 7. quantifying
  8. 8. looking outside your window
  9. 9. What does Concrea do?
  10. 10. Understands Connects Talks Touches Campus. Addas. Conversations Traditional Media Youth Media
  11. 11. International Partners
  12. 12. Concrea Youth Research Buzz Creatives Media Planning and Buying Events Activations Strategic Planning
  13. 13. How are we different?
  14. 14. We ARE the YOUTH Lead by a 21 year old. Max Team Age 30 years
  15. 15. India’s first offline social network We talk to Young People everyday
  16. 16. The Model-Yougle Seed Chat What’s inside Infiltrate Idea Dig Listen Influence
  17. 17. We don’t classify youth as per traditional economic segmentation Discovered 11 different youth mindset archetypes (Another First in India !)
  18. 18. We follow them everywhere they go... Access to 000’s of de-centralized but immensely popular hang-outs across the country
  19. 19. Access to Global Best Practices Only Indian member of the ‘Global Youth Research Partnership’ & an associate of Mobile Youth - The World’s leading Youth Marketing firm
  20. 20. And yes, we can reach the villages too... Continuous rural development projects with leading Youth NGOs
  21. 21. But still...we DONT’T know YOUTH in India India’s youth is extremely diverse & constantly evolving
  22. 22. Some of our work
  23. 23. The Brief: Diesel India wanted to engage young people with their “Be stupid” campaign across Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. The client wanted to distribute “Be Stupid” t-shirts and stickers to college students across these cities in a way that students EARN the Diesel merchandise. Our Solution: Strategically engaging college students in discussions and non-intrusively getting them to participate in competitive “Be Stupid” games organized by us on behalf of the client. How it worked: We identified places in and around colleges where the maximum student crowd could be engaged and organized innovative, mini competitions in line with the “Be stupid” motto for the students to “earn” their Diesel goodies.
  24. 24. Media
  25. 25. Brand Equity – The Economic Times, 17th March 2010
  26. 26. Brand Equity – The Economic Times, 31st March 2010
  27. 27. Brand Equity – The Economic Times, 14th April 2010
  28. 28.
  29. 29. Presenting India’s First Youth Mindset Archetypes
  30. 30. X.Os are simply gadget freaks! Computers, cell-phones, camera, gaming consoles - anything electronic gets them going! They continually keep themselves updated on various developments in the tech-world and are often ahead of the current technological trends. They usually love complicated, intricately designed systems and have an active, colorful imagination rooted in the virtual world. Places of ‘electronic delight’ (read electronic showrooms) are the typical X.O hubs. They are the ones who keep tech innovations on the move! X.O’s
  31. 31. Kites are the dreamy, laid-back lot, who live in the moment and move with the flow of life – future plans are never a priority! They have an easy take on life, and generally never have a definite opinion or stand on matters. They let themselves be led by others, be it in terms of decisions or choice. Kites usually have a large friend circle and move in groups - they are where their peers are! Neither do they have a map nor do they know where to go…prefer to just move with the flow with no strings attached! Kites
  32. 32. Passionistas don’t just like or love but are fanatically obsessed with the things or ideas that appeal to them. Their passion is not restricted to a particular product, but extends to the whole genre of that something that captures their fancy. Sub consciously or consciously their life revolves around that strong like – be it movies, books, music, cars, just about anything! They are opinionated individuals with strong, definite likes and dislikes, but rarely hesitate to invest in their likes . Passionistas connect with fellow passionistas and people who share a parallel interest “Yours truly” towards their likes and preferences! Passionistas
  33. 33. Bonds believe in and value relationships – be it familial or personal. They wish to see others around them happy and content, and their actions and choices reflect concern for others. They don’t really hesitate to put other’s preferences over their own and will often go out of the way to safeguard the interests and needs of the people they share a relationship with. Bonds are generally seen in the company of the people they value - bonds go where their bonds takes them! For them relationships come above all things. Bonds
  34. 34. Racehorses are focused, motivated individuals who have clear, defined goals to achieve. They are competitive in every walk of life, and always want to emerge victorious – they settle for nothing less than being numero uno! They are forward thinkers and look beyond the point where the average person draws the line. It’s all about being the first & victorious! Racehorses
  35. 35. Labels are tag lovers! Quality or utility of a product is not of supreme importance, but it is the brand name that they acquire with that product which counts the most. Labels tend to base their self perception on how others see them. They are conscious of their social standing and tend to define themselves with what they own. Their preferences change with change in the ‘most admired’ and they generally like to hang out with friends who take note of their purchases/choice. For them it better glitter even if it’s not gold! Labels
  36. 36. Off-roaders carve out their own path. They are adventurous, experimentative and never shy away from treading uncharted territory. They are always on the look for out for new, unexplored experiences and challenges. Essentially, off roaders like to stand out from the crowd and generally look away from what the masses follows. They keep in company of those who appreciate and admire their individuality. They don’t run the rat race, they build their own track! Off-roaders
  37. 37. Parasites are essentially ‘takers’ and choose to receive continual free benefits at the expense of others. They look for opportunities to tag along with someone and slyly take advantage of their resources. Parasites stick to cheaper options when by themselves, and stall their expensive preferences until a financier comes along. They voice their opinion subtly, and will simply follow the financier so as to avail benefits of the situation. Like everything free, doesn’t matter at whose expense. Parasites
  38. 38. Shiny Disco Balls are compulsive entertainment-buffs – it’s all about having fun and leading a good life! They are always on the lookout for exciting, engaging recreational events - be it movies, music gigs or just a fun night out! They are very active on the social circuit and for them, it’s all about being ‘out there’! Shiny Disco Balls love hanging out with a large bunch of fun-loving friends and don’t mind shelling out for unlimited entertainment! Doesn’t matter when, where or how they just want to lead the good life! Shiny Disco Balls
  39. 39. Fans of God like to set themselves into fixed plans or routines. They religiously follow their beliefs and rarely ever question its basis. They are wary of stepping out of their comfort zone and ‘novelty’ is usually the last thing on their minds! Fans of God spend time with their regular bunch of friends and frequent places with which they have a long standing relationship. Fans of God For them, Routine is Religion!
  40. 40. Needy Weeds need to find a point in every purchase decision and the purchase is made only after the need arises. They base their choice purely on the basis of utility and are not necessarily brand-specific. “Purchase only when needed” is their eternal motto. Needy Weeds
  41. 41. Lets Chat…