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Task 1.1

  1. 1. Jonny Ward Codes & Conventions Research: Task 1.1The Black Hole is a short film lasting just under three minutes. It was created in 2008 and isdistributed by Future Shorts who are a specialist short film label. The film stars Napoleon Ryan andwas written and directed by Phil Sansom and Olly Williams. The film uses a series of continuityediting and cutaways to fit the story.The film centres a round an office worker whois routinely photocopying as part of his job.The film starts off with a pan shot, this is usedto reveal the office and the character. Theoffice is fairly standard it looks grey and hasnothing to distract the audience. Pan Shot The camera then zooms in to a close up shot which is used to show that the everyday man is in fact quite bored. He looks like he is sick of his job and is wishing for something amazing to happen. His body position and loose tie indicates he has had a long day. Close Up ShotThe close up shot shows that he is tired andfrustrated, when the photocopier breaks hetakes his anger out on the machine bashingthe buttons and kicking out. This is a point-of-view (POV) shot used as a way of showing theaudience what the character actually sees. Point of View (POV) ShotThe machine goes quiet and then prints out a single page with a solid black circle on it. The workerplaces the page to one side and continues his drink but after placing his plastic cup down he sees itdisappear through the hole in the paper. 1
  2. 2. Jonny Ward The framing in this low reverse angle shot tells us a lot about the black hole, giving it depth. It also shows the surprise on the man’s face. Frame Shot This eye line shot brings the character down to the audience level showing us that it is just paper on a solid surface. The actor now has to change his expression from surprise to being puzzled, wondering how it has happened Eye Line Shot The use of props and special effects from this point leaves us believing that the hole is real. The low profile close up shot of the worker examining the hole and then lifting the page to put his arm through the hole, are particularly effective.Eye Line Shot Mid-Shot Having discovered that the black hole has powers he tries to use it on the vending machine, stealing a bar of chocolate. He enjoys his chocolate before deciding that on a bigger crime to rob the company. Close up shots showing the characters facial expressions enables good communication with the audience at this point. The shots below show his enjoyment whilst eating and reaction to a sudden idea. Extreme Close Up Using the black hole to break into a locked room, he moves towards the safe. 2
  3. 3. Jonny WardLighting plays a part in this section of the filmthe darker surroundings in the room with thesafe giving a dark side both in what theworker is going to do and indicating the roomis isolated. In this shot backlighting causes theworker to be silhouette. Low Key LightingAfter successfully removing a large quantity of cash the worker is overcome with greed, he reachesfurther and further into the safe finally climbing right in, in search of extra wads of cash. Thisextreme close-up shows the real greed in his eyes. A medium shot is used as he goes in the safe.The final scenes shows the sellotape holding the paper with the black hole on it coming loose andthe paper falling to the ground leaving the worker trapped inside the safe.A pull back shot is used and as thecamera backs away from the safe,you wonder did he ever get out? Zoom ShotContinuity is quite good. Care has been taken at the beginning of the film, particularly when theclock is in the scene but later on when emptying the safe some editing has moved the scenes aroundand two bundles of cash disappear. Long ShotThe film initially looks very simple it has only one character, there is no narration or dialogue of anykind but there are special effect noises for the black hole. The location looks like a dull everydayoffice. However the film is very clever and has been well planned. It uses everyday recognisableobjects and some special effects to produce a film that keeps you watching and wondering what willhappen next and finishes with a funny ending. 3
  4. 4. Jonny WardExtended Diploma In Creative Media ProductionAssignment IG1Task 1.1Short Film Analysis ==================================Batman Dead-end is a short film lasting just over eight minutes. It was created in 2003 and isdistributed by Collora Studios who are a small independent label. The film stars Clark Bartram asBatman and Andrew Koenig as the Joker, it was written and directed by Sandy Collora, the film usesa wide range of continuity editing and special effects to make the film more entertaining.The film centres around Batman and his enemy the Joker. When fighting in Gotham City, Aliens andPredators join in taking the Joker they continue fighting Batman.The film starts off with a number of extreme close-up shots showing Batman getting dress andpreparing for his next mission. The dark background and focussed light gives a strong effect. Close Up shots to introduce batman.The file continues with a long aerial shot inwhich an important looking tower block isshown and also revealing the rest of the darknight time scene. Aerial Shot 4
  5. 5. Jonny WardExtended Diploma In Creative Media ProductionAssignment IG1Task 1.1Short Film AnalysisA medium shot is used which frames batmanand shows his bat symbol. This suggests thatthe batman is a powerful character in thisfilm, the batman franchise has had.whilst thebat emblem reminds us of all the successThe film is very atmospheric using dark lighting, mist, fog and rain together with a number of highand low angle shots. Low angle shot High angle shotBatman finds the joker up to no good and a fight starts. These two extreme close-up shots shownclose together are used to show the expressions on their faces, this shows how much the two rivalshate each other. Extreme Close up ShotsThe film uses a lot of point of view (P.O.V.) shots, this one shows Batman’s surprise as the Joker issnatched away over the roof top. The close up of the angle of Batman’s head indicating the height ofthe building, with the second shot showing the jokers legs disappearing. 5
  6. 6. Jonny WardExtended Diploma In Creative Media ProductionAssignment IG1Task 1.1Short Film AnalysisBatman soon finds out that the Joker wastaken by an Alien. Costumes are used tocreate the alien and predator characters thatattack Batman.This eye line shot shows thatbatman has immediately re-spotted the alienand he is looking straight at it. Eye Line Shot This is a different type of P.O.V. shot it shows what the predator is seeing when Batman is stood in front of it. It uses a heat sensing camera to give a colour negative effect. It is a good effect and is used to tell us that the aliens are nothing like humans.In contrast to the dark mood of the film, thefight scenes use very high key light to showpower. All the clashes between the two rivalscause sparks and light, it shows the intensityand again that the alien is not of this world.More Predators join in the fight.The final scene uses a wide angle and is takenfrom outside the fighting group it shows usthe trouble Batman is facing beingsurrounded with no possible escape betweenhis captures. It leaves us thinking this mightbe the end of Batman. Long ShotI think the film is really good it brings together characters from two different films that I have seenand makes them fit in and look right. It has a lot of good action scenes and looks like a real BatmanFilm. There is a small amount of dialogue in this film but most of the audio is special effects noisesto signify the predator and alien. The clever use of light and costumes draws the audience in to theaction. 6
  7. 7. Jonny Ward ========================== Inside is a short film lasting just over five minutes. It was created in 2002. The film stars Jeremy Sisto as the main character, Daniel. It was written by Eric Giz Gewirtz and Trevor Sands who also directed it. The film is abouta mental patient with a multiple personality disorder based in a mental institution. The film starts off with the patient in a padded cell. This high angle shot shows his isolation.He is sat quietly and gives no impression that he is anything other than normal. This is an over the shoulder shot to show that he is being taken down a dark corridor by the guards. Over-The-Shoulder Shot This shot is a long shot to show that this is a dark creepy place, the low key lighting helps to put this in place. As this shot takes place there is a sudden scary audio track that plays, this creates a horror theme to the film. Long ShotClose Up 7
  8. 8. Jonny WardAs Daniel is taken down the corridor on his way to an office to be interviewed by a doctor he isjoined by more and more people on his journey there.He goes inside an office where he is interviewed about his problem by a doctor. As the shot starts itis a pan shot which introduces a new location and character, the camera then moves right the wayround the back of the doctor to create an over the shoulder shot as she talks to Daniel.Pan Shot Over-The-Shoulder ShotAs Daniel talks to the doctor other people in the room speak at the same words at the same time. Thepeople are all from Daniel’s personality disorder, at this point you begin to realise he has a problem.Mid shots are used to show this. There is a lot of noise in the room as all the people speak this showsthe confusion of Daniel’s mind. Some people speak angrily others are quite calm. This is a reallygood effect using men, women and children to create a confusing crowd where no one singleperson can be heard but the noise from everybody can be heard. As the doctor calms Daniel down all the people start to disappear until only Daniel and the doctor remain. A Two-Shot is used here to show that all the people have disappeared and shows that the doctor and Daniel are having a one on one Two Shot conversation. 8
  9. 9. Jonny WardAs the door opens another doctor enters the roomhe sits at the desk and then there is a twist in thestory as we realise that the first doctor was alsofrom Daniel’s imagination. This low angle close upshot shows Daniel’s facial expression and also itmakes the first doctor look as if she is a powerfultouch to the story as this is when we realise thatshe is on his side. Close Up ShotI think this was an odd story and it me took a lot of time and quite a few watches of the video tounderstand what was going on. It was a good concept as towards the end of the story there was ashocking twist to the story which I would not have not suspected. The film consisted of dark lightand horror sounds to make the film a bit more dramatic.References:The Black Hole http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5_Msrdg3Hk http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1430144/ http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1430144/plotsummaryBatman Dead End http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hjp0I_okX0w http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0374526/Inside http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OjTOs1L3SBg http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0298934/ 9