10 Digital Trends Emerging Across Asia Healthcare


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The emerging digital trends are changing the way we work and live. In this slideshare, we review how these changes affect healthcare in Asia.

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  • Mobile web are growing faster than others, as might be expected from seasonal consumer mobile usage, the strongest vertical market in mobile usage was Shopping with 69% growth, followed by Food & Drink at 61%.
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  • Excellent info and slides. Mobile will continue to dominate. The numbers are insane and they just continue to grow every day. Hundreds of thousands of phone activations every day, and the majority of advertisers still haven't even jumped into this space yet.
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10 Digital Trends Emerging Across Asia Healthcare

  2. No.1 INTERNET OF THINGS‘Internet of Things’ or IoT refers to the connection of consumer devices and physicalproducts to the Internet via key elements such as Near-Field-Communication (NFC) payments, embedded sensors and image recognition technology.
  3. t Silve rlineP rojec
  4. In 2012, Singtel, a Singapore telecommunications company, started an initiative called Project Silverline. Project Silverline encouraged the public to donate old iPhones. A t Silve rline suite of apps is then installed intoP rojec these iPhones and passed to Singaporean seniors. The apps installed are designed to keep seniors in touch with loved ones, maintain health and overall well-being.
  5. No.2 MOBILE ADVERTISING REVENUE WILL CONTINUE TO GROW “Android phones made big gains in overall ad impressions,but where it really counts — producing revenue for mobile advertisers — the iOS platform is still comfortably in the lead.” Gigaom.com, 7th Feb 2013
  6. Do como ealth careH
  7. Due to advertising restrictions in healthcare, companies have resorted to creating useful health-related apps for patients and healthcare practitioners (HCP). In 2012, Japan’s telco giant NTT como DoCoMo partnered with Omron Do Healthcare to form DoCoMo ealth care Healthcare to design, develop and provide m-health solutions andH services. One of the apps developed by DoCoMo Healthcare tracks your eating and sleeping habits, conducts initial health checks and comes with an emergency help button!
  8. No.3 VISUAL SOCIAL MEDIA WILL COME TO RISE“When asked what type of posts they enjoy 46% of users said posts with photos, 28% said basic status updates, 19% preferred jokes/cartoons/memes, and 6% prefer links to articles.” – Social Media Daily, 24th Feb 2013
  9. Made EasyHealth
  10. sy lth Made EaHea Infographics makes it easier to spread information across different languages and varying education-level.
  11. sy lth Made EaHea … and is being shared and discussed across social media with the help of platforms such as Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr.
  12. No.4 SOCIAL CONVERSION WILLBECOME MORE INTEGRATED AND MULTI-CHANNELSocial conversion refers to the number of goals achieved via social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tumblr, etc.
  13. Integ ratedS ocial Mark eting
  14. d In tegrateSocial eting Mark Medical  brands   realise  that  they   need  to  contribute   relevant  content  to   social  networks.  
  15. d In tegrateSocial eting Mark Hospitals  such  as  Mount   Elizabeth  in  Singapore   are  using  iPhone  apps   and  Facebook  to  connect   with  poten>al   customers.  
  16. d In tegrateSocial eting Mark This  allows  them  to  keep   in  contact  with  pa>ents  at   both  local  and  regional   level  and  then  drive  traffic   to  the  website  for  booking   appointments.  
  17. No.5 MORE USER-FRIENDLY MOBILE EXPERIENCES FOR CONSUMERS“Make it simple, make it helpful, make it help the user, then teach the users, and it might be a success.” – Why is it important to create a user friendly interface?
  18. In Asia, more healthcare companies areadopting the iPadfor presentations and detailing to healthcare practitioners.
  19. Productpresentation apps have quickly evolved.
  20. Animated graphs User input can customise data to specific needs Static visuals are now in highly interactive Popup references multimedia content.
  21. No.6 THE RISE OF BIG DATA Big data is a collection of data sets so large and complex that itbecomes difficult to process using on-hand database management tools or traditional data processing applications.
  22. Recent healthcare developments such as,wireless health trackers and e-Detailer trackingtools rely on big data.
  23. Protection of information withrobust security is a key concern ofhealthcare companies.
  24. No.7 MORE PAYMENTS WILL BE MADE ON MOBILE NFC, short for Near Field Communication, is a short range wireless radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology. RFID makes use ofinteracting electromagnetic radio fields instead of the typical direct radio transmissions used by technologies such as Bluetooth.
  25. The adoption of Near FieldCommunications (NFC) Technologycan replace physical information,value or content with a tap of anNFC card.
  26. The InfoComm Development Authority ofSingapore has initiated an NFC rolloutplan. So the next time patients purchasemedication, they can use their NFC-enabled phones to make payment.
  27. No.8 BRAND JOURNALISM WILL BECOME MORE COMMON“..make content that make them want to respond backto you..”– Scott Abel, Econtent Magazine
  28. Following trends from the US, healthcare brands will startmaking their presence felt on social media spaces and appshops especially in the following websites.
  29. Renren,Sina Weibo,Qzone and Douban
  30. No.9 VIRTUAL OWNERSHIP WILL DOMINATEThis high usage of smart devices has prompted the creationof digital apps and content for patients and HCPs.
  31. “Almost 50% ofmobile users in theAPAC regiondownload a mobileapp each month” –econsultancy.com
  32. New platforms likeSpotify and Fit Bitwill be making theirway into Asia withinthe next 2 years.
  33. No.10 CLOUD COMPUTING WILL TAKE OFFCloud computing is the use of computing hardware andsoftware resources that are delivered as a service over anetwork such as the Internet.
  34. HP’s Mobile Health (mHealth) Monitoring Solution linksmobile health monitoring devices with cloud computing.Regular updates of patient’s health performance istransmitted wirelessly to HCPs thereby enabling them todetect diseases early and effectively treat them.
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