What are the new trends in search engine


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An informative and interesting article about search engine optimization, new trends in search engine optimization, recent updates in google algorithm.

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What are the new trends in search engine

  1. 1. What are the new trends in search engine optimization?
  2. 2. Search engine are continuously evolving with updates in their algorithm, google has since 2002 introduce number of different algorithm that has made search engine result better with quality sites displayed at the front page of search engine. After google has introduced Panda and Penguin algorithm different websites has observed fluctuations in their search engine ranking. Let see how search engine measure ranking of a website
  3. 3. Quality is given A+ star Site with optimize quality content is given more credit than other sites, it is better if you made your site content interesting for human traffic. Google algorithm will find out if a site is beneficial to human user. When someone click on a site place at a top position, he/she will spent some time to see if it is useful on the relevant search query. Google algorithm will determine how much time a user spends while visiting a site base on different search queries. If a site is visited often and user likes to visit it again, its ranking stays better but if user just visits the site never to return site ranking will eventually fall.
  4. 4. Regularly updated site If you want to rank high in search engine regularly update your website with useful content. Give reader something new for their knowledge. If you got a website blog keep it updated and post regularly in your blog page, write quality content and don’t forget to get customers or users feedback.
  5. 5. Make your website brand image It is very important that you make a brand image of your website company or services. The easy way of making a brand image of your website is through social media website like facebook, twitter and google+. There are other that will help you in building your website brand image. The better is the brand image the more will be your website traffic as it derive traffic from social media sites, the word about your site products will be spread among millions of user on social media sites.
  6. 6. User-base SEO Satisfy your user in order to bring them back and ensuring that they will become a unique organic visitors of your website. You can get user feedback using questing answer session. Give 5 question base multiple choice asking them • How much satisfy they feel from your website • Did they find the website useful • Do they have any question about your site product and services • Will they visit your website again • What they want to suggest to your website This will help you in order to analyze customers or visitor satisfaction from your website, this technique is used by many websites and it is a useful one. In order to understand and read more about user-base SEO visit http://moz.com/blog/seo-satisfaction
  7. 7. Keep your customers updated by send newsletter about your new sites products and services, tweet daily on your twitter account about any change in your sites and the new events.
  8. 8. For more interesting articles and posts visit my website that give your recent news about search engine optimization and search engine marketing. Visit our website http://thinktankconnect.com