Report of hrm department waqar


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Report of hrm department waqar

  2. 2. REPORT OF HRM DEPARTMENT Table of Contents Executive summary Organizational Structure Structure of the HR Department MCB Department hierarchy Human resource department Human resource management group Function of HR department  Human resources planning  Employee’s recruitment &selection  Training &development  Employee compensation &benefits Organizational career managementREPORT OF HRM DEPARTMENT | 5/30/2012   Labor management relations: Reference & Sources 1
  3. 3. Executive summaryIn this report of we are observing that how MUSLIMCOMMERCIAL BANK work in PAKISTAN. And specially focus onHRM department. Structure and functions of the HR Department is themost important section of the report because it is my specialization area.In the Structure of HR Department, department hierarchy and number ofemployees working under HR department is described. And in the headof Functions of HR Department; Human resource planning andforecasting, HR process, Forecasting HR requirements. Employeecompensation & benefits, Organizational career management, Employeejob changes, Transfer,, Promotion, Demotion, Separations, Layoff,Termination, Resignation, Retirement, g. Labor management relations isdescribed, Employee recruitment & selection, Employment selectionprocess, Training & development, Employee development, andperformance management, and how performance reports are written. Inshort, overall overview of HR Department is given. REPORT OF HRM DEPARTMENT | 5/30/2012 2
  4. 4. Organizational Structure Board of Dirctors Chairman President Commercial Audit & RAR Wholesale Consumer Islamic Treasury & Banking Banking Banking Banking ForexREPORT OF HRM DEPARTMENT | 5/30/2012 Strategic Planning Corporate Affairs Special Assets Risk Compliance & Financial Contorl & Investment Management Management Control Banking Human Information Opreations Resource Technology Management 3
  5. 5. Structure of the HR Department HR Structure President Group Head HRM Div Head HRM Head HR Head dac, Head Head Head HR Financial Recruitment & Organizational compensation Operation Services Training Devalopment Manager Unit HR Compensation Principle Staff HR Associate Manpower Outsourced Relationship Senior Manager Collge Training Budgeting Staff Services management Associate od and Planing Senior HR Senior HR HR Associate Associate Relationship Compensation Staff Services manager REPORT OF HRM DEPARTMENT | 5/30/2012 Senior HR Associate Relationship Assistant Outsourced associate Comepnsation Staff Services HR HR associate Relationship Training associate HR associate disciplinary action 4
  6. 6. MCB Department hierarchy President Senior executive president Executive vice president Senior vice presidentREPORT OF HRM DEPARTMENT | 5/30/2012 Vice president Assistant vice president 5
  7. 7. HR DepartmentDepartment provides basic background information about theorganization to new employees. All new employees are providedinformation about the working environment, working hours and vacationsby HR Department. It may be an informal introduction or a lengthyformal course. NBP always exhibits a warm and cooperative attitudetowards new employees and welcomes them. It is accountability of HRDepartment to manage employee’s relations and Job changes outside theorganization or within the organization i.e. Promotion, Transfer, andDemotion is also take place under HR Department. Separations likeTermination, Layoff, Resignation and Retirement are also HR functions.It relates to hiring, compensation firing, and training of the employees.The functions under HR Department are:  Medical REPORT OF HRM DEPARTMENT | 5/30/2012  Disciplinary cases  Staff loan  Leave record of employee  Performance appraisal  Office order  Manpower planning 6
  8. 8. Human resource management group Human resources is term which many organizations describe as the combination of traditionally administrative personnel function with performance management ,employee relation and resources planning .the field draws upon concepts developed in industrial organizational psychology. The objective of human resources is to maximize the return on investment from the organization, s human capital and minimize financial risk .it is the responsibility of human resource managers to conduct these activities in an the human resources management group at MCB is divided into the following areas: Organizational development Hr strategy Compensation &training Hr administration Hr financial services &development compensation &trainingREPORT OF HRM DEPARTMENT | 5/30/2012 Function of HR department  Human resources planning Human resources planning is the term used to describe how companies certify that their staff is the right staff to do the jobs .sub topics include planning for staff recruitment, planning for candidate search, training and skills analysis and much more. Human resources forecasting and human resource audit are the two most important components of this type of 7
  9. 9. planning .human resources forecasting refers to predicting anorganization’s future demand for number ,type ,and quality of variouscategories of employees HR planning is done by the organization basicallyto ensure the following pointsIt has the right people in place.It has the right mix of skills.Employees display the right attitudes and behaviors.Employees are developed in the right way.In MCB method to forecasting HR needs areMethods to forecast HR needsHR department in MCB uses following approaches to forecast its humanresources requirement.Firstly they used zero based forecasting techniques uses current level asstarting point for determining future staffing needs.Secondly they adopt bottom up approach each level of organization,starting with lowest, forecasts its requirements to provide aggregate of REPORT OF HRM DEPARTMENT | 5/30/2012employment needs.Mathematical model: assist in forecasting. Relationship between salesdemand and number of employees needed is positive one.  Employee’s recruitment &selectionSources of candidatesInternal sources 8
  10. 10. External sources Employment selection process Recruiting refers to the process of attracting potential job applicants from the available labor force .every organization must be able to attract a sufficient number of the job candidates who have the abilities and aptitudes needed to help the organization to achieve its objectives. Sources of candidates While hiring, the organization has an internal as well as external pool of employees. The current employees are the internal sources for recruitment. Whenever a position is vacant, the organization can post the vacancy internally and search for a suitable candidate’s .this is also convenient for the organization as it reduces the search time, cost and also serves as motivator for the employees. External source includes all the people within or sometimes, outsides the country who meet the requirements of the job when the organization publish the job advertisements in newspapers and on websites, they areREPORT OF HRM DEPARTMENT | 5/30/2012 searching for the candidates through external sources that is outside the organization. Internal sources Some internal sources of requirements are given below Transfers 9
  11. 11. In MCB the employees are transferred from one department to anotheraccording to their efficacy and experience.PromotionThe employees are promotes from one department to another with morebenefits and greater responsibility based on efficiency and experienceUpgrading and demotionOthers are upgrading and demotion of present employees according totheir performance.Retired and retrenched employeesRetired and retrenched employees may also be recruited once again incase of shortage of qualified personnel or increase in load work.recruitment such people save time and cost of the organizations as thepeople are already aware of the organizational culture and the policies andprocedures.Decreased employees and disabled REPORT OF HRM DEPARTMENT | 5/30/2012The dependent and relatives of decreased employees and disabledemployees are also done by many companies so that the members of thefamily do not become dependent on the mercy others.External sourcesSome external sources of requirements are given below online advertisingwe advertise on our own website. 10
  12. 12. Print advertising we advertise in the lawyer, legal week and other legal publications Referrals/recommendations: one of our main sources of candidates is referrals and recommendations from other candidates who we have placed. Employment exchanges Government establishes public employment exchanges throughout the country these exchanges provide job information to job seekers and help employers in identifying suitable candidate Employment selection process Excellent employee selection starts with the main elements of the job description and the success factors. with the job parameters, responsibilities and skills /knowledge and abilities laid out ,the interview assessment becomes much more straight forward .the next step is to define which elements are most important and rank weight themREPORT OF HRM DEPARTMENT | 5/30/2012 accordingly 3-4 from each section sensible and do this before interviewing the candidates.  Training &development The objective of training activities are to keep MCB employees well- informed of latest professionals knowledge and skills in all areas of banking , as well as to reinforce a passion for the highest quality of11
  13. 13. customer services at all levels .training and development is essential tocarry out the work and run the organization smoothly.Training need assessmentTraining need assessment can be as simple as asking an employee whatthey’d like to be able to do better to as complex as developing asindividualized training plan for every employee. Learn how selectappropriate training need assessment approaches and tools training needsassessment is tool that helps you create a superior workforce. Trainingprograms so are conducted continuously whenever training need isassessed and trainers in this case are the immediate supervisors.Employee developmentHuman resources management ,training and development is the fieldconcerned with organizational activity aimed at bettering the performanceof individuals and groups in organizational settings .it has been known byseveral names ,including employee development ,human resource REPORT OF HRM DEPARTMENT | 5/30/2012development ,and learning and development .employee development isthe process which includes an ongoing and joint effort of the employeeand the organization and in which work is done to upgrade employee’sknowledge ,skills and abilities. MCB shows concerns for employeedevelopment programs because it makes positive contributions toorganizational performance .a more highly skilled workforce cab 12
  14. 14. accomplish more and a supervisors group can accomplish more as employees gain in experience and knowledge. Performance Management Performance management is one of the most important parts of supervisor’s job whether working with long term employee or a problem employee, all staff members whether working with a long term employee or problem employee, all staff members need ongoing feedback about organizations expectations and their performance. Setting performance standers &expectation Standard of performance provided the basis against which the individual can be effectively appraised .there are eight condition to consider when setting standards of performance i.e. standard of performance are based on the job and not on the person doing the job ,performance are achievable performance are understood by the employee performing theREPORT OF HRM DEPARTMENT | 5/30/2012 job ,performance are agreed upon by both the employee and supervisor ,performance are as specific and measurable as possible performance should be time oriented.13
  15. 15.  Employee compensation &benefitsIn an addition to competitive base salaries and incentive opportunities REPORT OF HRM DEPARTMENT | 5/30/2012MCB also offers comprehensive and competitive benefits to both full timeand part time employees compensation is one of the top issues which theemployees look at when they want to join organization.Type of compensation &benefitsThe career management process begins with setting goals /objectives .arelatively specific goals /objective must be formulated .this task may be 14
  16. 16. quiet difficult when the individual lacks knowledge of career opportunities and /or is not fully aware of their talents and abilities. Organizational career management Employee job changes with organization Promotion In MCB ,is an increase in rank which may also be accompanied by a raise in pay, benefits and responsibility ,most people view promotions positively, as they indicate that the individual being promoted is successful, valuable and useful .in many workplaces. People actively work towards promotion and its accompanied benefits. TransferREPORT OF HRM DEPARTMENT | 5/30/2012 In MCB the change of an employee from one position to another position with the same salary range maximum is termed a “transfer” Demotion A demotion is a reduction in an employee’s rank or job title with in the organizational hierarchy of company, public services department or other body15
  17. 17. SeparationsThere are four types of separation layoff termination, resignation andretirementLayoffWhen a company eliminated jobs regardless of how good the employees,performances.1: A risk reduction, made by investment bankers that minimizes thepotential down side associated with a commitment to purchase and sell astock issue unsubscribed by stock holders holding rights.2: when company faces financially difficulties.This is method whereby an investment banking firm. Who has committedto buying up all unsubscribed shares during a rights offering entering intothe contract and selling the shares in other words, they are hedging againstany losses due time. REPORT OF HRM DEPARTMENT | 5/30/2012TerminationTermination of employment is the end of an employee’s duration with anemployees. Depending on the case the decision may be made by theemployee the employer or mutually agreed upon by both.Resignation 16
  18. 18. A resignation is a personal decision to exit a position, though outside pressure exists in many cases. A resignation is the formal act of giving up or quitting one’s office or position. Retirement Retirement is the point where a person stops employment completely, a persona may also semi –retire by reducing work hours.  Labor management relations IN MCB labor management relations are based on mutual trust between labor and management .establishment of a relationship of mutual consent &mutual trust &respect between labor and management, personnel management is conducted in accordance with four basic principles (1) Creating a workplace environment where employee can work with their trust in the company. (2) Creating a mechanism for promoting constant and voluntary initiativesREPORT OF HRM DEPARTMENT | 5/30/2012 in continuous improvement. (3) Fully committed and through human resource development. (4) promoting teamwork aimed at pursuit of individual roles and optimization of entire team. Recruitment17
  19. 19. The step to step recruitment process followed by organization is:Job analysis is every important as job analysis information is used inselecting and recruiting ,compensation ,performance appraisal ,trainingand in resolving other issues which MCB faces identify vacancy.Prepare job description and person specificationAdvertising the vacancy and sourcing focuses on activities to attract bothpassive and active candidates.Managing the ReponsesShort listingArrange interviewsConducting interviews and decision making and common strategiesinclude peer interviews, panel interviews, and the use of behaviorally-based interview techniques.Reporting include surveying applicants and hiring mangers collecting and REPORT OF HRM DEPARTMENT | 5/30/2012analyzing applicant flow data, and reporting performance measure andprocessing metrics.Reference & SourcesWebsite SourcesHuman resource management system . Wikipedia . Retrieved from 18
  20. 20. (2012).History of MCB (MCB Bank Limited) Retrieved from http:// Extra Source Colleagues Operational manager Branch Manager Head of Department Different Hand books NewspapersREPORT OF HRM DEPARTMENT | 5/30/201219