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Wappwolf Pitchdeck


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Wappwolf lets you automate tasks on any files and documents - 1click BIG Action. Dig in !

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Wappwolf Pitchdeck

  1. 1. The LeadingMarketplacefor Actions<br />click to watchtheintrovideo<br /><br />Michael Eisler▪ Harald Weiss ▪ Christian H. Leeb ▪ Dieter Dobersberger<br />August, 2011<br />1<br />
  2. 2. 2<br />Our Story and Vision<br />The founders met at DIG, a leading software boutique<br />for business process outsourcing in Europe.<br />>20% of world-class companies in Austria rely on DIG‘s automation solutions.<br />The idea is to take our profitable workflow solution to<br />the next Software-as-a-Service level. <br />Our vision: To become the leading marketplace<br />for actions.<br /><br />
  3. 3. 3<br />Offline vs. Online Task Automation<br />Online<br />Offline<br />vs.<br />Needs to be installed<br />Runs on a local computer<br />Runs local scripts<br />>100 million installations<br /> Runs in any modern browser<br /> Runs on any device<br />Connects web services<br />
  4. 4. 4<br />Upload<br />Twitter<br />Enhance image<br />Dropbox<br />Download<br />Convert to PDF<br />Dropbox<br />Online Task Automation<br />Connect any web services to perform any series of tasks.<br />“Let apps talk to each other”<br />Input<br />Single/multiple files:<br />Upload<br />Email<br />Dropbox<br />Drag & drop<br />API<br />S3<br />URL<br />Action<br />Single/multiple tasks:<br />Time stamp<br />Image stamp<br />Enhanceimage<br />Resize image<br />Convertto PDF<br />Encode video<br />Convertimage<br />Extractthumbnails<br />Instagram<br />Edit metadata<br />Output<br />Single/multiple targets:<br />Snail mail<br />Twitter<br />Fax<br />Download<br />Facebook<br />API<br />Email<br />Dropbox<br />Our goal: to dominate the 200 most important and fastest growing actions in the market.<br />
  5. 5. 5<br />Save Time and Money<br /> Action<br />Automate just about every task you do online (limited to files and docs). It can do in seconds what would take you hours to do by hand. <br />Connect individual web-based actions you want the computer do for you. There is no code to write.<br />1<br />2<br />A unique and viral<br />action button<br />3<br />Automate your files and folders<br />Get your tasks done. Anywhere. <br />4<br />5<br />MS-Office Addins<br />Win/Mac Client<br />iPhone<br />Android/Blackberry/ OVI<br />
  6. 6. 6<br />Market Size - US<br />SMB: 5.7 M Firms (<500 employees) 75 M Prospective Users<br />B2C: 292 M People in Households219 M Prospective Users Online (75%)<br />Sample<br />Actions<br />Digital signature<br />Time stamp<br />Image resizer<br />Rotate image<br />PDF converter<br />Video converter<br />Word to PDF<br />PDF creator<br />Snail mail<br />Send sms<br />Ocr<br />Image converter<br />Youtube converter<br />Email extractor<br />Face recognition<br />Total Adressable<br />Market Opportunity<br />1,980,000<br />8,076,000<br />2,952,000<br />594,000<br />32,880,000<br />89,760,000<br />49,080,000<br />18,000,000<br />726,000<br />8,076,000<br />21,960,000<br />2,952,000<br />60,000,000<br />2,412,000<br />2,412,000<br />Conversion<br />Paying Users<br />0.75%<br />1.00%<br />1.00%<br />1.00%<br />0.75%<br />0.25%<br />0.25%<br />0.25%<br />0.75%<br />0.25%<br />0.25%<br />0.50%<br />0.10%<br />0.5%<br />0.5%<br />$8 RPU¹ per year w/14% CAGR²<br />$20 RPB³ per year w/14% CAGR²<br />15 Actions = $14 Million Total<br />Adressable Market Opportunity<br />($2,86 Million pay-per-action fee)<br />1.000 Actions= $961 Million Total<br />Adressable Market Opportunity<br />($192 Million pay-per-action fee)<br />$961 Million Total Adressable Market Opportunity w/14% CAGR<br />¹Revenue per user (40% of market) ²Compound annual growth rate ³Revenue per business (60% of market)<br />
  7. 7. 7<br />Competitors<br />Key competitor<br />Potential entrants<br /><ul><li> Form-based workflows
  8. 8. Web-based
  9. 9. Complex interface
  10. 10. 1.200 connectors
  11. 11. Subscription based </li></ul> revenue model<br /><ul><li> B2B (>50 enterpr. cust.)
  12. 12. $2.2m funding
  13. 13. Since 2007
  14. 14. Develop a simple, easy-to-use, free personal and small/medium business task automation tool
  15. 15. Acquire RunMyProcess, ifttt, tarpipe and extend it to task automation.</li></ul>Wappwolf's Comp. Advantage<br /><ul><li> Task specificsavingopportunities
  16. 16. Compellingautomation, B2C and B2B
  17. 17. Easy and intuitive userinterface
  18. 18. Viral spreadof Action Button</li></ul>Wappwolf'sDefensibility<br /><ul><li> Integration partnerships
  19. 19. Aggregation
  20. 20. Growingdevelopercommunity</li></li></ul><li>8<br />Marketplace Ecosystem<br /><br />Scale<br />Beautify<br />Rotate<br />Upload<br />Email<br />Dropbox<br />Users<br />Developers<br />Marketplace<br />The Principle<br />f<br />Facebook<br />Email<br />Dropbox<br />Action<br />Input<br />Output<br />
  21. 21. 9<br />Value to Users<br />Task<br />Automation<br />Online Task<br />Automation<br />Online<br />Workflow<br />Limited <br />web streams<br />i.e. pipes, ifttt,<br />tarpipe<br />Limited to form-based workflows, i.e. RunMyProcess,<br />Invensys Skelta<br />Offline only<br />i.e. Automator<br />Easily connect web services to automate tasks<br />Ease of use<br />Free to use<br />Free to use<br />No revenue model & plans<br />Initial<br />investment<br />Free to use<br />Pay-per-task<br />Costs<br />Saves time<br />Saves money<br />Convenience<br />Saves time<br />Low ROI<br />Monitoring<br />Saves time<br />Low ROI<br />Increases productivity<br />Beneits<br />Wappwolf offers the most compelling and easy way to automate tasks online.<br />
  22. 22. 10<br />Value to Developers<br />Developers<br />Web Services<br />Wappwolf<br />Referral<br />Value<br />Proposition<br />Customer<br />Acquisition Cost<br />Postserver E-delivery<br />Printcom Postcard<br />DIG Fax<br />40%<br />of revenue¹<br />20%<br />of revenue<br />20%<br />of revenue<br />Manuel B. Dropbox<br />Bernhard P. Facebook<br />Florian P. QRcode<br />Xyzmo eSign Pdf <br />...40 more<br />Wappwolf can increase revenue for developers by effective user acquisition.<br />¹Trialpay: Best Practices For Acquiring Software Customers (2011), Average customer acquisition cost.<br />
  23. 23. 11<br />Developer Acquisition<br />Helping developers market their web service.<br />Launch<br />Growth<br />Maturity<br />Word-of-Mouth, Referral Programs, Cross-Selling<br />PR<br />Buzz Marketing<br />Blog<br />PR Tactics<br />SEO<br />Organic Search<br />Page Markup<br />Ads<br />Adwords<br />Direct<br />Developers<br />Symposiums And Events<br />Developer Groups<br />Affiliate Sites<br />
  24. 24. 12<br />B2C and B2B User Acquisition<br />Spreading the action button.<br /> Action<br />B2C<br />B2B<br />Distribution Partners<br />Affiliates<br />Mutual Linking Sites<br />Word-of-Mouth,<br />Referral Programs, Cross-Selling<br />Ads<br />Adwords<br />SEO<br />Organic Search<br />Page Markup<br />Direct<br />Users<br />Targeted-opt-in Emails<br />Symposiums And Events<br />User Groups<br />PR<br />Buzz Marketing<br />Blog<br />PR Tactics<br />
  25. 25. 13<br />Business Model<br />Pay-per-action<br />(20% fee)<br />User<br />Acquisition<br /> Suggest<br />Tasks<br />Developer<br />Acquisition<br />From<br />Viral Marketing<br />Affiliates<br />E-mail<br />Search<br />Based On<br />Profile<br />History<br />Usage<br />Spending<br />Task Types<br />Examples:<br />eSign pdf<br />Word2pdf<br />Resize photo<br />From<br />Viral Marketing<br />Affiliates<br />Groups<br />Events<br />Wappwolf makes money, when users save time and money.<br />Future Potential: Advertising<br />Large Expected<br />User Base<br />High Quality<br />User Data<br />Premium<br />Targeted Ads<br />High Profit<br />Potential<br />+<br />+<br />=<br />
  26. 26. 14<br />Team and Advisors<br />CEO, DIG (Business Process Outsourcing)<br />10 years industry experience<br />Successful Exit (Sold major stake)<br />Michael Eisler<br />CEO & Founder<br />Harald Weiss<br />CFO & Founder<br />Head of Controlling, OBI (DIY Store)<br />Director Finance, Hogg Robinson (Travel)<br />Christian H. Leeb<br />CVO & Founder<br />CIO, VA TECH AG (Engineering)<br />CVO, Lookk(Fashion startup)<br />Business Angel<br />Dieter Dobersberger<br />CTO & Founder<br />CTO, DIGCo-Founder (Electronic Procurement)<br />15 years industry experience<br />Investors<br />Founders, Christian H. Leeb (Lookk, Jajah: Exit at $207Million)<br />
  27. 27. 15<br />Key Milestones& UseofFundings<br /> Action<br /> Action<br /> Action<br />2000<br />2006<br />Q1 2011<br />Q2 2011<br />Q3 2011<br />Q4 2011<br />2008<br />2010<br />US HQ/<br />Market Entry<br />Q4 2011<br />Founded<br />Mid 2010<br />iftt <br />2010<br />Series A<br />Q4 2011<br />Automator<br />2005<br />DIG<br />2001<br />>100 Actions<br />Q4 2011<br />Alpha Test<br />Since Mid 2010<br />Android App<br />Q4 2011<br />Mac/Win Client<br />Q4 2011<br />Seed<br />Q2 2011<br />Users<br />>20 Actions<br />Q3 2011<br />25k paying<br />users<br />Q4 2011<br />RunMyProcess<br />2007<br />Demo<br />Fall 2010<br />iPhone/iPad<br />Q3 2011<br />Beta Release<br />Q4 2011<br />15 people<br />Q2 2011<br />1M trans-<br />actions<br />Q4 2011<br />5 Actions<br />Q1 2011<br />+100<br />+10.000<br />+100.000<br />+1.000<br />The era before Wappwolf.<br />
  28. 28. 16<br />Q&A<br />Product<br />Team<br />Market size<br />Value to Users<br />Business Model<br />User Acquisition<br />Financials<br />Exit Strategy<br />Risks & Precautions<br />Product Comparisons<br />Alternative Revenue Streams<br />Management Expertise<br />Potential Acquirers<br />5-Year Revenue Projection<br />
  29. 29. 17<br />Risks & Precautions<br />Mitigate<br />Risks<br />Precautions<br />Low barriers to entry:<br />new competitors<br />Develop brand name to assure<br />high market penetration.<br />Lack of developer commitment<br />Leverage high value,<br />low time investment proposition.<br />Low user acquisition rate<br />Push monetary value of<br />making suggestions; convenience<br />Existing competitors<br />adding similar features<br />Feature set would be difficult<br />to integrate with a boxed product.<br />Slow initial growth<br />Utilize teams superior know-how<br />and viral marketing potential.<br />
  30. 30. 18<br />Competitive Response<br />Mitigate<br />6Wunderkinder<br />Wappwolf<br />Delays<br />market entry<br />Attempts to copy Wappwolf's<br />website and business model<br />Develop brand name to assure<br />high market penetration.<br />Safe user<br />base<br />Leverages brand name <br />and market reach<br />Leverage high value, low time<br />investment proposition.<br />No<br />advantage<br />Extensive experience and<br />specialisation<br />Highly experienced <br />management team<br />Unique<br />product<br />Synergies with existing software<br />Feature set cannot be<br />sold in a boxed product.<br />Defensibility<br />
  31. 31. 19<br />Exit Strategy<br />Allows Google entranceintotask/doc/fileautomation<br />Integration of Action Button into Chrome OS<br />More targetedads<br />Increaseuser lock-in<br />Integration with Google Marketplace<br />Extend Quickbook functionality by automating tasks/docs/files<br />Increase cross-sell<br />Integration with Quickbooks<br />Extend online officeto SMB and B2C task/doc/file<br />automation<br />Increasecross-sell<br />Integration with online office<br />Integration of Action Button into Windows<br />