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Wappwolf is a cloud based "action store" to automate file handling. It provides a customizable set of “web actions” - i.e. web-based apps from different developers which are connected - that allows users to share and process multiple files by one click. Files can be of any type, actions can be started by users from any device or by using predefined triggers. It increases productivity and saves costs.

Wappwolf offers actions for file, photo and document editing, email, storage, voice processing and sharing under a pay-per-use model with a 30% revenue share. It is currently deployed in open beta, with more apps added every day. Business offerings are being worked on, though not yet available.

The company was founded by Michael Eisler, Harald Weiss, Dieter Dobersberger and Christian H. Leeb and has moved headquarters to San Francisco recently. Wappwolf has been featured at Demo Conf Fall 2010 and Spring-Fall 2011

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Wappwolf Pitchdeck

  1. 1. Pitch DeckWappwolf Inc.The Leading Online Automation AppMichael Eisler - Harald Weiss - Christian H. Leeb - Dieter Dobersberger - Manuel Berger+43 664 164 78 23harald.weiss@wappwolf.com
  2. 2. Manual file processing is a pain for many. It makes usless efficient and causes frustration File Processing Today Receive lots of different Extract the relevant data Send the result by e-mail files and emails manually and convert it or mail to co-workers, containing data into a diagram / graph / superiors, or whom it table belongs to See also: http://youtu.be/tUDBYgxpq14 .. is an awful lot of manual, repetitive work. It takes a lot of time, is not efficient and costs a lot of money.
  3. 3. Imagine a world where you could process any file bythe click of one button .. File Processing with Wappwolf (Photo) Auto-enhance and send to Facebook, Twitter and Flickr Add location and save to Dropbox Send as postcard Send as fax Smart Convert to pdf and Share phones, save to Dropbox Tablets, More ... Laptops, Desktops W Favorites 1. Press the "Action!" 2. Select the action to 3. Thats it! button directly in any be performed out of Everything else See also: photo, document or your list of favorites Wappwolf does for http://youtu.be/r8Qq0kLmtgM other file you .. is so much easier: one click on the "Action!"-button does it all. It saves you time and money, and causes no headache.
  4. 4. .. and where files are processed by a set of customiz-able "web actions" in the cloud Share Smart phones Unzip .. Post .. Like Upload Tablets Rotate Stamp .. Extract Translate Rename Decrypt .. E-Mail Send eSign .. Convert Resize Zip .. Laptop Download Encrypt Netbook Desktop Add Print, Fax, Web and non- .. and many more apps and web actions! Mail Browsers web based services .. and many more possibilities! Wappwolf Wappwolf Devices, Extensions and App Ecosystem Web Action Store Ecosystem The Wappwolf "Action!"-button is omnipresent on devices, in extensions and in apps. It starts an action from anywhere.
  5. 5. Wappwolf provides a set of tools for file automation inthe cloud to service- and app developers Wappwolfs Online Automation Toolbox Partner Cloud (Save, Generate Collect Save Saved Testing Generate) Integrator API Web-Integration Browser Software Plugins Clients Website Service User History Workflow Payment Accounting Processing Statistics Connect Developer Promotion Marketing Security Alert Par.-Fetch App Hosting Developer Individuals Certification API Partners Trust Developers choose from a catalogue of APIs and SDKs to connect their service with Wappwolf, or to provide a specific app.
  6. 6. Developers select from this toolbox as needed, asshown here for an example with Dropbox Example: Select files from Dropbox, e-sign and email them Partner Cloud (Save, Generate Collect Save Saved Testing Generate) Integrator API Web-Integration Browser Software Plugins Clients Website Service User History Workflow Payment Accounting Processing Statistics Connect Developer Promotion Marketing Security Alert Par.-Fetch App E-Mail Hosting Dropbox-IN Developer Individuals Certification API Partners Conv2pdf Trust e-sign This is what a developer might select when creating an action that fetches files from Dropbox, converts them to pdf, e-signs and emails them
  7. 7. Similar to an app store, users pay per usage of anaction. Developers receive a revenue share Users Web Action Store DevelopersParadigm shift: User acceptance:Users save time More than everwhen processing $ $ developers are keenfiles with on a large user baseWappwolf, but may from which to earnhave to pay for it. money back when developing apps. Developers provide apps that are integrated into actions. Pricing (free or paid for) is decided by the developers and is dynamic.
  8. 8. As everyone handles files manually, the revenuepotential for Wappwolf is significant Average revenue per Total size of user (ARPU): industry b2c = $8 per year b2b = $20 per year $1.2bn Target Market: USA Population: ~313.2m (of which 66.8% consumers) X SMEs: 5.9m Share of Market (SOM): Wappwolf (employing 59.7m people) (at 30% market share) Large companies: 18.5k (employing 61.2m people) b2c = 12m users $360m b2b = 13m users Revenue potential Internet penetration: 75% Smart phone penetration: 50% (at 30% market share) In the US alone the average potential revenue per year sums up to $360m, or thousands of minutes of saved time.
  9. 9. We have grown our user base for the past 12+ months,and learned a lot from our customers Experimentation & Build-Up Ramp Up Phase Phase Subscribers 5,000,000 Demo Conf Today Fall 2010 1,000,000 100,000 10,000 1,000 100 Time Jan-2011 Jan-2012 Jan-2013 Jan-2014 APIs, SDKs, Partnering / Integration, Money Android App, invested / $4.0m Client for Mac, to invest .. $0.5m Website, iPad/iPhone App, Time Nokia App. Jan-2011 Jan-2012 Jan-2013 Jan-2014 Client for Windows We invested $0.5m to develop website, clients and apps, and learned a lot. We need to invest another $4m to ramp up quickly.
  10. 10. We help our clients save a significant amount of timeand money lost by processing files Within one year we are planning to process 1m files, with a total of 25k paying users and a total transaction volume of $300k. Helping our customers save 83k working hours and $2.9m*. In four years we are planning to process at 1b files annualy, with 9m paying users and $109m total transaction volume. Helping our clients save over $1.0b*. *: Calculation based at 5mins saved per transaction and at a rate of $35/hour.
  11. 11. Wappwolf is headed by a strong leader, capable ofgetting things done and doing the right things Michael Eisler ("Mike iSler") CEO, Wappwolf Story: DIG = Wappwolf 1.0 "I made my first exit at DIG AG at a valuation of $5m after building that business from scratch. Now Im building Wappwolf into the leading online automation app in the Web 2.0."
  12. 12. We have a strong founders team that knows aboutcloud solutions and the web Founders of Wappwolf Manuel Berger, Expert in web development and Chief Engineer web techologies Dieter Expert in hosting, managing and scaling up of complex Dobersberger software processing solutions , CTO Christian H. Angel investor and co-founder of Jajah ($200m exit) and Garmz (now: Leeb, Lookk.com) CVO Harald Weiss, Expert in finance and operations, with a track record of 10+ years as C-level at large President & companies CFO Michael Eisler, Serious entrepreneur with more than 10 years of first-hand experience in building large, scalable Chairman & CEO software solutions
  13. 13. Wappwolf is a disruptive idea with great potential. Weseek an equally awesome partner Invest $4.0m in a Series A round in Wappwolf