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Indian Films Women Sex Roles


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To Analyze the Indian Films Business Strategy in the Industry to motivates the Market using Nudity and Damaged impacts reflected of the women or Girls in the society.

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Indian Films Women Sex Roles

  1. 1. Dr. Aziz Nizamani Indian Films Women Sex Roles
  2. 2. STUDY OBJECTIVES  To Analyze the Indian Films Business Strategy in the Industry to motivates the Market using Nudity and Damaged impacts reflected of the women or Girls in the society.  Realization to the Film Industry to Cover Focus on the Positive Roles of Women & Issues.  Reduces the Nudity and sexual Frustration Business Considering as secondary Issue.  To Produce the Healthy Society for the Next
  3. 3. INDIAN FILMS WOMEN SEX ROLES Raja Harishchandra 1913 by Dada saheb Phalke is known as the first silent feature film made in India. The First sound film Alam Ara 1931 by Ardesh Irani was major commercial success.
  4. 4. FIRST LIPS LOCK IN INDIAN FILM HISTORY ( KARMA 1933 ) Himanshu Rai produced and starred in the movie along with his wife, Devika Rani. The hullabaloo surrounding the movie had to do with the “four minute long kissing scene”, an act which still is infrequent in Indian movies.
  5. 5. FIRST BIKINI IN INDIAN FILM MAGAZINE 19 August 1966 The first bikini photograph published in Film Fare Magazine by Times of Indian Publications on india’s independence Of famous film star Sharmilatagore mother of Saif Ali
  6. 6. India produced 200 film per year in 1931 to 1000 films per year in 2015 Captured the Big Market Share
  7. 7. Indian films, according to the study, have a significantly higher prevalence of sexualisation of female characters as compared to films in other countries and the movies score low in depicting women in significant speaking roles. Indian Females Role As compare to Other Countries The Indian B-grade films are not included in this Research which are based on Sex & Nude Subjected originally . The characters of B-Grade known as porn films.
  8. 8.  35% of female characters are shown with some nudity in Indian films.  24.9% of Indian films show female characters in less than one-quarter of all speaking roles.
  9. 9. COMPARISON ANALYSIS  Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, Russia, South Korea, United States, United Kingdom, as well as UK-US Films contains very short Sexualization reflected then the Indian Films.  Here we are discussing about A-Grade films of Indian and International Films.
  10. 10. SHORTNESS OF FEMALE WRITERS  % of female Directors (9.1% in India) is slightly higher than the global average of 7%.  The study also revealed that the number of female directors, writers and producers is not very high.  If the Higher no of female Writers will be focusing on their Central Issues then Male Writers.
  11. 11. FEMALE IN INDIA’S BEHIND FILM INDUSTRY  The Gender Ratio Behind Camera between Male to Female is 6.2:1  6.2 Male  1 Female  Women represent nearly half of the world’s population.  30.9% of all speaking characters are women in India Only,  India at the bottom of the chart then UK-US collaborations.
  12. 12. INDIAN WOMEN IN FILMS ARE MORE NUDE  As from study that Girls and Women are two times Sexualised & nude shown in the characters then boys and men. The Role of Women of Indian Film also found in the Advertisements and Product or services Commercials towards nudity or Sexual Posture; In clothes, Eyes Expressions, Product introducing Style, Body Language.
  13. 13. INDIAN FILM WOMEN NUDITY SCENES ?  The Mostly in the Item Songs.  In the Bed Room Scenes.  Shower Scenes.  In the Rape Scenes.  Also Found to Changing Clothes.  The Bikini Mode  Night Dress Mode  In Horror Scenes Nudity  The Hugging Clothes
  14. 14. CONCLUSION  Audience Demanded the Normal Women in the society are same as in the Films they have seen.  The Women or Girls Youth are considering as role model of Film women characters Nudity as Normal.  Females are Focusing on Outfits.  Neglecting on Social Responsibilities.
  15. 15.  Stacy L Smith said: “Females bring more to society than just their appearance,”  “These results illuminate that globally, we have more than a film problem when it comes to valuing girls and women. We have a human problem.
  16. 16. Women has power to change the Society with her Moral & Responsible attitude measuring Performance to be as cause of Respect of All Female gender in the Society. Romance is essential in Human life but Nudity is Changing cause of Social Values which can be cashed by some vendors but lost the Universal Magnitude of Behavior. My End Words
  17. 17. REFERENCES”  United Nations-sponsored global study on female by the Geena Davis .  Wikipedia Search Engines.  Film Fare India Publications.  Google Image Search Engine.  IMaCS industry