{Ca} managing and monetizing video in a 5G network


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Presentation from Broadband World Forum on 5G mobile video monetization

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{Ca} managing and monetizing video in a 5G network

  1. 1. {Core Analysis} BREAK THE SURFACE MANAGING AND MONETISING VIDEO ON A 5G NETWORK Patrick Lopez {Core Analysis} Broadband World Forum {Core Analysis} All rights reserved © 2013 – Public 1
  2. 2. COMPANY BACKGROUND Company History Founder and CEO of {Core Analysis}, I provide advisory services to technology vendors, board of directors, carriers and venture capital firms on OTT video. As an analyst, I present at influential industry forums and conferences and publish an acclaimed blog, industry articles and reports. In 2013, {Core Analysis} was exclusive advisor to Opera Software in its acquisition of Skyfire for $150m. Prior to {Core Analysis}, I have 15 years of international progressive experience in marketing, strategy and product management in the United States, Canada, Switzerland, Ireland and France. {Core Analysis} Specialities Expertise: • Technical and strategic due diligence • Market Analysis • Companies evaluation and selection • Value proposition creation • Market category creation • Business case and forecast • New product introduction • Competitive analysis and market share protection / increase strategies • Product positioning and pricing • Board, investors, press and industry analysts relations t Publications and Interviews Over 100 interviews with The Wall Street Journal, Wireless Week, CNNmoney, Washington Times, In-Stat Group, Telephony, Fast Track Wireless, Wireless Week, Wireless News, NetsEdge Research, Telecom Trends, RCR Wireless News , CNN, Wireless developer network, Total Telecoms, La tribune, Global Wireless, Telecommunications International Edition, Global Mobile, CNBC Europe, Broadcast News Analyst Reports: Various analyst reports I have collaborated to or written include Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley Credit Suisse First Boston, IDC, Frost & Sullivan, Mobilestream, Stylus Communications, Yankee group, Ovum, Visiongain, Informa, Forrester Research... I hold a MBA in Corporate Management and a Bachelor Degree in Marketing Strategy. {Core Analysis} All rights reserved © 2013 – Public 2
  3. 3. MISSION AND EXPERIENCE {Core Analysis} {Core Analysis} provides consultancy services on OTT video. EXPERTISE EXPERIENCE Technical and strategic due diligence RFx support Market Analysis Vendor evaluation and selection Technology evaluation Business cases and forecasts Product strategy Pricing strategy Competitive attack plan Due Diligence Acquisitions Turn around Financing Product, technology design & launches World's first dedicated video optimization engine World's first commercial MMSC Sent world's first MMS on CDMA World's first content, service and subscriber management for mobile TV World's first messaging tiered architecture Philips first WAP phone {Core Analysis} All rights reserved © 2013 – Public 3
  4. 4. THE MORE BANDWIDTH, THE MORE CONSUMPTION {Core Analysis} Source: Mobidia SK Telecom, LTE Asia 2013 2013 3G vs. 4G data consumption patterns Users exposed to more bandwidth consume more. Video and multimedia drive the growth. {Core Analysis} All rights reserved © 2013 – Public 4
  5. 5. FROM VALUE CHAIN TO VALUE CIRC LE Global television industry value chain 2010 {Core Analysis} Traditional mobile content value chain Content Owners Content Aggregators Operators Source: David Mercer, VP, Principal Analyst, Strategy Analytics, June 2011 Devices Consumers Global OTT video value chain 2013 OTT Value circles {Core Analysis} All rights reserved © 2013 – Public 5
  6. 6. VIDEO IS BIG IN MOBILE {Core Analysis} But mobile is small in video Mobile networks Video Video delivery Other 6% Fixed 4% WiFi Cellular 45% 55% Source: Ooyala 2013 Video Index 90% {Core Analysis} All rights reserved © 2013 – Public 6
  7. 7. MARKET TRENDS: OTT DISRUPTION {Core Analysis} “…mobile data will be free…” John Chambers, CEO, Cisco, June 2013, All things D conference “YouTube will offer premium channels at .99$” “Google intends to finance, build and help operate wireless networks from sub-Saharan Africa to Southeast Asia” {Core Analysis} All rights reserved © 2013 – Public Wall Street Journal, June 2013 7
  8. 8. FROM PRICING TO SERVICE DIFFERENTIATION {Core Analysis} Opportunities in video management More efficient codecs, adaptive streaming for premium content, and new bandwidth hungry formats (4K, super HD…) increase opportunities to offer differentiated video services. Best effort Actively managing subscribers’ video experience is key: Setting expectations baseline in term of speed, price, quality Create quality/speed/encoding based class of service Actively upsell classes based on location, time of day, congestion Manage and enforce SLAs with premium content providers Manage quality / speed / cost with free content providers Formats, codecs Apple Smartphones 4K Adaptive streaming Tablets 3D DASH Guaranteed highest quality Devices h.265 HEVC LTE Content providers Guaranteed fair quality Fablets Super HD 8K TVs {Core Analysis} All rights reserved © 2013 – Public 8 Guaranteed SD high quality
  9. 9. FROM PRICING TO SERVICE DIFFERENTIATION {Core Analysis} Video necessitates management of speed, volume and quality Fair usage Unlimited Volume class QoE class Volume throttling Tariffs Speed cap Soft cap + throttling Location Congestion Hard cap Soft cap Content / App Service class Metered Time DPI (conditional access, volume, service type…) + PCRF (delivery speed, rating, application) Technology + optimization (encoding) + smart optimization (QoE) Video class of service management with: Gold, silver, bronze Enterprise Congestion… scenarios Differentiated by QoE tiers {Core Analysis} All rights reserved © 2013 – Public 9
  10. 10. ADVERTISING IS UNDER-EXPLOITED IN MOBILE {Core Analysis} All rights reserved © 2013 – Public {Core Analysis} 10
  11. 11. {Core Analysis} Source: Interactive Advertizing Bureau 2013 ADVERTISING IS UNDER-EXPLOITED IN MOBILE {Core Analysis} All rights reserved © 2013 – Public 11
  12. 12. NEW BUSINESS MODELS START TO APPEAR C Spire (USA) video duration charging {Core Analysis} Vodafone 2 sided model {Core Analysis} All rights reserved © 2013 – Public 12
  13. 13. {Core Analysis} {Core Analysis} All rights reserved © 2013 – Public 13
  14. 14. CONTACTS {Core Analysis} Patrick Lopez CEO +1 514 823 0314 {Core Analysis} Blog: coreanalysis1.blogspot.com Web: coreanalysis.ca News: scoop.it/t/mobile-videoott-and-paytv Twitter: @coreanalysis patrick.lopez@coreanalysis.ca {Core Analysis} All rights reserved © 2013 – Public 14
  15. 15. {Core Analysis} BREAK THE SURFACE VIDEO OPTIMIZATION MARKET OVERVIEW Patrick Lopez {Core Analysis} Q4 2013 {Core Analysis} All rights reserved © 2013 – Public 15