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Presentation @Wordpress 15th Birthday Bash


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"5 Secrets To Crafting Viral Content On Wordpress"

Published in: Marketing
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Presentation @Wordpress 15th Birthday Bash

  1. 1. 5 Secrets To Crafting Viral Content On Wordpress Presentation by Soh Wan Wei 25th May 2018 @ WP Birthday Bash
  2. 2. Agenda ● Who Is Wan Wei ● Track Record Of WP Viral Posts ● The 5 Secrets ● Summary!
  3. 3. Why Make Things Viral, Organically? So that you get your message across to a lot of people...and spend $0 ;)
  4. 4. Most Recent PR Viral Post: MBS “Saga” on FB ● >1800 FB shares ● 382+ comments ● >10 Media initiated contact with me after this incident. ● Reported on >6 Mainstream media, including ST, Zaobao, Channel8, New Paper, Mothership. ● Reported on >5 online news platforms ● Total Spending = $0
  5. 5. Who is Wan Wei? Person With Ability To Make Things Viral At Will
  6. 6. Who is Wan Wei ● Works as a PR practitioner, holds a Masters in Public Relations. ● Interviewed >100 high-profile politicians, C-level executives, entrepreneurs. ● First Singaporean to helm an official Finland100 project with the Finnish Prime Minister Office. ● Founder of IKIGUIDE, Singapore’s First Crypto Discovery Portal | ● Has a house in Helsinki. Blogs about life in Finland |
  7. 7. Yes. Virality Is A System. Can You Learn This Superpower on WP?
  8. 8. Wordpress: >300,000 Unique Views, >10,000+ FB Shares
  9. 9. Wordpress: Technical Posts: Stellar Lumens (>29500+ views for one post)
  10. 10. Viral Method #1: Don’t be afraid to polarize ● Have an opinion. Stand for it. Be interesting. ● Write out your stand in the thumbnail description and choose an interesting featured image. ● Use Yoast SEO plugin if needed. ● Accept that some people might like your opinion and some people might not like it. ● ALL great brands polarize! ● ALL negative publicity is great publicity too!
  11. 11. Viral Method #2: Hype With The End In Mind ● Hype and attention is addictive, so always know why you are seeking hype. ● Is your end goal: ○ Money? ○ Reach? ○ A certain resolution? ○ Experimental data? ● Hype is a double-edged sword. ● Sensationalism is okay as long as you are aware of your intentions.
  12. 12. Viral Method #3: Pick On One/ Two Strong Emotions ● People share stuff because they feel one/two emotions strongly. ● So bear this in mind when you do WP posts. ● Which pain point(s) are you picking on via your WP article?
  13. 13. Viral Method #4: Use Existing Distribution Channels ● It can be a Facebook Group/ Sub-reddit/ telegram ● Know what the community/ tribe wants. ● Follow the stats/ data: Use Jetpack!
  14. 14. Viral Method #5: Sex and Good Design Sell ● Use WP design to appeal to the most primal stuff. Go themeforest to browse. E.g. Food, sex, youth, humour, intelligence. ● Which are your strengths: Videos, pictures, words…? ● Have a branding kit right down to pantone colours and typography. ● Remember that attraction is not a choice!
  15. 15. Recap ● Don’t be afraid to polarize ● Hype with the end in mind ● Pick on one/two strong emotions ● Use existing distribution channels ● Sex And Great WP Design Sell!
  16. 16. Feel Free To Ask Questions. Thank You!