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Group project


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Group project

  1. 1. Online course content: Main issues:  Building an online community;  Learner training and readiness;  Always state clear objectives;  Chunking your content into smaller pieces;  Providing a print version of the web page, provide PowerPoint presentations for students to download;  Optimizing graphics so they can load as quickly as possible;  Good structure (e.g. clear and user-friendly visual design) and navigation;  Committing to a system of feedback;  Opportunities for interaction through leaner activities;  Repetition (important idea);  Synthesis (important ideas+ learning objectives) ;  Stimulation-hold learner attention;  Variety (technical tools and tasks to engage learners) ;  Open-ended;  Continuous evaluation; (Reference: Challenges:  Finding the right balance between collaborative and individual work;  Directing learners to available resources Vs creating something new;  Balancing activities and task types to maintain interest;  Engaging learners with different learning styles and preferences;  Dealing with student needs/building a rapport;  Technical back-up;
  2. 2. Online tasks type · Synchronous (e.g. chatroom, Blackboard collaborate) · Asynchronous (e.g discussion boards, padlet, video clips, slide presentations) Possible uses of online task type Forum discussion Strengths • • • Wiki Weaknesses Time (enough time to think) Sense of community Starting a new thread Strengths • • Time (wait contributions) Correction needed) Task ideas • Voting for • Giving advice opinions (if • Reacting to text • Reacting to a video Weaknesses Task ideas • Collaborative • Can be deleted • Story • Learn • Unequal • Translation • Negotiating rules Managing skills • Work participation in a team (anyone can their share) Journal Strengths • • Assignment Individual care • add Can’t use it at the same time Weaknesses Giving feedback Strengths • Time consuming Task ideas • Advice, opinion on anything that is too personal to be shared by everyone Weaknesses Task ideas
  3. 3. • to be Individual work “serious” • can be evaluated Essay Research • • • • considered revision individually Chat Strengths Weaknesses Task ideas • Talk to natives • Hard to monitor • Interviews • Live • Technical difficulties • Chatbots • Work together with • Finding the time homework) • Discussion • the teacher Individual feedback • debate (Reference: Instruction Design tips for online learning (from Joan van Duzer, Humboldt State University): · Category 1: learner support and resources · Category 2: online organization and design · Category 3: instructional design and delivery · Category 4: assessment & evaluation of student learning · Category 5: appropriate & effective use of technology · Category 6: faculty use of student feedback Learner support & resources: examples · Quiz to self assess readiness to be an online student · Tutorials on how to use tools · Netiquette guidelines · Links to websites with supporting info relevant to course content Online organization and design: examples (as
  4. 4. · · · · · · · course content organized in logical format links accurate and up to date course schedule available in printer friendly format resources divided into required and optional easy to read typeface consistent layout clear directions for each task Instructional design and delivery: examples · ice breaker activities · instructor introduces self to model student introductions task · expectations made clear · provide summary to reinforce learning · variety of activities to address different learning styles · collaborative exercises Assessment & evaluation: examples · prerequisites defined · plagiarism · criteria for evaluation of participation · rich and rapid feedback Innovative teaching technology: examples · appropriate tools e.g. discussion boards, chats, teleconferencing · try new methods of delivery · multimedia e.g. audio clips, graphics, powerpoint presentations Faculty use of student feedback: examples · end of course evaluation survey · student feedback · modify course or elements