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Wantlet Sales Presentation

Wantlet is a location based product search with seamless connectivity to offline stores.

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Wantlet Sales Presentation

  3. 3. 10% Buys directly from online
  4. 4. 50% buys directly from brick ‘n mortar
  5. 5. 42% start with online product search but end up buying from offline. New Market according to Forrester Research
  6. 6. This market is worth $1.5 Trillion already ‘hybrid-shoppers’
  7. 7. ..and the trend is growing fast!
  9. 9. OFFLINE PRODUCT SKU’s are not visible in online searches!
  10. 10. What are the tools for stores today? ✓ Doesn’t show up when consumers look for products online ✓ Doesn’t help your offline store one bitE-commerce ✓ Doesn’t work for Retail, 75% loss from margin is too much ✓ Difficult to gain visibility, expensive, requires management
  11. 11. What is solution?
  12. 12. Summary of our core productsSTORES Wantlet Storefront™ to upload offline product SKU’s, coupons and promotionsPUBLISHERS Wantlet Widget™ to publish retailers’ product SKU’s online with an earning modelCONSUMERS Wantlet Widget™ to find products from brick ‘n mortar at the location they are in
  13. 13. Location based product searchPRODUCT SEARCH STORES NEARBY INVENTORY & PRICE
  14. 14. Wantlet Storefront for retail
  15. 15. Partnering with Brands & Publishers #1: Integrating Wantlet local-product-search #2: Mobile-web UX #2: Product SKU’s/Inventory #3: Mobile CouponIntegration to brand’s content; banner-ad, game or website Landing Page; local map Availability and price Buy and redeem @store
  16. 16. Who needs Wantlet Widgets?Brand owners Brand stores Chain retailersNeed an advanced store locator / Has store location data and some Has store location data and someinventory where customers can inventory online already. Could inventory online already. Couldbrowse their catalogue without probably use the widget in 3rd probably use the widget in 3rdleaving their page. party sites. party sites.Independent merchants Merchant communities 3rd partiesNeed a widget as a cost-effective Need to provide an common Directory services, web advertisersway to display inventory items. inventory interface for all of the and other stakeholders could useMight need an actual full website stores underneath their umbrella. widgets to expand their content.instead of the widget.
  17. 17. Wantlet Widget examplesBasic widget Inventory widget Category widget Brand widget Browse our inventory Browse our inventory Browse our inventory Find Puma near you Search through our inventory by Enter a location and find Puma entering a product, brand etc. Search through our stores inventory products near you by entering a product, brand etc. SEARCH FOR All items Deals Beverages anywhere shoes, nike, airforce I products, brands etc. All Puma products NEAR search Electronics Games Gifts Manhattan, NY (change) search Show all Brought to you by Wantlet Brought to you by Wantlet search Show all Brought to you by Wantlet In some cases, the area Selecting a category is Brought to you by Wantlet should be unchangeable easier than trying to think (f.ex. Times Square of a good search term. Brands need essentially a Alliance). In this variation, Widget providers could be “store locator” widget.In the most typical widget, the user can only enter a given an option to Here the user could enter athe user can both set the search word and execute customize their own location and (if needed) asearchable item and search. The location need widget with any number of category or a sub-brand.narrow the area of search. not visible in the widget different product This category selectionThe location could also be itself. categories which would would be customizable bypreset by the publisher. essentially work as preset the widget creator,This widget would be searches. Could be possibly category icons /useful for big chain stores combined with a search images could be usedwith a variety of products box. instead of a dropdownfor sale. menu.
  18. 18. Search Engine OptimatizationStorefront in Wantlet Wantlet does the SEO Visibility in onlines searches 42% finds your store
  19. 19. 500,000 stores in Wantlet already! Through partnerships, Wantlet has 500,000 retail stores in it’s database. Connection to tier-1 retailers ERP system and their offline coupons.
  20. 20. Examples of retail beta customers
  21. 21. Thank You! @wantlet +1 (800) 375-5110 349 5th Avenue, New York