Session 6


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Session 6

  1. 1. Creativity in Teaching English Reading and WritingThe Royal Thai Distance Learning Foundation with support from the American Embassy RELO Office and TOT
  2. 2. Review: Session 5What creative activities did you do?What new concepts did you learn?
  3. 3. Review: Session 5 Classroom ApplicationsWhat did you do in your classes? What worked? What didn’t work?What did you do to make it work?
  4. 4. Review: Session 5 Let’s listen! What can you teach with this song? How will you do it? pronunciation vocabulary Teaching Language Through Music comprehension grammar creative writing
  5. 5. Let’s watch!How did this student use the song? Creative Applications Let’s continue the journey for you and your students...
  6. 6. The BEGINNING Your Creative Approach to TeachingWelcome to the Final Session
  7. 7. Visual Play: Verbal OdysseysLet’s watch an official music video: Aha’s “Take On Me” In groups of three*, write down up to six actions you see for each part. *Beginning - Middle - Final
  8. 8. Visual Play: Verbal Odysseys Combine forces with another group of three. 1. Compare actions in your notes.2. Write a newer list of 6 for each part. 3. Share lists with class. 4. Write YOUR OWN short story from any list.
  9. 9. Verbal Play: Visual Odysseys In the same groups, pick a story you want to share orally.Now prepare a visual accompaniment. Simple Acting /Cartoons/Drawings Performance
  10. 10. Verbal Play: Visual Odysseys Attentive and Constructive While a group shares their story* the audience should... 1. See if actions and visuals match well2. Give suggestions on how to make it better
  11. 11. Reflection for ApplicationHow can you apply this to your class? What would you do differently? What would you keep?
  12. 12. Chain, Chain, Chain Let’s listen! “This is the sound of...”Picture yourself in a story with this sound. Think of one to two sentences to begin a chain story.* Let’s create a chain! No pre-writing!
  13. 13. Chain, Chain, Chain Read a very short story by Thomas Bailey AldrichPlease continue the story in the handout.
  14. 14. ReflectionWhat other sound effects do you think would help trigger a good story? What is creative about the chain story exercise?How can you apply this to your class?
  15. 15. Verbal Play: Spoken Word Let’s listen! Spoken word artist Sarah Kay performs her famous poem, “Hands” (handout with questions)
  16. 16. Free Verse to Spoken Word Free from normal rules of poetry No rhyme necessary meaningcolorful and vivid to reader
  17. 17. Free Verse to Spoken Word Read Japanese-American poetAmy Uyematsu’s “A Practical Mom”How would you describe her mom?
  18. 18. Free Verse to Spoken WordThink of how you would describe someone or something close to you. Write 6-8 sentences about someone/something close to you.
  19. 19. Spoken Word: Your WordsTurn these sentences into free verse. Prepare to speak your words and express yourself.
  20. 20. Reflection How can free verse help you to express yourself?How can you apply this to your class?
  21. 21. Teaching Implications• What are some new ideas and perspectives have you learned?• What can you adapt and apply to your overall teaching?• What will you try in your classrooms soon?
  22. 22. Korp Khun Mak Ka Thank you very much!Please continue to share!Please share your ideas on Facebook Search: Dlf Teacher Training